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Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Lucas art Publisher: Lucas art ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: November 3, 2008

Bt# = The battle number in project mode.Bt1 Anakin vs. VentressVentress have the right to be tricky to deal with, however just out power her with anakins pressure power. Try not to gain cornered into a corner. If friend do and she supplies Exar Kun"s assault you"ll take hefty damage. In the next round you have actually a lot an ext open room so save on Ventress and also parry plenty of of her assaults as it can be tricky top parry her. Usage your force attacks carefully so girlfriend don"t totally deplete your pressure gauge.Bt2 Obi-Wan vs. VentressUse your combos for sure as Obi Wan outmatches Ventress in those. Use force attacks to minimize Ventress to 75% health and also then usage combos, force attacks and also the Clonetroopers blasts (yes both people can it is in hurt through the blasters) to finish her off.Bt3 Anakin vs DookuDooku is a very patient duelist the doesn"t favor to strike you unless he has actually a clear opening. Usage "the Force" to trow objects at him and then give him a forceblast to knock him off balance. Then strike that with short combos to knock that down and out. Bt4 Ahsoka vs. GrevousYou can quickly out run grievous therefore if girlfriend feel choose you space going to take it havy damages just get out that his way. Then fee in with quick combos and also quick pressure slashes. Then complete him off.Bt5 Ahsoka vs. VentressThis can be a an overwhelming battle because you only have actually the agility advantage. Store a solid defense and also stay close come the sheet of the room. ~ above the second part of this level watch the thrusters as they ignite so friend don"t acquire hit by the large flamethrower blast. If friend do, you"ll shed a the majority of health and also be knocked off balanced.Bt6 Obi Wan vs. DookuThis battle is pretty well balanced on their skills. That starts with blocking as constantly and will try and deflect your strike or leap over you and attack indigenous behind you. You are a little faster than Dooku therefore if the does leap end you then rotate around and also either strike him or block his attack. Attack him is most likely easier. On the second phase shot and gain Dooku to stay on the facility path and use combos to end up him.Bt7 Obi Wan vs. GrevousUse blocks and parrys to store him turn off balance and then use long strings of combos. Carry out not follow him in ~ all, make him concerned you. Because that round 2 continue to be out that Grevous"s means as he"ll kill you if you don"t and also he is an ext aggressive.Bt8 Anakin vs. Jedi HunterBlock the attacks and then use short combos come hit it and also then earlier away prior to it have the right to retaliate and also hit friend again. Be aggressive however don"t it is in a fool and also let ypur guard down. Don"t gain killed by a stupid hunter that is only machine parts.

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Round 2 The ar gets unstable and also electric bolts start flying everywhere. Edge the robot and also pound it until it dies.Congratulations! You simply beat campaign and also you should relocate up come the following level.