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You don't need to be a pilot or frequent flier come celebrate planes, jets, and aviation. This playlist the pop, rock, and country songs about flying will gain your propeller spinning.

Image through ThePixelman indigenous Pixabay; Canva

You’re flying! It’s amazing! anyone on every plane should simply constantly be going: 'Oh my God! Wow! You’re flying! You’re sit in a chair, in the sky!'

— luigi C.K., American comedian

The day-to-day Miracle the Flight

I agree through comedian luigi C.K. That flying is an everyday miracle. A group of strangers elbows each various other out the the means for overhead storage. They stuff your oversized behinds into forward-facing seats, breathe each other's recycled air indigenous the confined cabin space, and trust the the aircraft won't fall out the the sky. Over there are even pretzels if you're lucky, a toilet if you're desperate, and alcohol if you're nervous. Amazing, right?

For some, however, airplanes aren't just a method of travel. They room a passion. If you're such a flying enthusiast, then this playlist the pop, rock, and country songs about flying is because that you. The idea for this write-up came from other writer Robert Sacchi, who frequently writes around military and commercial aircraft, including articles around Presidential Aircraft and also Airforce One.

1. "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz

This basic 1998 absent song, later on used in commercials for Southwest Airlines, describes a narrator's wish to paris away, high right into the sky. The man wishes come escape and travel end the seas prefer a dragonfly. Once he flees, he'll fade right into the sun and also visit Mars and additional otherworldly destinations. The catchy track was an global hit and a Grammy compensation winner, and it adjusted Kravitz's career trajectory.

2. "Come Fly through Me" by open minded Sinatra

This classic 1958 pop track was written especially for The Chairman the the Board, candid Sinatra. It became part of his act over a spectacular career that spanned 5 decades. The song functions a narrator who invites his ladylove come steal away through him by plane to exotic areas like Bombay, Peru, and also Acapulco Bay.

"Come Fly through Me" was offered by the American Petroleum Institute because that its 2018 tv advertisements fostering natural gas. Sinatra likewise sang the 1954 flying song, "Fly Me to the Moon."

3. "Aeroplanes" by B.o.B. (Featuring Haley Williams)

Do you ever wish you can dial earlier time? The male in this 2010 pop song does. He's been with a wild night that partying, and also his ritzy lifestyle all seems so inauthentic. That stops and also considers how he can use a wish, a dream, a genie—but will settle for wishing on an airplane—so the he might return come a easier time.

Once the narrator rapped because that mere tips in the subway and also the thin love that the music. The was earlier before the fame, the money, the music sector politics, and also the battle to stay relevant as an artist. He can use a wish ideal now, even if he has to wish top top an plane in the skies above. What room you wishing on?

4. "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd

"How have the right to I escape this irresistible grasp?"

Standing in windswept fields and also drawn inextricably come the skies above, the protagonist in this track sets off as a fledgling aviator. He's discovering to fly, and it's pure bliss. At least two Pink Floyd members space licensed pilots, including this tune's singer/songwriter David Gilmour. The 1987 rock song is a an allegory for embarking top top a new endeavor. In ~ the time, Gilmour had actually recently assumed management of Pink Floyd and was in significance learning to fly himself.

5. "Drunk top top a Plane" through Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley is a pilot in real life, however in this lively country ditty native 2014, he's a would-be groom who was left in ~ the altar. Unable to acquire a refund ~ above his honeymoon ticket to Cancun, the upper heart fella boards the 737 come Mexico, tapes the picture of his ex to her vacant seat, and starts drowning his sorrows in a flow of alcohol. He shares his woes with the remainder of the world on the trip then buys everyone rounds as if it's Mardi Gras in the skies. The nation song crossed over to the mainstream pop charts and made the Billboard optimal 40.

