Greetings readers, friends and fellow fans. This mainly we review “The Grass Is always Greener.” It an initial aired on march 13th, 1970. Based on the size of Robert Reed’s sideburns and the boys’ haircuts, it shows up to have been filmed much earlier. Florence Henderson is additionally still sporting the bubble wig in this episode. The plot is one that has been redone plenty of times on sitcoms. Mike and also Carol switch roles for a day, each thinking the other has actually it easy, just to each be teach a lesson by the episode’s conclusion. This week’s illustration is the an initial in a while to function no guest stars. Let us get started on our evaluation of “The Grass Is constantly Greener”!

The story starts with the boys in the backyard, clad in baseball uniforms. Together they get in the kitchen, Alice has actually some nourishment via an apple waiting for them. She describes them as Tinker, Evers and also Chance. The boys question who she is talking about and she explains they to be three significant leaguers known for their ability at executing a double play. As soon as Greg questions when these guys played ball, Alice states she isn’t saying as that would reveal her age and also she doesn’t even share that through her mother. If these men were players during “Alice’s day”, that would certainly make her roughly 70 years of age! The players she referenced space shortstop Joe Tinker, second baseman Johnny Evers, and first baseman Frank chance of the Chicago Cubs. These three were component of the Chicago Cubs indigenous 1902 come 1912. Mike climate enters the kitchen and also makes referral to another significant league star who would have actually needed no explanation in 1970. He comments on just how Willie Mays $125,000 a year salary isn’t enough, as baseball is hard work. Carol joins Mike and Alice in the kitchen. She is about to embark top top a pilgrimage to the good outdoors v the girls. Marcia is functioning on a nature argorial for part unnamed organization. It seems strange the she would simply now be sharing this plans with Mike. They have to still command pretty separate lives. Marcia must uncover a wide variety of botanical varieties in the wild. Mike says Carol’s planned adventure sounds favor fun. Carol doesn’t view the plan outing as fun, however as tough work. Mike says tough work is an hour the end in the sunlight with three cultivation boys, practicing baseball. Carol declares baseball together fun. Prior to the discussion can go any kind of further, Carol need to leave to take it the girl on their outing. Mike must be assisted out the his chair due to the fact that he is so worn the end from practicing v the boys.

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That evening, Mike and also Carol are planning to retire because that the night and Carol is relenten the trials of she day. Cindy dropped in a stream and Jan went in after her. This witnessed Carol start the currently too and all three of them soaked. Mike is to brush his teeth and replies v something unintelligible as he doesn’t bother to remove the toothbrush native his mouth while speaking. This shot walk afford us a look at Mike and Carol’s bathroom. The is quite bland v a paint scheme corresponding the organization porch. It absolutely needs a woman’s touch. V the toilet that far back, ns am intrigued at what place behind Mike and also Carol’s bed. What go that screen hide? Is it an additional closet? us will never know. Through the toothbrush gotten rid of from his mouth, Mike quiet can’t fathom why Carol has such troubles being out v the girls. She dreads the following Saturday as she must assist Marcia v her food preparation badge, while Mike is out ago playing v the boys. Mike declares girl to it is in the “gentler sex” and continues with, “three guys are.” The step cuts here in a well executed transition; Carol seemingly finishes Mike statement v “much easier to handle” the adhering to morning at the breakfast table. Alice argues to Mike and also Carol the each that them assume the other’s responsibilities following Saturday.



Mike shares through the boys the Carol will certainly be helping them v their baseball practice following Saturday. Here is where one yes, really notices how quick the boys’ hair is. Peter look at a bit younger too. Initially the boys room resistant come this news and Greg even says it be put to a vote. Mike explains he is act this come teach Carol a lesson around how tough it is to occupational with boys. Upon learning this, the boys are 100% top top board with Carol help them. After Mike leaves, Greg says, “Mom will uncover out how tough it is.” This line seemed to indicate the boys would be helping their dad by consciously sabotaging Carol’s baseball lesson. However, that didn’t show up to it is in the case later in the episode. End in the girls’ room, Carol shares v Marcia that Mike will certainly be helping her v her cooking badge. She gift the news as though this is miscellaneous fantastic. Marcia sees best through it and is not happy. After Carol share the suggest of the duty swap is to teach Mike a lesson, Marcia begrudgingly agrees to allow Mike to help her. We do acquire a cute Cindy line right here as Carol claims she is showing Mike how tough it is to it is in a woman. Jan questions, “hard to be a woman?” and Cindy adds, “It’s simple for me.”

