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Campaign picture of Seth and also Bessie Sykes provided by Eva Sykes Campbell, daughter of Seth and also Bessie.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-33295 size-medium" src="" alt="Seth and also Bessie lead youngsters to sing songs of the Savior. Keep in mind the small folding organ that Bessie is playing. Source: Eva Sykes Campbell, daughter that Seth and Bessie Sykes." width="300" height="225" srcset=" 300w, 600w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Seth and Bessie lead youngsters to song songs that the Savior. Note the tiny folding body organ that Bessie is playing. This was taken at Largs Ayrshire – they organized children’s seaside solutions there because that 9 years 1941 – 1949. Source: Eva Sykes Campbell, daughter that Seth and Bessie Sykes.

The Sykes house base was situated in Glasgow, Scotland the 3rd largest city in the unified Kingdom. Seth Sykes started his career as a conductor and motorman for Glasgow corporation Tramways. He additionally served as Secretary for the Tramway Christian Association where he was enabled to hand out Christian literature and also Bibles. In 1929 Sykes left his project and together with his wife ended up being a full time traveling evangelist. The Sykes were somewhat like today’s media Christian innovators in that they provided lantern slides and also rousing hymns played by Bessie ~ above a small, folding body organ to get the full interest of their crowds. Seth’s sermons led countless people to Christ and this singing was most assuredly sung together a regular component of their services.

“Thank you, lord was born in a railway carriage in between Edinburgh and also Glasgow and has been wonderfully provided of God. It has actually been interpreted into more than 70 different languages including French, German, Arabic and also Chinese, and is sung both top top radio and Television throughout the globe. Numerous touching stories have been said of how it has brought comfort and cheer come those nearing the end of Life’s weary way. One dear man heard it sung over a Canadian broadcasting network. He had actually come from Scotland come Canada, and somehow had lost touch with Christ. He determined to renew the covenant. Search the beginning of the chorus, he was placed in touch with Mr. And Mrs. Sykes and memories of one old friendship to be revived.”

Reflection: I say thanks to God for providing … yes offering … me my salvation. Over there is no method I deserve to take it because that granted. It is God’s totally free gift. I merely must tell rather what Jesus has actually done because that me. Ns pray for the fervor the the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well had actually for informing others around Jesus after ~ she encountered she Messiah. She left her water pot and also ran back to town to phone call everyone around what Jesus had done for her. John records the results of she testimony in John 4:39 (NIV) – “Many that the Samaritans from that town believed in him due to the fact that of the woman’s testimony, ‘He said me every little thing I ever did.’” Her message was simple. She didn’t have actually Biblical training or a distinct calling. All she did was tell rather what Jesus had actually done for she in her own words. That’s all the is required. Tell rather in your very own words what Jesus has actually done for you and let Christ perform the rest.

I wonder if Seth and Bessie Sykes knew what an affect their straightforward hymn and chorus would have actually on future generations. I, for one, to be indebted come them because that this wonderful hymn and chorus. Probably the full lyrics the the hymn would inspire you come tell rather what Jesus way to you.

Here’s a connect to HymnPod to play and sing along with the hymn “Thank You lord for conserving My Soul.” click on the link and also then scroll under to the player and also click top top the begin button.

Thank You lord for conserving My Soul

Some say thanks to the mr for friends and home,For mercies sure and also sweet;But i would praise Him because that His elegant —In prayer I would repeat:

CHORUSThank You, Lord, for conserving my soul,Thank You, Lord, for making me whole;Thank You, Lord, for providing to meThy great salvation so rich and also free.

Some give thanks to Him for the flow’rs the grow,Some because that the stars that shine;My love is filled through joy and praiseBecause I recognize He’s mine.

I trust in the from day to day,I prove His conserving grace;I’ll song this song of praise to HimUntil I see His face.

Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV) because that it is by elegant you have actually been saved, with faith—and this is not from yourselves, the is the gift the God— not by works, so the no one deserve to boast.

————————Updated July, 13, 2012 & October 19, 2015———————–

Seth Sykes Train Conductor – source Eva Sykes Campbell, daughter the Seth and also Bessie – follow to mrs Campbell, Seth is the conductor in the top left corner of the photo.

Recently I have actually come upon extr information around Seth and Bessie Sykes and also want to share it through those who repeatedly search the internet for “Thank You mr For saving My Soul” and happen upon my blog. That is often advantageous to check out the story behind a singing to far better understand the objective of the songwriters in penning it to start with. Number 1. Provides a picture of Seth Sykes in his complete Glascow copy, group Tramway uniform. The photo was most likely taken before 1929 as soon as Seth left his permanent job at the Tramway for this reason he and Bessie can spend full-time on their already blooming ministry.

Evangelists mr & granny Seth Sykes c.1929 – source Eva Sykes Campbell, daughter that Seth and Bessie Sykes

Seth to be a slight man with a large heart because that Jesus. Seth and Bessie never ever looked ago after they started their full-time ministry. They spread the indigenous of the lord wherever castle went. They created Christian hymns and even published songbooks.

Seth and Bessie Sykes

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class=" wp-image-1804" title="Great Gospel project - Seth & Bessie" src="" alt="" width="301" height="460" srcset=" 99w, 197w" sizes="(max-width: 301px) 100vw, 301px" />

Great Gospel campaign PosterAnnouncing services led through Seth and also Bessie Sykes in ~ the Belfast City Mission.

