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Last month we concentrated on idioms that included various parts of the body. This week, we look at idioms special the many productive part – the head! as ever, we only cover unit volume that space frequent and current.

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If over there is a problem and you bury your head in the sand, friend behave as if over there is no problem because you execute not desire to attend to it: This is an eco-friendly catastrophe and also we’re simply burying our heads in the sand. who or something that is head and shoulders above other world or things is very much much better than them: There’s no comparison with the other teams – castle head and shoulders over them. If you keep your head down, friend deliberately shot to prevent making who angry, normally by saying little and keeping busy: He’s in a bad mood this morning. I’m just keeping mine head down. A conversation that goes over her head is too difficult for you to understand: I have to say, parts of the talk talked about my head.

Three common ‘head’ phrases likewise include a word because that a part of the body uncovered at the other end, (heel, tail and toe). If you are head over heels in love, girlfriend are fully in love: They met in Paris and fell head end heels in love. If you can’t do head no one tail the something, you can’t recognize it: Could you check out these instructions? ns can’t make head no one tail that them! From head to toe means ‘covering every one of the body’: By the finish of the afternoon, both kids were extended from head to toe in paint.

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The adhering to ‘head’ idioms are much more informal. If you keep trying to perform something but have for sure no success, you might say informally that it is favor banging/hitting her head against a brick wall: Trying to obtain him to aid is like banging your head versus a brick wall! If you speak to someone and they bite/snap your head off, they reply angrily, usually without a great reason: I inquiry a perfect reasonable question and you simply bit mine head off! come laugh her head turn off is come laugh a lot, loudly: You laughed your head off once I tripped! British English has the not blocked idiom to get your head around something, which way to success in knowledge it. (We regularly used that in the negative form.) The arrangements room so complicated – i can’t get my head roughly them.

Finally, ending on a hopeful note, we occasionally say two heads are far better than one, definition that two civilization working together achieve more than one human being working alone. Execute you have this expression in her language?