6. "Turbulence" by Bowling because that Soup

We all need support, an especially when we're dealing with turbulence in our lives. (Some of us have rougher flights v life than others.) This 2011 alt-rock ballad functions a man who reassures his friend that the problem they are encountering is temporary and also the promise the brighter skies lie ahead:

Take a look approximately youLook how much you've comeYour entirety life in prior of youYou've only just begunWe've all obtained our problemsBut they're just bumps in the roadIf you only keep on fightingThere's no wherein you can't go.

7. "Wind beneath My Wings" through Bette Midler

What a tear-jerker this 1989 pop number is! The iconic songstress Bette Midler took home two Grammy Awards for this song (the layout some for the film, Beaches). The expresses heartfelt evaluation to a loved one for their steady and uplifting guidance and also support. When the narrator flew in the sun, your loved one stand patiently in the shadows, focusing all of their initiatives on ensuring the narrator's success:

I deserve to fly higher than an eagle,For you room the wind beneath my wings.

If you have someone who has helped you to fly, why not give thanks to them today?

8. "Fly Away" by TheFatRat (Featuring Anjulie)

If you've never heard the Christian Friedrich johannes Büttner, the German record producer that goes by the pseudonym "TheFatRat," that's okay. You can capture up now. This phenomenally well-known YouTuber has made essential inroads on the Billboard charts through his electronic dance music.

This 2017 release has an oriental flair that adds to its glitchy digital effect. The narrator invites her sweetheart to paris away v her whereby they'll ascend into the skies together climate soar unafraid above the sea. She proclaims they were intended to make this change, to take it this high paris journey v one another where the moon and water meet, at some point reaching out and also touching the edge of space.

9. "747 (Strangers in the Night)" by Saxon

Imagine the the lights room out in new York City below and also you're plank a plane that requirements to land urgently. This 1980 heavy metal track is based on the true story of together a vital air safety and security incident. A catastrophe was barely averted.

The good Northeast Blackout the 1965 was a power disruption that influenced the northeastern joined States and also parts of Canada for as much as 13 hours. With no lights to help planes in landing, some were required to continue to be in the air. A Scandinavian flight with 89 passengers plus the crew aboard was detoured come JFK plane in the dark. Since there to be no reserve fuel tanks at that time, the aircraft came perilously near to making use of up every one of its fuel.

Although the song describes Scandinavian flight #101 and a 747 plane, it to be actually flight #911 and probably a Douglas DC-8. The 747 jumbo jet wasn't introduced into commercial service for four much more years. As a result of this danger incident, over there were far-ranging safety upgrades.

10. "On the wing of Love" by Jeffrey Osbourne

Thanks come his sweetheart, the guy in this 1982 romantic popular music ballad is soaring ~ above the wing of love. Together they are inseparable, flying high over the clouds. It certainly must be early on in your relationship. Just offer them a small time, and also they'll come in for a landing. The tune was an global hit, and it to be the most successful that Jeffrey Osbourne's career.

11. "If I had an Airplane" by SayWeCanFly (Featuring Emily James)

The girl who is at the facility of this 2018 pop love ballad is enduring anxiety, and also the narrator, she kind-hearted lover, is intent upon helping her. He gift a variety of imaginary scenarios to show the lengths he would go to minimize her tension. One of these situations involves an airplane:

If I had an airplaneI'd paris it high up right into spaceJust to display you that it's okTo be by you yourself in the dark.

12. "Airplane" by level White T's

From a statistics standpoint, paris is the safest method to travel. One's opportunity of gift in one airline accident is 1 in 11 million. However facts won't aid the 6.5 percent that the population with aviophobia, or fear of flying.

If you're fear of flying then you should have the ability to identify v this slow, poignant rock tune from 2010. The song's narrator, with the innocence of a child, eerily addresses the plane he is boarding. He asks the aircraft to cradle the so that he is cozy, climate to lull him come sleep there is no dropping the from the sky. The man additionally requests the the aircraft take him to a new, better place and arrive there on time due to the fact that he has important things to do.