That evening, Mike and also Carol are sitting in the living room. Carol feigns being tired and also ready to retire for the night when Mike claims he have to do some much more work in his den before turning in. What both space doing room brushing up on their an abilities for the duty swap. In the bedroom, Carol pulls 3 different books out from under the bed: The Rudiments the Baseball, advice From Ruth come Mays and also Baseball: The art of Offense and also Defense. A search of Google and also Amazon discovered no actual books by these titles. Of food they can have been about in 1970 and are currently extinct, however usually a supplied copy is posted for sale somewhere out in cyberspace. Downstairs, Mike’s three publications are just how To chef In 30 straightforward Lessons, food preparation Can it is in Fun and You Too have the right to Be A Chef. A find of Google and Amazon developed the same outcomes as Carol’s title did. In an additional well excellent transition, each review aloud indigenous their corresponding texts and complete every other’s sentences. Mike reads “pour a cup the vinegar” and also Carol reads “into the catcher’s mitt”.


The next scene begins in the backyard. Carol is bursting v energy and ready to offer the boys’ some baseball pointers. She puts on a façade of being a baseball authority that quickly crumbles as she mistakes 3rd base for first. Has she never ever seen a baseball game played? did none the those publications at least offer a diagram of the field? She proceeds in the pitiful baseball great by demonstrating among the many pathetic batter stances ever. Again, did none that the books have a map out or photo of a batter prepared to bunt? Of food the whole scene is being played because that comedy, yet it simply seems over the top. After a self punishing effort at demonstrating a slide, Carol knows she is done. The boys start to assist her off the ground as soon as Alice announces the apple turnovers space ready. Carol is dropped come the ground as the boys take turn off for the new pastries. Together she walks inside, one aching and also humbled Carol wants nothing much more than a hot bath. She speak Alice the Mike’s time with the girls will certainly be “a cinch” in comparison to her own with the boys.

Mike arrives residence from the sector with wealth of groceries. Because Marcia failed to specify what kind of potatoes and also beans would be essential for the meal she is come prepare, Mike simply went ahead and bought several of each sort they sold. One deserve to only imagine Robert Reed’s ire in ~ this scene. A family so big could ill bought to it is in so frivolous through the grocery budget. Every one of the beans Mike bought appear to have been bagged at the store. There space no brand labels on them or even price tags. Readers, was there a time once grocery stores sold beans by the pound prefer they perform fruits and also vegetables today?

Bagged beans?

Upstairs, Alice has drawn Carol the warm bath she requirements for she beleaguered muscles. It is argued that Carol usage a smelly ointment come ease she aching body. A benefit of the offending odor will be that Mike will keep his distance from Carol and remain unaware the the toy fee administering the baseball lesson take it on she body. Mike does enter the room and also asks exactly how the practice session went. The eager look top top his face says he can’t wait to learn of Carol’s failure. However, she speak him it went well. That reminds her the he wants her to stay out that the kitchen throughout his food preparation lesson and also leaves. Alice help Carol come the warm bath the awaits.

Mike’s time with Marcia conveniently devolves into a series of mishaps and mistakes. It does start with a cute Cindy heat though. Mike asks Marcia to allow Jan and also Cindy to observe

Cindy was listening, no snooping.

the cooking lesson. Marcia is fine with Jan act so, but protests at enabling Cindy, the baby, to be present. Cindy increase from the family room, upset that she was called a baby. Jan accuses Cindy of snooping, come which Cindy replies, “I to be not also snooping, ns was listening.” Cindy’s dress is an additional one that those super short garments prefer we experienced in beforehand season one episodes. Alice quickly joins Mike and the girls in the kitchen and also the lesson and the connected missteps commence.

