Your truck won"t start, now what perform you do? The equipment is much more simple than you think. This article will describe how to replace your starter.

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This article uses to the dodge Ram 2nd Generation (1994-2001).

Getting up in the morning, piling in the truck, and transforming the ignition come hear nothing in return is among the many disheartening moment to experience, especially when you obtained things come do! lucky for you, the starter is out, so every you have to do it replace it. The starter is a component within the engine device responsible because that spinning the crank, and "turning the engine over." once the starter solenoid fails or the teeth gets as well dull, the flywheel won"t turn, leaving you stranded. Instead of the starter is a relatively simple process that requires a basic collection of tools and can be excellent in under one hour. Use these complying with instructions to change the starter on her Dodge Ram.

Step 1 – Jack up and also secure her Ram

The starter is situated on the underside the the transmission, so use a jack to lift the van on level ground and secure it using a set of jack stands. For extra security, pull the emergency brake up, and additionally be certain to disconnect her battery.

Figure 1. Raise and secure the truck.

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Step 2 – eliminate the old starter

Use a 16mm socket to eliminate the top and also lower mounting bolts. Be careful not to shed the washers.Pull the starter outwards to ease the 8mm and also 13mm nuts because that the wire leads.Disconnect the wire leads.With the starter removed, scrub the old wire leads native the harness with sandpaper come clean up the contacts.Figure 2. Usage a 16mm socket to remove the starter.

Step 3 – install the brand-new starter

First, affix the solenoid and also wire leader to the brand-new starter.Mount the 8mm and also 13mm nuts earlier to the starter. Climate tighten under the wire leads.Line the starter bolts up with the transmission.Slide the 2 16mm starter bolts earlier in place. Begin with the optimal bolt and also hand tighten it. Then slide in the lower bolt.Torque down the upper and also lower starter mounting bolts.Once the starter is installed, remove the jack stands, slowly lower the truck, and reconnect the battery.

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Figure 3. The starter installed.

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