13. "Leaving top top a Jet Plane" through Peter, Paul & Mary

This 1969 song was a chart-topper because that '60s individual group Peter, Paul, and Mary. It was both their biggest hit and their last, although your friend, singer-songwriter john Denver actually wrote it. Although the song isn't about a soldier boarding a airplane for war, armed forces personnel during the Vietnam battle era adapted the meaning of this song and also others come fit your situation.

The bittersweet tune defines a traveling musician that is prepare to leave for the road as soon as again. With the taxi waiting outside, the song's narrator speak to her resting lover in the arising daylight. She acknowledges having previously fallen short in she fidelity. However, she pledges that as soon as she return on the plane it will be different due to the fact that her love sincerely belongs come him.


"When whatever seems to it is in going against you, remember the the plane takes off versus the wind, not with it." - Henry Ford, American entrepreneur

PilotBrent via Pixabay, complimentary Domain, modified by FlourishAnyway

14. "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron" by The royal Guardsman

Inspired by the comic strip Peanuts, this 1966 novelty song explains Snoopy imagining himself to it is in a heroic civilization War ns fighter pilot. Snoopy engages his foe— German paris ace Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous Red Baron—in a deadly dogfight in the sky. Back 80 pilots prior to him had failed, Snoopy prevails. Their epos dogfight ends v the Red Baron's plane spiraling come his demise.

Although Snoopy was just a cartoon character, the Red Baron was certainly a actual German fighter pilot revered by his countrymen and also respected by his enemies. He was provided a complete military funeral through his foes.

15. "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allan

The narrator's girlfriend has left him, and also now she's 30,000 feet increase in the wait on among the airplanes overhead. Dejected, he sit on the hood of his van running through all the coulda-woulda-shouldas of their relationship. He ruminates, can not to figure out why she's increase on that plane and he's left behind. Also late, buddy! This 2007 nation song was a moderate popular music crossover success.

16. "Airline Agent" by James McMurtry

Any musician who has actually attempted to fly with their guitar has actually undoubtedly tangled through an airline agent about carrying the instrument onboard. That's the situation in this 1998 country ditty. The male is traveling to his next show, and the airline certified dealer is unfairly hassling him.

Although he's a regular flier, the male maintains he's being mistreated since he has long hair and also is a musician. The wouldn't obtain such judgment if he to be a business man in a three-piece suit. Prior to telling the certified dealer he's had actually enough, here's what he states as a warm-up:

Mr. Airline Agent, won't girlfriend understandI'm a constant traveler and a patient manBut I've been mistreated a time or twoI've stood around all I'm gonna stand from youI gained my ticket in my hand just like everybody elseI payment my money in development so I might use a small helpYou're making together a fussYou're holding up the lineJust gain me on the aircraft everything will be fine.

17. "Turbulence" through Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke (Featuring Lil Jon)

Climb aboard flight 900. It's top top a wild journey to lug down the house. Raise her hands in the air to this 2012 digital dance number and initiate emergency procedures. The flight has fight turbulence. The track was a modest struggle in Australia, but apparently, it crashed and also burned prior to making the trip around the an international music charts. (That's too poor because it's a funny song.)

18. "Plane" by Jason Mraz

The man in this expressive alt rock tune from 2005 is involved in a long-distance love relationship. As he boards his plane then flies away native his girlfriend, his love is quiet on the ground through her. The imagines that if the aircraft goes down, at least he had discovered love.

19. "I'll paris Away" by Joey+Rory

Knowing around the lift of this talented husband-wife music duo renders this 2016 hymn around flying away upon fatality all the more meaningful. The couple found success together a country music act once they appeared on the CMT talent show, Can girlfriend Duet. They exit eight albums together, yet then come the devastation that 2014.

Within a expectancy of numerous months, their resides were rocked through the discovery that your newborn daughter had actually Down Syndrome, husband Rory's mommy died, and also wife Joey was diagnosed v cervical cancer. Joey died two years later on at period 40. Your last task was a Grammy-winning album the hymns that included a cover of this beautiful tune about dying. It explains flying away one glowing morning really soon come a land where one's pleasure will never ever end.

