I am having a hell the a time here. Ns am trying come hook my new SA-W2500 Sony Subwoofer to my new Sony STR-DG720 receiver. Ns only have actually two speakers connected to the receiver at the moment, and also they"re working simply fine. However, that looks choose the hands-on wants me to just use the audio cable that come v the subwoofer to affix to the receiver"s Subwoofer Audio out hole. Yet the thing is, even if my Subwoofer has a green light where the strength light is, there"s no sound coming from it. And I understand it works, because when I float the cable"s plug near the receiver"s Subwoofer Audio out slot, it provides feedback.Would who mind help me out? ns really need to number this the end in the next couple of hours. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum!I"m going come bet that you just need to set up the recipient to calculation a signal come the sub. I"ll download her owner"s manual and then article again through some specifics.

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For reference, I"m utilizing the hand-operated from Sony that is situated at the attach here.You can run the auto set-up again, but you can also do this manually. Settings for the speakers are discussed beginning on web page 47 the the manual.For starters, set "SW SPK" to "YES" so that the receiver knows that you have actually a subwoofer connected.Next, collection the "FRT SPK" setting to "SMALL". This will certainly tell the receiver come redirect low frequencies from the front speaker to the subwoofer. (I"m going to inspect if you deserve to send base to both the speakers and also the sub - I just haven"t viewed that in the manual, yet.)I"ll examine into the subwoofer, too, yet if there is a dial on the below for the crossover frequency, set that to the greatest number possible. Also, you"ll be setting the crossover frequency on the receiver, but we"ll talk about that in simply a few minutes.

I simply read that the crossover top top the sub itself is labeled "CUT turn off FREQ". Because that now, collection that to 200 Hz.

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Frickin" A! You aided me acquire it come work! ns just had actually to set the speaker to tiny and the was all good! thank you so really much! ns was afraid ns was going to have to send the subwoofer earlier or something. I really truly evaluate the help!
Ahhh, I now see a menu overview beginning on page 38 the the receiver"s manual.There space plenty of things that you deserve to tweak, yet let"s store it simple for now until you get comfortable with every one of it.The crossover frequency ~ above the receiver deserve to be set from 40 Hz to 160 Hz. The best setup will rely on her sub and also your speakers. 80 Hz is a good starting point. You have the right to do some dimensions to figure out the best blend, but it"s likewise perfectly good to carry out it by ear. Change that setup and see what you like the finest - that"s what matters, after ~ all. In instance you don"t understand what the crossover frequency is, it"s this (if your speaker are set to "SMALL"): frequencies below that setup will be sent to the subwoofer, and frequencies above that setup will be sent to your speakers.
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Jan 16, 2009
Karuto said:
Frickin" A! You helped me obtain it come work! ns just had to collection the speaker to small and the was every good! thank you so very much! ns was afraid ns was walk to have to send the subwoofer ago or something. I really truly evaluate the help!