family Guy: Every Time Brian & Stewie Time Traveled family Guy often sends Brian and Stewie on stunner time travel adventures together; here"s every time the inseparable pair has actually messed through time so far.

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Family Guy has actually sent the Griffin family on many of wild adventures, and here"s every time Stewie and also Brian time traveled. Seth McFarlane"s animated comedy blends the mundane aspects of the everyday lives that the Griffins with some much more out-of-the-box concepts. Throughout the practically 20-season run of Family Guy, viewers have had hundreds of opportunities to follow Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian, and also a repertoire of recurring next characters.

There space plenty the adored pairings the the Family Guy characters, however the relationship and dynamic between Stewie and also Brian is among the best. The youngest of the Griffin children, Stewie has actually a wicked sense of humor and is incredibly smart. Brian is the Griffin family"s dog that can also speak and also participates in life as if he to be a human. Stewie and Brian frequently go on adventures together and also bring the end the best (and worst) of every other. The pairing became such a fan favorite that Family Guy at some point started making illustration largely committed to what Brian and Stewie were approximately together. Of course, lock aren"t constantly the most responsible.

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One of the duo"s favourite pastimes is time traveling. Despite Family Guy"s relatively grounded nature, time travel has been component of the show"s human being since almost the beginning. The very first season showed Stewie develop a time machine to prevent the pain of teething. When different Family Guy personalities have provided the device to go backward and also forward in time, Stewie and also Brian regularly are at the center of any kind of time travel shenanigans. They"ve offered Stewie"s time maker to have plenty of fun and deliver some of the more emotional moment in the show"s history. Below is every time Stewie and also Brian time traveled.

The first time travel adventure that Stewie and also Brian go on in Family Guy came throughout season 7, illustration 3, "Road come Germany." The episode begins with Mort Goldman stumbling into Stewie"s time device while in ~ the Griffins" house after mistaking it for a bathroom. Stewie and also Brian decide the they must follow Mort to the previous to bring him back. This take away them come 1939 Germany in ~ the precipice of human being War II. They quickly uncover Mort however realize that the return pad is broken. Brian, Mort, and also Stewie travel to England while being pursued by Nazis come obtain more uranium fuel, which powers this version of the return pad. They regulate to get the uranium after Stewie poses as Hitler and return home safely, 30 seconds before Mort originally enters Stewie"s room. Come ensure these occasions don"t repeat themselves, though, Stewie death the Mort who traveled through time by placing him in the time device and blowing that up.

Stewie and Brian"s following time take trip adventure took place in Family Guy season 9, illustration 6, titled "The large Bang Theory." The episode isn"t a crossover through the fight TBS sitcom that the very same name but instead is a story around Stewie almost being erased indigenous the universe. It begins with Stewie using the time device to make fun of Brian, leading to the 2 pals fighting over manage of it. This bring away them exterior the space-time continuum and also Stewie discovered that he developed the universe through the big Bang. After returning to the right point in time, Stewie"s half-brother Bertram decides to usage the time machine to erase Stewie from existence. This pressures Stewie and Brian to go back in time again to shot and protect against him, bring about Stewie learning that Leonardo da Vinci is his ancestor. Through a twisted revolve of events, Stewie needs to kill Bertram and also become his own ancestor prior to returning come the present day.

Family Guy season 10, episode 5, "Back to the Pilot," look at Brian and Stewie take it a an extremely different expedition through time. It begins with Brian wishing he could find a tennis ball he hidden ten years before and also Stewie supplying to take his dog companion back in time to number out whereby it is. This take away them ago to the pilot episode of Family Guy, however Stewie and also Brian mess up the timeline as soon as Brian speak his previous self around 9/11. The chain reaction of occasions that occurred from this detail brings the U.S. Right into a post-apocalyptic state in the close to future. Brian and also Stewie go back in time once an ext to try and settle the timeline. This didn"t work at an initial either, together Brian came to be the writer of the Harry Potter books instead. The duo goes back in time again and encounters lot of versions of themselves from various futures. It only ends as soon as the initial Stewie prevents him and Brian from ever going earlier in time in the very first place.

The next time travel adventure through Brian and Stewie takes location in Family Guy season 11, illustration 4, "Yug Ylimaf." It begins with Brian utilizing Stewie"s time device to pick up women and unknowingly raising the pilgrimage counter. That tries to mitigate the counter however breaks the device in the process. As soon as he and Stewie try to settle it, the maker explodes and causes time around them to begin moving behind at exponential speeds. They race versus a ticking clock to resolve the circulation of time prior to Stewie becomes unborn. Stewie runs out of time together his bear nears and also tasks Brian with finishing the repairs. Brian manages to fix the time maker and the circulation of time, and also he arrives at the hospital just as Stewie is born again.

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Family Guy season 12, illustration 6, "Life of Brian," is among the show"s most memorable because it is the episode where Brian dies. The episode starts with him and also Stewie on an additional time travel adventure, though. They return to jamestown after a ahead adventure observed them provide Native Americans guns to defend themselves. As soon as the original versions that Stewie and Brian leave, the new ones approach the aboriginal Americans and also take ago the guns. Lock then go back to the present day and destroy the time machine after having too plenty of near-death experiences. Unfortunately, Brian is struggle by a vehicle not too long after and also Stewie is unable to go earlier in time to avoid this indigenous happening or rebuild the time machine.

The next time take trip adventure in Family Guy comes simply two episodes later. It technically doesn"t view Brian sign up with Stewie ~ above the trip to the past, but the dog is an integral component of the plot nonetheless. Stewie is in ~ the mall conference Santa once he sees another version of himself from prior to Brian"s death at the store. He it s okay the idea to take the Stewie"s return pad so the he deserve to go ago in time and save Brian. Stewie effectively goes earlier in time and also saves Brian from being hit by the car. Stewie then sends out the return pad come the present and also fades from existence after altering the timeline.

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The most recent time take trip adventure in between Stewie and Brian in Family Guy came in season 13, illustration 7, title "Stewie, kris & Brian"s great Adventure." The episode revolves about Chris being on the verge the failing the nine grade uneven he deserve to pass his upcoming background test. Stewie and Brian eventually shot to help Chris study and also realize that typical studying methods will not work for him. They later on take kris on a expedition throughout history that enables him to learn about the Lousiana Purchase, meet Ernest Hemingway, and also board the Titanic. While kris didn"t retain any knowledge native this adventure, the did result in the fatality of one ancestor the his background teacher, offering him a brand-new one that doesn"t treatment as much about grades.