The very first of the mishaps begins with Mike encouraging Marcia come make much less trips to and also from the refrigerator by loading increase on the an initial trip. Through his eight overloaded, he spills a dozen egg onto the floor. That forgoes the females’ advice to use a mop to clean the mess, opting rather for green document towels. To be green paper towels a 1970s thing? I’ve never ever seen green file towels. The following mess is made via Mike’s ide that Marcia use the electric mixer come stir the red fluid in front of her. Mike, an architect(?), stops working to establish the mixer should be plugged in and set at an ideal speed. Upon being plugged in, the mixer splashes the red liquid everywhere him and the girls. An additional messy mishap awaits together Mike tries to retrieve a bowl from a peak cabinet. He ignores Alice’s warning the the room is well stacked and also Marcia’s that the floor is slippery. Mike quickly finds self crashing down onto the floor.

The conclusion that the lesson finds the kitchen a complete and also total mess. Alice claims a new Olympic document for messying a kitchen has been collection as Mike did the under 2 hours. Refusing her sell to help him clean, Mike states he deserve to have the clean again in fifteen minutes and that consists of mopping. Mike beginning his kitchen cleaning by mopping. I am sure Robert Reed took problem with this as the floor is constantly the final part done once cleaning a room. He also commences mopping without an initial sweeping the floor. It is not lengthy until Mike when again ignores a warning from Alice, this time the the floor is slippery, and also finds himself falling come the floor. That lands headfirst into the mop bucket.

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In “Growing increase Brady”, Barry Williams shares that part of the food preparation lesson scenes originally referred to as for Mike to on slide on a solitary dropped egg. Robert Reed protested this, however found himself slipping on the egg and virtually braining himself. After staying clear of serious injury he mutual with Ann Davis exactly how he thought, “I deserve this” together he fell to the ground.

Later, as Mike and also Carol dress for dinner, lock both recognize to one one more that neither of their jobs that day came as quickly as expected. Walk anybody else find it unusual just how dressed increase they are obtaining for dinner on a Saturday night at home? Both are very sore and also slow moving as a an outcome of the day’s unfamiliar activities. Downstairs, Greg advises that dinner will not be an excellent because Marcia made it. This proves not to be true together everybody enjoys the meal, other than Mike and also Carol. This is not since of the food, however their aching bodies. They are so sore that the simple act of passing food and also pouring drinks brings pains to your muscles. If the lot of task done today has caused this lot discomfort, Mike and Carol really need to gain on some type of practice plan. Your aches and pains are much more fitting of one who has just began going earlier to the gym after years of inactivity; not those of somebody who hosted a bat or offered a mop. The scene ends humorously together Mike and Carol gradually make their means upstairs. In the time it takes castle to gain halfway up the stairs, Alice makes 4 trips come the table if clearing it. On every trip, she bids Mike and also Carol great night. Carol finally asks, “Alice, what’s good about it?”

The epilogue has Mike and also Carol engaging in the same debate that carried rise come the episode’s plot. Mike will be to teach the boys football, i beg your pardon Carol thinks will certainly be a breeze. Carol is going to teach Marcia sewing and Mike find this easy. Alice asks, “May ns make a suggestion?” In unison, Mike and also Carol tell her to “Forget it.”

Overall, “The Grass Is constantly Greener” is a simple and hard episode. As stated previously, the plot is one that has been used numerous times end on sitcoms. Mike and also Carol’s physical state after ~ switching duties was the only thing ns really took concern with. This is the first episode in some time to incorporate no guest stars. Future illustration will view many more gender roles and also stereotypes challenged, but more so by the kids. As always, her thoughts and comments are most welcome. Your comments administer some an excellent insight, trivia and humor for this reason please keep them coming! next week us conclude season one through “Lost Locket, found Locket”. Watch you then!