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Get yourself one of these and a long extension. Makes life much easier..
1988 Toyota 4x4 Std cab PUP: 22REC, 5 speed352,000 miles and also still going...1998 Toyota 4Runner 4x4, 3.4 V6 Auto162,000 miles
Use the genuine Toyota oil filter.They room the best for friend 4runner.Any one that says any kind of different walk not understand what they room talking about.

Throw the STP in the trash! You acquired what you paid for. The STP filters room made by Champion Laboratories (no relationship to the spark plug mfr) and also are your cheapest, lousiest filter, the cost-cutting "Ecore". Pure rubbish - they eliminated the separate pressure bypass valve to save money by combining it through the anti-drainback valve - the an unified valve is junk. Human being who"ve cut them open up have found unsealed pleats that enable oil come bypass the filter media. The oil filter is no the location to save money. You"ll save a pair bucks top top the filter and spend a pair thousand ~ above engine occupational down the road.(By the way, Champion is own by the Carlyle team - bush daddy"s personal equity investment firm.) Toyota filters room very good - I"ve only offered those in the 14 year I"ve own my truck. Their filtration media has a better surface area than almost all of the competition, and the material is that far much better quality than the all-cellulose Ecore. If friend buy a bunch the the Toyota filter at a time, most dealers will provide you a very an excellent price.But there are other an excellent filters top top the market. Wix renders a great filter, and also in reality the NAPA yellow filter is a Wix. Mobil 1 filters aren"t bad, yet they"re overpriced. The k & n filter is nearly identical to the Mobil 1, and is even much more overpriced.The finest filter on the sector right now is no the Toyota yet is probably the Amsoil Ea - an extended service life filter the employs a man-made depth media. Tests display it achieves 98.7% filtration effectiveness at the 15 micron fragment size, i m sorry is well ahead the the field. And also it maintains that effectiveness for much much longer without clogging, because of its depth media.The Ea is guaranteed for 25,000 miles/one year - designed to job-related with Amsoil"s extended service life artificial oils. Since I usage Syntec and adjust oil every 5,000 miles, I number the Amsoil filter would certainly be total overkill uneven I left the in place when I adjusted the oil, which ns don"t desire to do since of the oil that continues to be in the filter. So I usage the Toyota filters.

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89 4x4 X-Cab V6WARNING: I"m not a skilled tech - use any type of advice in ~ your very own risk. Working on vehicles is risky: you deserve to kill or maim you yourself or damages your van if girlfriend don"t recognize what you space doing. It"s your responsibility to acquire qualified help if you absence auto repair training/experience.