Their corn tortilla chips have actually an allergy warning in a various place and different font native the ingredient labels. Obtained a gluten allergy native these and corporate is not interested in coming in line through food regulations. Do not to trust this store for anything!

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How confident are you the this facility takes security precautions against cross-contamination?

— not at all


Sprouts carries some GF products. The is a great source for Boars Head meats and also uses a devoted slicer. They also keep a nice range of Canyon Bakehouse breads and other various items.


How hard is that to offer gluten totally free bread for her sandwiches??Do not contact yourself a wellness food store when you can’t even make the tiniest effort.They were rude when I request if they had actually gluten cost-free bread


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Allow ample time to read ingredients because there space so many gluten free foods easily accessible for purchase at this specialty grocery store store. Reasonable prices room a bonus!

I can nearly always find the GF points I require here. Ns am not sure why a rating 6 years back brought the rating down