A poster announcing a “Great Gospel Campaign” led by the Sykes. An alert that the services were held day-to-day for two complete weeks through two solutions on Sundays. Once I was young young I deserve to remember rebirth services lasting that length of time. I don’t believe that folks this particular day would to visit a collection of meetings that would certainly last that long … also for someone as famous as evangelist Billy Graham. Note the focus on a “Special Lantern Service” licensed has been granted “REVIVAL” that is emphasize on the poster. The “Lantern” was a huge draw in the day … a multi-media event well ahead of that time. Today’s culture has come to expect such multi-media events complete with Powerpoint presentations, sound, video clip and recommendations to net sites. But in that day the Lantern was fairly a novelty.

A promotion poster utilizing a little humor come encourage folks to attend the Sykes evangelistic meetings.

The electrical lantern was offered by the Sykes to show slides during their religious services to improve audience understanding and also promote interest in the meetings. Usage of the lantern was rather unique for that time and served as secondary draw to encourage persons to to visit the special spiritual meetings carried out by the Sykes.

The Sykes created a variety of hymns and also choruses to usage in your services. Seth wrote the lyrics and also Bessie commonly wrote the music. Numerous of these songs/hymns were published in one evangelists track book, “Songs of Salvation” also known as the S.O.S. Songbook, the sheathe of which deserve to be checked out in number 5. The S.O.S. Songbook is date to 1930 by Mr. & Mrs. Seth Sykes, 363 Springburn Road, Glascow. I execute not know if the Sykes wrote all of the hymns. Likewise included in number 5. Is what I believe to it is in a one-page resume supplied by the Sykes to describe their background and promote their solutions with potential hosts.

Running Over, to run Over

Music by H. G. Hunter, lyrics by Seth Sykes

Running over, to run over,My cup’s fill’d and also running over,Since the Lord conserved me, I’m as happy as have the right to be,My cup’s fill’d and running over.

Telling others, informing others,My life’s occupational is informing others,Since the Lord resides in me, I’m together happy as can be,My life’s work is telling others.

To sing in addition to this hymn use this connect “Running Over, running Over”

All accounts indicate that many, many world were saved and/or blessed under the to adjust of Seth and Bessie Sykes and remember those work fondly. Listed below are a pair of testimonies in their own words that I located in the public domain of the net at this link.

I to be remember the Sykes very well. I stayed in Guernsey Channel islands and I remember them coming twice in 1935 and 1937. I am currently 76 years old and can quiet hear mrs Bessie Sykes powerful voice to sing “There were Ninety-and-nine” and “I have actually just found your post by email. I was born in Springburn, and lived up the exact same ‘close’ together Molly Weir’s mother. We knew granny Weir rather well, and she to be so proud of she daughter, Molly. I likewise played in Paddy’s Park and also jumped the ‘midins’ – For plenty of years i was a Gospel singer and was a member the the Garngad Foundry Boys, where my father to be treasurer for 40 year (William Robertson). At seveteen ns joined the Springburn Gospel Hall. I sang many of Seth and also Bessie Sykes songs, and also listened to several of her lantern talks, sorry i can’t remember any type of of them now. They to be a many remarkable couple, and have left a tradition of Christian music.
" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-33318 size-medium" src="" alt="Family Portrait 1949 - Seth, Bessie, Seth Jr., Evangeline " width="201" height="300" srcset=" 201w, 402w, 100w" sizes="(max-width: 201px) 100vw, 201px" />Family Portrait 1949 – Seth, Bessie, Seth Jr., Evangeline – provided by Eva Sykes Campbell

The Sykes celebrated their 20th year of full time ministry together in October, 1949. Seth Jr. And also Evangeline (Eva) space pictured in a family members photo displayed on the left. Seth’s story tells us that he and also Bessie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on July 16, 1950 if “in the middle of a project in the Seamen’s Chapel, Brown Street, Glasgow.” though Seth began suffering declining health, their liven evangelical ministry ongoing its demanding pace. Unfortunately, in the middle of an energetic campaign at port Glasgow Seth “took suddenly and seriously ill” and after “immediate surgery” because that a perforated colon passed far a couple of days after that November 29, 1950. As Seth wished, Bessie ongoing their set for numerous years composing in the Epilogue to Seth’s story in 1958:

“How has the job-related gone since 1950? The Lord permitted me to accomplish the engagements which were in ours diary and also before they to be completed other doors had actually opened up, and also through the being successful years it has been favor that. He has set His seal upon the to adjust in the salvation of priceless souls. … I give thanks to God because that every remembrance of mine husband and partner and also look front to our re-union i m sorry is sure. With each other we shall stand in His presence never ever to component again, and until then, might God assist me to save that storage sweet and green that “A an excellent Little Man.”

Finally, ns ran across a blogger, mark Thompson, that is interested in Scottish history and in particular history related come evangelists from Scotland. You have the right to read Mark’s blog top top Seth and also Bessie Sykes at this link.

Your comments and contributions come the collective knowledge about Seth and Bessie Sykes are many welcome. Please use the comment section listed below to interact with me.

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