There room 60 students the you have the right to save in Lego harry Potter: years 5-7 as lengthy as you have the compelled spells. You deserve to collect lock in any order you find convenient but you do have to collect them every if you desire to complete the game 100%. This Lego take care of Potter: year 5-7 student in Peril places will aid you save them all.

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Lego harry Potter: year 5-7 student in peril Locations

Student #1You will discover the college student in hazard behind the grate i m sorry is out of the component just before you develop the leg out of broken car. Use the dark magic to rest the grate the is blocking the tunnel and also student will obtain out.

Student #2This student will be in Dumbledore’s Library, just acquire inside the Hog’s Head and use Reducto to open up the padlock and go downstairs right into the basement.

Student #3Use Augmenti ~ above fireplace once you obtain to the Room that Requirements and also as you put the fire the end student will acquire down indigenous the chimney.

Student #4Interact through the portrait in the room with the Black family members Tree i beg your pardon is ~ above the left wall. Rug native the middle of the room will certainly be removed and a silver panel will be exposed, use reducto and also get down from the hole. You will watch a grey wall on right side the the room, just break it and also destroy the large spider behind it and you will gain to the student.

Student #5Get to the forest where a big tree trunk is blocking your way, gain inside the trunk and head all the method right until you find the weasley box, just use the fireworks inside to free the student.

Student #6In the stone room, once you room trying to conserve your friend you will see a college student stuck under the pile of dirt on the best side the the area. Usage some digging personality to gain him out.

Student #7In the Weasley sorcerer’s Wheezes acquire upstairs and use dark magic ~ above the black rocket top top left and also get those difficult trainers native the box and walk up the wall on the ideal side on upper level. Acquire round to the left and you will view the student, usage Diffindo and cut the box and also get the college student out.

Student #8At the Slughorn’s Christmas party, use dark magic and open the door on the right and get out of the balcony. There will certainly be a room on the right, open up it and build the bricks that will give you into a gargoyle that will flap around and also rescue the student.

Student #9Get you yourself a an equipment that puts out bigger fires in the garden and also use it on the obstacle of fire the is top top the left next of the garden. Mr. Weasley will solve the broken machine and you will watch the college student rescued.

Student #10Just when Malfoy is hiding in the bathroom, go earlier of the stalls and you will watch a cart that deserve to only be used by dark magic, relocate it and also walk behind the stalls and you will discover the student.

Student #11There will certainly be a small area on the right of the Aragog’s body, opposite to the is likewise a Weasley box, open the box and also use the magic top top the portable swamp that comes out on the barrel and cost-free the student.

Student #12At the Hagrid’s Hut, rather of start in a duel v snape head backwards on the path and also along the fence that Hagrid’s Garden friend will view the student held by a death Eater. Get rid of death Eater v a spell and save the student.

Student #13At the Dursley’s house, go to the garden and on the much side that the garden there will certainly be a melted with vines sheathe around. Eliminate the vines through Lumos and the college student will obtain out.

Student #14At the lifts, usage the dark magic to rest the padlock the the elevator which has red and black padlock and also student will be freed.

Student #15You will find a crypt with black caged door in the graveyard, simply use the dark magic to break that gate and student will be freed.

Student #16When you gain out that the water simply look ~ above the right side and you will watch a pad for Hermione to usage her bag. This will certainly make her pull the end a big mushroom and you must jump on that to acquire on the ledge over and usage the dark magic on black color plant to complimentary the student.

Student #17In the Lovegood’s Garden walk to the screen and you will check out a course towards the house, you will view the college student at the finish of this route stuck in the vines, just use Lumos to acquire him out.

Student #18Student will certainly be in the basement of Malfoy Manor strapped to a rack, usage Reducto to get rid of those silver bonds and complimentary the hogwart student in peril.

Student #19After reaching the vault, the student will certainly be viewed stuck in a cage on best side, simply use dark magic to acquire him out.

Student #20At the room the requirements, walk to left and also towards the screen and you will watch the college student hanging indigenous the ceiling, get him down.

Student #21When placing crystals ~ above the bridge, stop prior to placing the last one and also just go up the hill on the right and you will watch the student trapped in a flower. Go ago down the hill just behind the flower and also you will see a black rock on the next of the hill, usage dark magic and also destroy the rock to obtain a tiny tube, use Augmenti and also water the flower and it will release the student.

Student #22when you get to the heat of yellow suits of armor in the an initial area your course will it is in blocked, close to those gold suits will certainly be chain hanging on the right side. Hit the chain with a order an it will certainly release the student.

Student #23When you walk to the giant with the big hoop, ~ above the appropriate of the screen you will watch a college student cowering native a bunch of fatality Eaters. Get rid of those death Eaters by a spell and totally free the student.

Student #24You will get to a vault buried in the rubble, get it out and also use a an essential character to open it. A student and a death Eater will gain out that it, obtain rid of death Eater.

Student #25Outside Borgin & Burkes, use the dark magic top top the rock and under it will be a student.

Student #26Near the code entry box on the ground floor, friend will check out a ladder walk on the upper level. Student will be grounding in a spider web on optimal of the ladder, usage magic to hit the ladder and complimentary the student.

Student #27the rob shop, wherein you purchase the characters from, obtain inside and also go increase the stairs and also use a spell on the door the the an altering room, inside will be a student.

Student #28Inside the pub, gain up the stairs and instead the going v the door see over the door on the ceiling there will be a college student stuck in a spider web. Obtain him totally free by hitting the spider net with a spell.

Student #29Get to the sink and use the dark magic on taps to gain the hogwart student in hazard free.

