This page offers a guide on grabbing the bright Sprite in episode 1 of Noki Bay. This area is accessed by looking into the sun near the shine Gate when you’ve collected 20 Shines ago in Delfino Plaza.

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Path come the bright Sprite¶

Looking approximately the right from the start of the illustration you’ll point out strange markings leading up. Start by heading forward and also start rise the platforms and at the top, you’ll come across a stationary lift, jump on it and use a next Somersault to reach the following platform. Follow the arrow and you’ll involved the markings you spotted earlier.





Using FLUDD, remove the first markings and you’ll cause some communication to popular music out. Usage these come climb greater and then clean the next collection for much more platforms. Clean the goop on the big platform here and also then use a next Somersault to wall Kick and also reach the next platform to the right, extended in an ext goop. Do your method up the steep to the left and also at clean more goop at the end to enable you to wall Kick higher.

There’s even more goop below so clean it up together you make your means to the tiny pool that water come refill FLUDD and then wall Kick turn off the left platform and also hover over to the right platform. Turn back to the left platform and you’ll spot an additional goop filled communication so jump over, eliminate it and also turn your attention to the Mole who’s been tossing the bombs at you.

As the throws bombs in her direction, use FLUDD to spray them and then choose them back up, launching castle at her attacking to deal straight damage. Repeat this procedure three time to loss the Mole, uncork the waterfall and claim another Shine.

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