If girlfriend watched sirloin Hour, you must remember the young and pretty Soo-Yung Han, Consul Han's daughter, that was kidnapped by a criminal organization. This young lady's real name is Julia Hsu. This was her an initial role, which brought her fame and also the love of countless fans.

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Julia Hsu's biography

Here, you can find out all the important information that interests you about the actress Julia Hsu, including her expert and an individual life.

Where is Julia Hsu from?

The charming and also talented actress was born in 1986 in the it s as beautiful as picture city the Los Angeles, California, whereby she still lives today.

How old is the rush Hour star?

Julia Hsu’s age is right now 35 years, as of 2021.

According to she LinkedIn profile, indigenous 2004 come 2008, Julia attend the university of southerly California (USC). There, she studied company Cinema Television and received a B.S. In business Administration.

She obtained her grasp of Business management degree in 2014 indigenous the college of California, Los Angeles Anderson institution of administration (UCLA Anderson).


Julia made she film debut in 1998 in the film rush Hour, where she play Soo-Yung Han, the daughter that Consul Han, kidnapped by criminals. The movie is a top-rated American buddy action comedy, which stars such together Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.


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Julia Hsu’s rush Hour function brought her worldwide fame. The exciting fact is that Julia to be the same period (11 years) as her heroine as soon as she played she in 1998.

Despite the widespread popularity and love of thousands of fans that admired the tiny Soo-Yung from rush Hour, her exhilaration career did not last long.

After sirloin Hour, she starred in the independent short film, three Exits (2001), she last film. In this movie, she played Theresa, a young girl, on a road trip with her friends. ~ that, the young star retirement from the film industry.

After getting her degree, Hsu went into HR. The carriers she has worked for end the years include DirecTV, Hulu and also Snap Inc.

Mix up v Taiwanese rapper

It have to be provided that the retirement actress does not lead an energetic public life, and also very little is known around her life now. World often mix her up with a Taiwanese rapper and TikTok star through the same full name.


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Julia is not a rapper, back-up dancer, or an aspiring Instagram celebrity. The only thing the these girls have in typical is your name.

Where is Julia Hsu now?

If she LinkedIn is to it is in believed, she last place of work was Snap Inc., whereby she operated as a senior HR company Partner native 2018 come 2020. The is uncertain what the former actress is as much as now.

How lot is Julia Hsu worth?

According come Starsgab, Julia Hsu's net worth is accused $1.2 million. However, together there is very little information on the former actress in general, this number need to be taken v a grain of salt.

Julia Hsu had achieved fame as soon as she was a young girl, but now, she leads a quiet method of life. Regardless, pan will always remember she Rush Hour role.


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