20. "Amelia" through Joni Mitchell

Amelia Earhart was the trailblazing pilot who became the an initial female aviator to paris solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Mysteriously she perished throughout her 1937 attempt to circumnavigate the globe. In this 1976 people ditty, a mrs traveling solo across the country draws parallels in between her failing romantic relationship and also the fated voyage of the famous pilot:

A ghost of aviationShe was swallowed by the skyOr by the sea, favor me she had actually a dream come flyLike Icarus ascendingOn beautiful foolish armsAmelia, it was simply a false alarm.


“Once you have actually tasted flight, you will forever to walk the planet with her eyes turned skyward, for there you have actually been, and also there friend will always long come return.” - Leonardo da Vinci, Italian polymath

The Pixelman via Pixabay, complimentary Domain

Know a song around aviation or paris that have to be ~ above this playlist? make a suggestion in the Comments section below!

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. "Given to Fly"

Pearl Jam


22. "Learning come Fly"

Tom Petty and also The Heartbreakers


23. "Aviation"

Lana Del Rey


24. "Take Me come the Pilot"

Elton John


25. "Lady Pilot"

Neko Case


26. "Jet Airliner"

Steve müller Band


27. "I believe I have the right to Fly"

R. Kelly


28. "This airplane Don't go There"

Jason Aldean


29. "Aeroplane"

Red hot Chili Peppers


30. "Into the Night"

Benny Mardones


31. "Time for Me to Fly"

REO Speedwagon


32. "Outbound Plane"

Suzy Bogguss


33. "Born come Fly"

Sara Evans


34. "First flight Home"

Jake Miller


35. "Flying there is no Wings"



36. "747"

Lady Antebellum


37. "Wheels Ain't coming Down"



38. "Carry On"

Jake Miller


39. "How it Feels come Fly"

Alicia Keys


40. "Learn come Fly"

Foo Fighters


41. "Punch a feet in the Sky"



42. "The Zephyr Song"

Red warm Chili Peppers


43. "Is This Any way to run an Airline?"

Tom Paxton


44. "Volare"

Dean Martin


45. "Red Staggerwing"

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris


46. "Free come Fly"

Meghan Trainor


47. "Wheels that Steel"



48. "Aces High (Powerslave)"

Iron Maiden


49. "Fly with Me"

Jonas Brothers


50. "I'm Gonna Fly"

Paul Brandt


51. "Death from Above"



52. "Flight"



53. "Rocket Man"

Elton John


54. "99 Luftballoons"



55. "Baggage Claim"

Miranda Lambert


56. "Mighty Wings"

Cheap Trick


57. "Airplane"

Indigo Girls


58. "Fly choose an Eagle"

Steve müller Band


59. "Paper Airplane"

Alison Krauss & Union Station


60. "Up, Up and Away"

The fifth Dimension


61. "Sky Pilot"

Eric Burdon & The Animals


62. "L.A. Worldwide Airport"

Susan Raye


63. "Fly end States"

Jason Aldean


64. "Up and Flying"

Reba McEntire


65. "ME 262"

Blue Öyster Cult


66. "Boeing 707"

Roger Miller


67. "Big Jet Plane"

Angus & Julia Stone


68. "Paper Plane"

Status Quo


69. "Fly Me come the Moon"

Frank Sinatra


70. "Silver Wings"

Merle Haggard


71. "Iron Eagle"

King Kobra


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FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA ~ above June 16, 2020:

Chris Fabian - thanks for this addition!

Chris fabian on June 15, 2020:

iron Eagle through King Cobra?

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on might 14, 2020:

Staci - lengthy live The Hagg

Staci Johnson on may 12, 2020:

The late, good Merle Haggard....Silver Wings

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on march 21, 2020:

Peggy - I'm glad you found some tunes you enjoy. Have actually a an excellent weekend indoors v your family.

