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Solve by Graphing: 2x +2y = -8, y= 2x + 2 0 votes

Solve by Graphing:2x +2y = -8y= 2x + 2

system-of-equations-by-graphingaskedDec 4, 2013in ALGEBRA 1by rockstarApprentice
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Given equations space 2x+2y = -8

Subtract 2x from each side.

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2x-2x+2y = -2x-8

Divide to each side by 2.

2y/2 = -2x/2-8/2

y = -x-4

And y = 2x+2

To find coordinate pair instead of x = 0,1,-1 in above equations,

The the point out of an initial equation would certainly be (0,-4),(1,-5),(-1,-3)

Points of second equation would be (0,2),(1,4),(-1,0)

Graph of over equations

Draw the coordinate plane.

Plot the over points.

Connect the above points.

Then the formed lines indicating above equations.


Observe the graph the 2 lines are intersecting at (-2,-2).

Solution that the provided system is x = -2, y = -2.

answeredDec 26, 2013by davidExpert please log in or it is registered to add a comment. 0 votes

The device of equations room 2x + 2y = - 8 and also y = 2x + 2.

Write the equations in steep - intercept form : y = mx + b, where m is slope and b is y - intercept.

The very first equation is 2x + 2y = - 8.

x + y = - 4

y = - x - 4.

Compare the equation with slope - intercept type : y = mx + b.

slope = - 1 and also y - intercept is - 4.

y - intercept is - 4, so the line crosses the y - axis at (0, - 4).

Using slope find the following point.

Slope = rise/run = - 1/1

Start at allude (0, - 4), relocate 1 unit down and 1 unit right, climate plot the point (1, - 5).

The second linear equation is y = 2x + 2.

It is already in steep - intercept form.

Compare the equation v slope - intercept kind : y = mx + b.

slope = 2 and y - intercept is 2.

y - intercept is 2, therefore the line crosses the y - axis in ~ (0, 2)

Using slope uncover the following point.

Slope = rise/run = 2/1

Start at point (0, 2), relocate 2 systems up and 1 unit right, climate plot the allude (1, 4).

Draw the lines v these points.

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Graph :


Observe the graph, the equipment of the device (x, y ) = (- 2, - 2).

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