2 hit Outboard Fuel Mix Ratio

50:1 100:1? detect the appropriate mix for your outboard.

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2 punch fuel oil mix chart

In this guide we action through the why it"s critical to obtain the ideal 2 stroke fuel oil mix and some techniques to occupational out which ratio to use for your outboard. Finishing through tips on how to mix two stroke efficiently and also safely.

Why mix Fuel & Oil anyway?

Any outboard described as a "two stroke" engine is an internal burning engine 보다 burins injected fuel with a diminished power cyle of just ignition and also exaust (more info around the difference in between two stroke and four punch engines here. ) due to this design it is essential to carry out the engine with lubrication (the oil) actually within the injected fuel (the petrol or gas). The relative proportions of these two materials is referred to as the "fuel mix ratio".

Getting the mix right

Every engine will have it"s own fuel mix ratio, frequently mandated by power, intended use and age of the outboard and also manufacturers state this required mix ratio and any yongin (if there is any!) in the owners documentation that came with the initial purchase.

Not knowing and running the appropriate mix can cause a whold bunch that problems. Difficulty starting, performance degradation, boosted wear & tear of internal components, excessive smoke indigenous the exhaust to name a few.

Most outboards will certainly tolerate an not correct mix on occassion however running the not correct fuel oil mix over for any an extensive period of time is likely reason reliability and also performance worries at best and also potentially irrepairable damages at worst.

Knowing the right mix is simple enough if you"re buying a brand-new outboard or were lucky sufficient to obtain the initial owners manuals as soon as purchasing one secondhand outboard but often these acquire mislaid together engines passthrough assorted owners over the course of their lifetime of years or even decades!

If you"re in this buck and don"t have the initial owners hand-operated then you"ll require to determine the best mix before use.

Here space some suggestions:

Method 1. Search for clues on the outboard - many reliable!

A good proportion the outboard manufacturers will print/inscribe/stamp the right fuel mix proportion somewhere ~ above the unit itself. This could be really noticeable on the cowling prefer in the image below of a late 1980s Yamaha outboard or it have the right to be a little trickier to track under being top top the underside the the cowling, embossed top top the fuel filler lid (outside or inside) or stamped ~ above the side of the fuel tank.

These room the most common locations yet if girlfriend don"t find any type of reference in these usual places look because that a recommendation on any kind of engine number, batch or high quality controls stickers or plates.

This Yamaha"s fuel mix ratio is plainly marked top top the cowling at 1:100

Method 2. Owner Handbook or organization Manual

If a robust search of the engine doesn"t surface anything the next best technique is to recommendation either the initial manufacturers owner handbook/operators guide or a service and also repair manual. Both manual species will almost always save a speciation section where an essential lubricants and also recommended fuel oil mix will certainly be stated.

This technique does count on accurate model and year to know which through older outboards might entail locating and also looking up the engines serial number.

Looking for a an owners manual? browser our Library 

Method 3. Download a manufacturers 2 punch oil mix chart

If there"s naught on the outboard itself and you can"t discover a manual the following step would certainly be to perform a search of manufacturers websites for recommendation material and also archived docs. Plenty of of the significant manufacturers like Yamaha, Evinrude/Johson and also Mariner i have announced 2 punch fuel oil mix charts in litres and fluid ounces. Many additionally have virtual search devices where you can get in your outboards make and model or serial number to acquire the right mix chart.

Method 4. Carry out an virtual search/forums

If all else fails a fast internet search of her outboard make, model and also age will regularly reveal the required ratio. There a hundreds of sites with rich archives that data and also it"s most likely that most of the mainstream devices are documented somewhere.

If you"ve got a more unusual outboard or particularly old unit then shot posting a questions in the one of the boating advice boards or forums. It"s most likely that someone somwhere has actually walked the same path an just to happy to advise!

If all else Fails. The "Fallback" fuel mix

If every else fails and also you"re absolutely grounding we recommend a mix of 50:1 because that outboards older than 1980 and also 100:1 for outboards manufactured since 1980. The is 50 components fuel to 1 part oil and also 100 parts fuel come 1 component oil respectively. Through no means perfect yet a great general rule.

How to mix 2 punch fuel

Once you"ve came down on the ratio you require actually do the mixing.

Always store, handle and also mix outboard engine fuel in a well ventilated space, ideally outdoors and also away from any resource of ignition of opportunity of contamination, i.e. Not on the soil of part dusty car park!

Tip: Sawdust, Sand and even Cat Litter every make effective absorbant products should you have a fuel or oil spill.

Mixing Checklist:Prepare you fuel, oil ~ above a bench or other perfect surface and have a clean rag and also medium size funnel handy. Include the oil come the fuel fairly than the other way around so have a perfect rounded number volume of fuel ready in a container (Starting v 5 Litres that petrol in a tank is ideal) add the two-stroke oil v the funnel mix thoroughly.Re-seal both the fuel and also oil containersClean-up an spilt fuel or oil and also make sure to go to memory or keep in mind down which fuel tank has actually the blended fuel ready to go.

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Enjoy your time top top the water. Safe boating.