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Do you understand the ideal fork position on her forklift? understanding the correct answer might seem insignificant, but it is a skill that requires education and learning of the operator as well as enforcement of the rules. It reduces accidents, but more importantly to reduce the severity that injuries when mishaps do happen.

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Forks: Driving

Due come the operator’s reaction time and weight of the forklift, manufacturers estimate it bring away 15-20 feet because that a completely loaded forklift to avoid from full speed.

A correctly trained operator will bring his forks or pack 4-6 inches off the ground. This place is high enough to reduce call with dock plates, development joints in concrete, uneven areas, slim slopes, inclines and debris on operating surfaces. In ~ 4-6 customs the forks or pack is low enough that if you hit a pedestrian, the severity of the injury is limited.

As an example, if a pedestrian actions out 6 feet in former of one operator through the forks or load brought too high, the pedestrian could be knocked down and also dragged under the load against rotating tires for up to 10 feet of travel. The possibility of survival is very slim.

Forks: Tilting

Per OSHA regulations, always tilt forks back when transporting a load. While different loads require unique angles, a slim tilt is all the is needed on most lift van to help retain lots when a fast stop is required. Unstable, round, fluid or loose stacked loads may require higher degrees the tilt back.

Forks: Parking

Forks top top the ground space a pilgrimage hazard. However, if the forks room on the ground, you obtain an possibility to lift her foot together you trip to recover balance. If a fork pointer or heel is left up, a pedestrian stepping over have the right to hook her foot underneath and also fall. This is described as a “hook fall”. Hook drops are dangerous since the foot can not move and full body weight pulls on the foot throughout the fall. The usual an outcome is broken bones in the foot, fishing eye or leg.

To achieve a safe “parked” fork position, one operator lowers the forks totally with the mast vertical. The mast is climate tilted slightly forward until the fork tips touch the floor, preventing a pedestrian’s hook fall.

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Help limit the damages that can take place at her warehouse. Commit come knowing, following and enforcing the best positions for your forklift’s forks.

Have additional questions around forklift safety? ProLift provides classroom and also hands-on evaluation on the object of forklifts, aerial lifts and also skid steers. Contact our security specialist to schedule training!


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Do you recognize the ideal fork position on her forklift? understanding the correct answer may seem insignificant, but it is a skill that requires education of the operator as well as enforcement the the rules. The reduces accidents, but an ext importantly to reduce the severity the injuries when accidents do happen. Forks: Driving due to the operator’s <…>

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