What walk the child Curfew Statute actually Say?

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By Jed McKeehan

What does the statute say? If who is 17 or 18 years old, they can not be the end in public past 11 p.m. Monday v Thursday, or 12 a.m. Friday with Sunday.

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If who is 16 or younger, they room not come be the end in public previous 10 p.m. Monday v Thursday, or 11 p.m. Friday v Sunday.

If a parental or guardian knows the a boy is out past these curfew times, then they room breaking the law. Of course, there space exceptions come this law. If the children are v a parent, if the son is on one errand, if the child is in ~ an actual job, or walk to and from a college activity. There are some other exceptions when minors deserve to be out past curfew, yet those are some of the key ones.

So what’s the penalty if the curfew law is violated? The police have choices regarding what they have the right to do. They have the right to either take it the boy home, problem a summons and also demand the the child and also their parents go to juvenile court, or take it the son in come custody and transport them come the juvenile detention center.

If a parent is fee with permitting the curfew law to it is in violated, they deserve to be charged with a course C misdemeanor, the lowest class of misdemeanor in Tennessee, however still punishable through a $50.00 fine and also up come a preferably of 30 job in jail.

What’s interesting about this law to me is that it applies to 18 years old, that are thought about adults in the unified States. Once someone is 18, they can be charged v crimes as adults, and also can offer our nation in the military, yet reportedly they are still claimed to comply through curfew legislations in Tennessee.

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Jedidiah McKeehan is an lawyer practicing in Knox County and also surrounding counties. He works in countless areas, including criminal, an individual injury, landlord-tenant, probate, and also estate planning. Visit attorney-knoxville.com for more information about this legal issue and also other legitimate issues.


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