Peggy Woods native Houston, Texas on march 21, 2020:

There are many an excellent ones here. "Wind beneath my wings" is a favorite of mine.

Robert Sacchi on February 09, 2020:

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA top top February 09, 2020:

Bob - thanks for that. I hope you're law well!

Robert Sacchi top top February 07, 2020:

Robert Calvert cut an album, "Captain Lockheed and also the Starfighter", It was released in 1974. The album revolved roughly the misfortunes of the F-104 Starfighter.

Robert Sacchi ~ above December 27, 2019:

Yes, the was a funny song, and also a very funny movie.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on December 27, 2019:

Anonymous - many thanks for the suggestion. Happy brand-new Year.

Anonymous top top December 27, 2019:

Those Magnificent males in their Flying makers .Theme song from 1965 movie by that name. Fun tune with melody that sticks in her head.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on December 19, 2019:

Christopher Nowak - give thanks to you for the pointer which was added.

Although open minded Sinatra sang it, BART HOWARD written it.

It to be originally called IN various other WORDS.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA ~ above September 19, 2019:

Graham Dyde - say thanks to you for this tune suggestion which ns am adding. Although I would certainly not have actually thought the it, that's the beauty beauty of leader comments! You're awesome.

Graham Dyde top top September 18, 2019:

May ns suggest paper Plane by status Quo. An English Rock tape that room still actively touring regardless of being started in 1962 ! document Plane got to #8 in the UK charts in November 1972

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on august 25, 2019:

Bob - thank you. Countless of the student in her engineering program are room nerds, for this reason it was appropriate.

Robert Sacchi on august 24, 2019:

That appears a fantastic subject for a tune list.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on august 24, 2019:

Bob - many thanks for the suggestion. I have another small account, the helps the end my daughter's engineering high college (she has graduated now), and it's on the playlist called Songs around Stars, Planets, and Space.

Robert Sacchi on respectable 21, 2019:

Does "Ground manage to significant Tom" by David Bowie right this category?

Robert Sacchi on august 17, 2019:

Yes, part dark humor about aviation.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on august 17, 2019:

Bob - That's some hair-raising stuff watching those videos!

Robert Sacchi on august 16, 2019:

Fun tune, in the very same vane as the one about the busy manage tower, Büchel-Tower being one version.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on august 16, 2019:

Carl - i hadn't heard the one, and the YouTube video clip was half funny and half frightening, not being a pilot myself. Jeepers!

Carl on august 16, 2019:

You forgot "You can constantly go around", that is a true masterpiece! and nice list by the way...

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on respectable 13, 2019:

AudsiAudsi - What a wonderful story! paris is lot safer 보다 driving or cross the street, activities that we do all the time. I'm so glad you overcame her fears and were may be to see the silver- living in the clouds above. Ns hope you have numerous other successful plane flights! thank you for sharing your account and also how that tune registered through you.

AudsiAudsi on august 13, 2019:

This is a an excellent list!!

I’ve just flown once. It was a tiny stormy the day & ns a big chicken, therefore naturally, ns was terrified!!!

As we left the ground, i tried to keep my composure, yet I’m pretty sure the various other passengers could hear me praying.. Haha.

Then the most amazing point happened..

we broke thru the clouds and also it wasn’t rain or stormy or gloomy in ~ all..

The sun was shining!!!

I couldn’t save from crying together all my fear melted right into awe.

For the rest of the flight, ns was to sing the song “Behind The Clouds” native the “Cars” movie soundtrack by Brad Paisley.

I’m not a country music fan, however every time i think the flying, ns think of that song & sometimes when I acquire discouraged, i still think the that flight & the minute I realized the no matter how dark life seems from my perspective, that the sun is tho shining, just behind the clouds.

