Evelyn Lim is a nail skilled with over 18 year of experience and currently serves together the Chief educator of Paintbox, a peak nail studio in NYC.

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I think we have the right to all agree the there"s simply something so satisfying about perfectly painted, chip-free nails. While that commonly implies acquiring a gel manicure to achieve the long-lasting wear we crave, there room actually much more options to select from—most that which will certainly be a lot less damaging 보다 our lover gel.

To assist you score a nail look the lasts because that up to 2 weeks without any type of signs that wear and tear, we"ve rounded up nine gelatin nail alternatives you can pull off at residence or in the salon.

If friend don"t want to take painting into your very own hands, it"s time to rotate your fist to dip flour nails. Comparable to gels, dip powder manicures last up to two weeks (some also longer).

“Powder dips have actually been roughly for a long time and also are in reality a glue and also acrylic powder kind of enhancement,” states dermatologist and also nail professional Dr. Dana Stern. While they create an Insta-worthy look at each and every time, it"s worth noting that they come v a few downsides.

“Some may take into consideration these come be much better than gels due to the fact that they don’t call for UV light, however, dips room not there is no risk,” Stern explains. “These 2-part equipment use cyanoacrylate (monomer) which often tends to be a fluid or gel that is used with a brush. These monomers are well known allergens and so acrylate allergy can and do occur. The nail is then dipped in an acrylic powder which is much less likely to reason an allergy but still possible."

Stern additionally warns against the "double dip" phenomenon, whereby some salons will usage the very same dipping pot from customer to client (meaning any bacteria ~ above the an initial person"s finger have the right to be transferred to or right into yours). “Due to a lot of of bad press on this topic, salons seem come be mindful of this and are currently either putting the flour onto the nail, paint the powder on, or dipping the nail into individual disposable containers the powder.”

Lastly, they’re just as challenging to eliminate as classic gels, i beg your pardon can frequently be rather damaging. “For ideal results through removal, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions,” Stern says, noting the a 10 come 15-minute soak have to help. “When soaking in acetone, shot to defend the pond folds and cuticle by using a greasy emollient, and constantly care because that your herbal nails between services.”


 Olive & June

Olive & June is just one of the longest lasting clean polish brands on the market. In various other words, your colors room a should for anyone in search of a pond look the won"t chip prior to leaving the salon.

“We functioned for end 18 months v our manufacturer in Korea on a proprietary mix of ingredients to ensure our polishing was together long-lasting as possible, while tho being together clean as possible (7 free),” states Olive & June CEO and also founder buy it Gibson Tuttle. “Our formula prices significantly an ext to to produce than other formulas, but it"s worth it once your enthusiasm lasts for five, seven, 10, even 14 job chip-free. Us recently organized our an initial ever mani Marathon and also the longest mani to be 20-days long. She just removed her polishing to repaint a brand-new color. It to be incredible!”

Each bottle rings up in ~ $8 a pop.

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Similarly come acrylics, gel nail extensions are essentially a fake pond that"s used to your nail beds, then painted using nail polish. Unequal acrylics, utilizing an expansion made of gelatin is actually much better for the truth of your nails, limiting exposure come the harsh chemicals associated with traditional acrylics (although gelatin nails still usage damaging UV light and also adhesives). Gel nail extensions are likewise much much easier to eliminate than acrylic nails and also gel manicures (they in reality soak off), therefore there"s no must subject her nails come harsh acetone and filing. Pro tip, these are an excellent at kicking her nail-biting habit in the bud.