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i keep gaining 1M subcircuit board not can i fix this and also play the damn game already??????????????????


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First produce a document in windows and also name that vba-over.ini and also place that in VisualBoyAdvance.exe directory and open the file up and also enter this

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;Pocket monster - Ruby (J)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Ruby version (U) (E)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Rubin-Edition (G)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - version Rubis (F)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Versione Rubino (I)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Edicion Rubi (S)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pocket monsters - Sapphire (J)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Sapphire version (U) (E)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Saphir-Edition (G)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - variation Saphir (F)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Versione Zaffiro (I)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Edicion Zafiro (S)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pocket monsters - Fire Red (J)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Fire Red variation (U) (E)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Feuerrote version (G)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - version Rouge Feu (F)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Versione Rosso Fuoco (I)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Edicion rolling Fuego (S)flashSize=131072;Pocket monster - Leaf environment-friendly (J)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Leaf eco-friendly Version (U) (E)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Blattgruene version (G)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - version Vert Feuille (F)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Versione Verde Foglia (I)flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Edicion Verde Hoja (S)flashSize=131072;Pocket monster - Emerald (J)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Emerald version (U)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Smaragd-Edition (G)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - variation Emeraude (F)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Versione Smeraldo (I)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072;Pokemon - Edicion Esmeralda (S)rtcEnabled=1flashSize=131072