When you're emotion lonely, lost and let down

Seems favor those dark skies are following you around

And life's just one big shade of gray

You wonder if you'll view the irradiate of day

Behind the clouds, the sunlight is shining

Believe me also though friend can't quite make the out

You might not watch the silver lining

But there's a huge blue sky waiting best behind the clouds

I've heard it stated that this as well shall pass

Good times or negative times, no one lasts

But thinking that her luck won't ever change

Is choose thinking the won't ever stop once it starts to rain

Behind the clouds, the sun is shining

Believe me even though girlfriend can't rather make it out

You might not check out the silver lining

But there's a huge blue skies waiting best behind the clouds

Yeah, there's a big blue skies waiting ideal behind the clouds

Robert Sacchi on respectable 05, 2019:

You're welcome. Her lists would make because that a an excellent database.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on respectable 05, 2019:

Bob - I've make a note of this song for one upcoming playlist the songs around birds. Many thanks for the suggestion!

Robert Sacchi on respectable 03, 2019:

Consider "Una Paloma Blanca" - Jonathan King. Location translates, "The White Dove".

Robert Sacchi on in march 18, 2019:

You too have actually a exorbitant week.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on march 18, 2019:

Bob - give thanks to you for that addition! have a wonderful week!

Robert Sacchi on march 17, 2019:

You're welcome.

There is "Boeing Boeing 707" by roger Miller.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on in march 17, 2019:

Bob - many thanks for these suggestions. I added one and am keeping one more for a associated playlist top top songs around birds. Have a good week ahead!

Robert Sacchi on in march 17, 2019:

Thank you because that that great shout out. Wow! good list, good memories.

"Me 262" by Blue Oyster Cult; it's additionally in the classification of a tune that won't paris today. Pun intended.

"Coming in top top a Wing and also a Prayer" by anne Shelton: ancient one, 1943.

"Una Paloma Blanca" through George Baker: translate into "The White Dove".

Thanks again.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on march 12, 2019:

Shannon - thanks for that addition!

Shannon Henry from Texas on in march 11, 2019:

I was listening come an larger Reba album the various other day and was reminded of one of my favourite songs that hers. The was never released together a single, but I assumed she sings it well sufficient that the should've been. Not certain if it fairly fits here due to the fact that it mentions being "swept up favor a feather in the air," yet it is about getting ago up and flying after ~ a heartbreak.

Reba McEntire - Up and Flying

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on in march 11, 2019:

Devika - many thanks for protecting against by and also leaving a comment.

DDE on march 11, 2019:

A distinct song list. An excellent voices yet I don't remember much of this songs

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on in march 06, 2019:

Peg - You have stories come tell based upon your days as a flight attendant!

Peg Cole from phibìc Dallas, Texas on march 06, 2019:

Right up my alley (or airplane terminal) through this repertoire of paris songs. Listening currently to Old Blue Eyes. His voice is timeless.

I for this reason agree with the amazement of gift in the sky, city hall the clouds soar past, seeing cities prefer miniature models ~ above the ground. It is truly remarkable to fly.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on in march 05, 2019:

Nithya - thanks for her visit! have a wonderful week!

Nithya Venkat native Dubai on in march 04, 2019:

You have compiled a wonderful perform of songs, I like The tune Leaving ~ above a Jet airplane and many others ~ above this list. Give thanks to you for sharing.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on march 03, 2019:

Genna - Here's a huge shout out to her son! among us might have had actually him as our pilot. We appreciate him acquiring us from suggest A come B safely! many thanks for sharing a tiny bit about your family.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on march 03, 2019:

Hi Flourish...

How cool is this hub. My child is a pilot for Southwest, for this reason I'm sending him the link to every the ways flying is in music -- with all of its great metaphors. He will certainly love it. My fav is the Wind in ~ My Wings.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on march 02, 2019:

Jo - I particularly don't like middle seat. Thanks for flying by.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on in march 02, 2019:

Heidi - give thanks to you because that your type kudos. Glad you appreciated this. Hope your weekend is a great one!

