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antique wood stove (collection, repair, prices, best)
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I am trying to uncover out anything about this stove and also cannot uncover anything top top the web at least I could not it was manufactured by the southerly Co.operative F.D.Y. Co. Rome GA. And also it says Savory on the cooktop DoorI have the other door the is getting repaired. Any help would be evaluate enclosed is picturesThank you dave
don"t know how much help it is butVintage southerly Co Operative Foundry Rome GA cast Iron hardwood Burning Heater | eBayscroll down and you"ll watch a couple of similar. Maybe the seller can help you with an ext info. happy you"re fixing instead of tossing.
Your walking to need to hit among the specialty forum boards that deals with cast iron foundries.Start by looking for Wagner and Griswold.Detailed information probably can"t be accessed by google or ice searches alone.You"ll need to become a member of countless of those various other boards or the information is inaccessible.

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I to be sorry yet I have not had any type of luck at all, have the right to not even discover A photo of the stove, the seem quite strange come me the I have the right to not even find one. And also thank you because that trying Dave
I am sorry however I have actually not had any type of luck at all, have the right to not even discover A photo of the stove, the seem nice strange to me that I deserve to not even uncover one. And thank you for trying Dave
I"m sure that Rome, Georgia or the ar it"s in has a historical society. The regional Chamber of commerce will assist you v the name and phone number if friend can"t discover it yourself. Carry out make phone calls. World respond come them far far better than to written communications. Girlfriend may even learn of a local hobbyist or historian who knows a good deal about the company. Civilization like this love to share information due to the fact that they regularly have no one who"s interested. Regional librraries regularly have comprehensive collections of photographs. Ask for the referral librarian. Local newspapers that have actually been roughly since that time deserve to be a really good source the information. I"ve observed that the finest local backgrounds rely greatly upon them. The state office in Georgia the handles companies will have information on dates as well as firm officers. Descendants of agency officers regularly can provide additional information. I"ve conducted a variety of these investigations. The study is fun and also the results have the right to be very satisfying.