Student #30There is a college student stuck in some vines inside the tent, take the irradiate from the lamp alongside the cauldron making use of Ron’s deluminator and also walk come the best side the the table and you will have the ability to send the light into the lamp alongside the student and also will free him.

Student #31Back that the campsite and left of the owl stand, girlfriend will see a dried plant on the floor. Lug the plant earlier to life by utilizing Augmenti and also student will be released.

Student #32This college student in peril will it is in hanging from the big station clock, you can just hit the challenge of the clock and he will certainly drop down.

Student #33In the Hogsmeade village, girlfriend will view student stuck in a large ice block in ~ the entrance if three Broomstick pub. Use the deluminator to lit up the lamp above the block and also snow will certainly melt and also student will be released.

Student #34In the Hogsmeade village in the winter, there will be a silver- podlocked barrel on which you should use reducto to break that podlock. After that hit the barrel v a spell and also student will come out.

Student #35Open Hermione’s bagusing the pad in ~ the Hogsmeade station. Open the bag top top the much right the the platform and also this will give you a silver pig. Use reducto to rest the pig and also you will obtain a small gold piece. Location the item in red oven and also student will obtain out.

Student #36In the tiny courtyard, student will be trapped by glowing insects in ~ the front. In ~ the earlier of the area usage deluminator on the lamp and get this lamp to illuminate a lamp near the college student which will influence the bugs and also they will certainly release the student.

Student #37At the earlier of the Herbology courtyard, friend will see one student throwing water on an additional student in the left corner. Stop the college student throwing water with a spell.

Student #38In the Herbology greenhouse the student will be grounding in a plant near the front. Girlfriend will check out an north box alongside the plant. Use augmenti to to fill it with water and throw it utilizing magic on the plant alongside the one holding the student and that tree will flourish bigger and also this will certainly make the tree drop the student.

Student #39Near the water’s edge in ~ the Lake, friend will check out a black plant ~ above the right hand side. Usage dark magic and get rid of the plant to cost-free the student.

Student #40At the Thestral enclosure, execute left until you cross the water through jumping top top the rocks. Over there you will see stairs bring about a ledge, acquire to the ledge and also on the left you will see a tree with some vines. Use lumos and get rid of vines then usage magic to eliminate tree branches and student will be inside.

Student #41In the entrance hall at the bottom that the appropriate stairs, you have the right to see a suit of armor. Use magic to throw the fit on the ground and also the college student in risk will be released.

Student #42In the appropriate side of the Library, usage the pad to open Hermione’s bag and also she will certainly pull out tiny paddling pool. As soon as you fill it v water, student will jump out from the Chandelier.

Student #43At the cool staircase, simply use Daffindo top top the red padlock top top the chest at the bottom of the stairs. Student will be released as soon as you open up the chest.

Student #44Enter the Ravenclaw corridor and also you will check out a black obstacle on the left. Usage dark magic and also break the obstacle to free the student.

Student #45Go come the Gryffindor corridor and use Augmenti to placed out the flames in front of the fire and also student will certainly jump out.

Student #46At the typical room corridor, open up the parceltongue cabinet to free the college student right beside the Slytherin usual room.

Student #47At the 7th floor, ~ above the left the the enntrance gate to the room that requirements, student will be trapped in a spider net on the floor. Hit it through the order to totally free the student.

Student #48At the good hall that entrance, usage the deluminator to fire up the desk lamp on the left door that the hall and also walk to the best side the the area and also release the light on the lamp on the wall. This lamp will certainly be beside some vines which room holding the student. Vines will disappear as soon as lamp is lit.

Student #49In the good hall, there is a huge serving platter on the staff table. It will certainly be rattling, so simply use reducto and also lid will be swollen off and student will be released.

Student #50As you go to the archway in ~ the weasley courtyard, girlfriend will view a silver- panel ~ above the back wall. Usage reducto to break that and also you will certainly be given some bricks to finish the sticky trainers wall surface on the left the the archway. Gain the sticky trainers from the weasley box close to the fountain. Walk up the wall surface and with the roof and also there girlfriend will watch a hufflepuff banner that is urgent up. As soon as you uncurl it through a assignment a student will come out.

Student #51In the weasley storage, usage the dark magic on the black color cabinet top top the ideal of the room and doors will certainly break and a student will come out.

Student #52In the Aguamenti classroom once you are finding out the spell, you deserve to save the student by placing out the fire the surrounds him. The student will be in the left edge of the room.

Student #53in the Diffindo classroom, there is a large crest with an H on the wall beside the fish tank. Run on it and also there will certainly be two an ext crests that you can pull down. There will certainly be Slytherin banner above the center one, uncurl it to release a student.

Student #54In DADA classroom, student will be hanging to the stair that result in the Umbridge’s office. Use the spell come knock it down.

Student #55In the Potions classroom, walk towards the screen on the left side and also you will certainly reach the earlier of the room. There you will find a parceltongue cabinet, it will be already opened if you have actually completed her potions lessons and student inside will be stuck with a spider web, you can use the assignment to free the student from the web.

Student #56In the class corridor, alongside the enntrance gate to the potions classroom use the reducto on the cupboard and when the lock is broken, use magic top top the cupboard and student will come out.

Student #57At the door the leads come the Divination classroom, girlfriend will watch a college student in peril stuck come the wall. Usage aguamenti and plant will grow and also release him.

Student #58In the divination classroom, at the sheet of the room you will see stacks that cups and also a water cooler on the left. Rest the biggest stack with the assignment to relax the student.

Student #59At the ago of the astronomy tower, girlfriend will check out a one area and a panel of parceltongue there. Usage the panel and also hatch beside it will open and also release the student.

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Student #60The last student will be wrapped in a vine beside Hagrid’s hut. Usage lumos and totally free him.