Heidi Thorne native Chicago Area on in march 02, 2019:

The Steve miller tunes to be the first ones that pertained to mind because that me! ns think you've obtained every tune I might ever think of. An excellent list, as always. Happy Weekend!

Jo Miller indigenous Tennessee on march 02, 2019:

I love airports. Ns love travel. But I yes, really don't choose the flying. You have a wonderful list here, though.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on march 01, 2019:

Shannon - That's a good add! give thanks to you!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on in march 01, 2019:

Bill - What a exorbitant career because that someone who loves come travel. Ns bet you obtain a deal on airline tickets. Many thanks for commenting and also have a good weekend.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on march 01, 2019:

Kaili - many thanks for the suggestions! have actually a good weekend!

Shannon Henry native Texas top top February 28, 2019:

So I'm simply sitting below at the computer system going through email. There's a notice that you had actually a discuss this hub. More than likely would have actually passed the over due to the fact that I commented a few days earlier and you currently answered. But then that hit me out of the blue - Jason Aldean has a song referred to as "Fly end States" and I assumed you may want to add it to her list.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA top top February 28, 2019:

Pamela - I've never obtained drunk top top a plane, however there to be a funny instance with my husband and I when we to be flying back from Europe. The trip attendant had actually a an extremely thick brother accent and also asked, "Do you want a liqueur at all?" Well, i thought even after she repetitive it the she request me if I wanted a "le cure-it-all" and I thought, well, sure. I believed it was some unique remedy for headaches, fear of flying, or jet lag prevention. Ns guess in a means it is. I finished up pass on the liquor.

Thanks for both of her comments! I'm just slow come respond as result of a few things walking on ideal now.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA ~ above February 28, 2019:

Linda - I'm glad you well-known some songs on this list. Many thanks for commenting. Ns hope you're remaining warm sufficient up in Canada.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA ~ above February 28, 2019:

Pam, I'm a small slow acquiring to some comments. A flood of them come in every at once and I've acquired a lot going on taking treatment of two sick cat (one being a recovering cancer kitty that is bouncing ago from his 2nd surgery recently). Thanks for your faithful readership! have actually a wonderful weekend!

Bill De Giulio native Massachusetts top top February 28, 2019:

Hi Flourish. What a an excellent list and also one that is right up my alley. Ns love flying and also have functioned in the Aerospace industry for end 35 years. There room some great tunes ~ above the list. Good job, have actually a wonderful day.

Kaili Bisson native Canada on February 28, 2019:

"99 Luftballons", "This flight Tonight" i m sorry is likewise by Joni (I am currently writing a backstory on it) and also not sure if this qualifies or not "L.A. Global Airport"

Pamela Oglesby from sunny Florida top top February 28, 2019:

Hi Flouish, I have to be losing my mind together I can swear ns made a comment yesterday, yet I don't view it. I really favor these songs around flying. Ns think your information around the song is exciting as well.

I prefer to hear Dierks Bently sing, return I perform not desire to gain drunk on a plane! i remember Peter, Paul and Mary and also Joni Mitchell, as I remember them from mine young years.

Linda Crampton indigenous British Columbia, Canada on February 27, 2019:

The Peter, Paul, and also Mary song and the Snoopy one brought back memories to me. I appreciated thinking about them and also reading the information about all the songs that you chose.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 27, 2019:

Audrey - i feel precisely the same method about R. Kelly and also that song. It's one of my favorites, but with all he's allegedly done, ns couldn't justify profiling the tune prominently. I've struggled with whether I need to go back to other playlists that currently have the prominently featured and downplay it. However then i wonder around Michael Jackson and also others. It's difficult to know. Many thanks for bring that up!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA top top February 27, 2019:

Dora - Amelia Earhart to be a genuine pioneer. I wish us knew what taken place to her and her navigator in their final and fatal flight.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on February 27, 2019:

Liz - I'm happy you delighted in this. Thanks for preventing by!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on February 27, 2019:

Kaili - He has actually a good reason to have actually a phobia! I understand of some people who won't fly on company trips all over the country. Instead they drive. I choose that you and husband have a sense of humor and torture yourselves through movies. Many thanks for sharing.

Pamela Oglesby from clear Florida ~ above February 27, 2019:

Flourish, i am constantly amazed at the number of songs you uncover on any type of given topics. I like Dierks Bently, and also Peter, Paul and Mary I thought were good back in the day. There are so many great songs in her list.

You constantly write an write-up that is so exciting to hear to and read.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA ~ above February 27, 2019:

Bill - give thanks to you for the mighty perky balloon paris song and the various other one, too. I've added both. Means to go! have a great week. Hope you're act well and life is dealing with you right.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA ~ above February 27, 2019:

Shannon - thank you for the suggestion. I've added it to the playlist. Have a good week.

Audrey Hunt indigenous Pahrump NV on February 27, 2019:

"On the wing of Love" ... Only Jefferey Osborne have the right to breathe life and truth into these lyrics. The modulation in the last section adds energy and confirmation come the in its entirety message. Your comments about this tune made me chuckle. How true, exactly how true!

You've listed a marvelous perform of songs about aviation and also flying. "I think I deserve to Fly" is among my all time favorites i beg your pardon I encompass in many of mine performances. However, since all the bad publicity about R. Kelly, ns won't be including it...but I'll still sing this "feel good" track in the privacy of my home. :)

Dora Weithers native The Caribbean on February 27, 2019:

Great stories, all of them. Ns remember the Peter, Paul and Mary Song; and also the lyrics of wing Beneath my Feet have come in handy so numerous times : because that friends, for relatives living and dead. Kudos to Amelia Earhart!

Liz Westwood from UK ~ above February 27, 2019:

This is a great selection the songs. In the UK 'Come fly with me' was used as the theme song for a documentary collection about a low price airline.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA top top February 27, 2019:

Clive - Don't fly also close to the sun like Icarus!

Kaili Bisson from Canada on February 27, 2019:

Another good list! my husband was associated in a "fly-by" years ago, and is terribly afraid of flying. That watches "Mayday" come torture himself, i beg your pardon is OK as I execute the very same thing to myself when "Shark Week" is on.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA ~ above February 27, 2019:

Denise - thanks for stopping by! It's a beloved song, complete of gratitude. Have actually a an excellent rest of your week.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA ~ above February 27, 2019:

Mary - That's sad about your friend's husband. Give thanks to you because that sharing your recent flight experience. Some human being are an extremely nervous about flying. In the early on 1970s, my parental were connected in a near-miss as soon as they travel alone together on a rare holidays alone come Florida. My siblings and also I were all under 4 year old at the time.

Denise McGill native Fresno CA ~ above February 27, 2019:

Wow, i don't think i realized how numerous songs talk of flying. I think perhaps we grounded civilization have a fascination with flight. My absolute favorite is Bette Midler's "Wind in ~ My Wings". Ns still obtain chills once I hear her song that song.

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Clive Williams native Jamaica on February 27, 2019:

Nice list...but ns don't get high top top planes. Ns fly v the wait on weed

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada ~ above February 27, 2019:

I offered to hear to airplane by Peter, Paul and Mary. I just had actually a wonderful trip from the UK to Tampa and also enjoyed the so much. The aircraft was only half full so there was sufficient space. There was not lot turbulence either. I just never had actually a fear of flying yet a friend shed her husband, a pilot, ~ above a flying exhibition so as soon as I review this, some words are simply so sad.

Bill Holland indigenous Olympia, WA ~ above February 27, 2019:

I ultimately thought the a pair you didn't, unless I to let go them....Up, Up and Away in mine Beautiful Balloon......and sky Pilot. This can be a very first for me. :)

Shannon Henry indigenous Texas on February 27, 2019:

Interesting playlist topic this morning. Go "Paper Airplane" by Alison Krauss and Union station count?