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Snow blower problem? We have actually the solution. Just as her motor car needs continuous maintenance and also upkeep, so does your snow blower. Occasionally your snow blower will have an issue that a pre-snow tune-up or end-of-season repair won’t fix. It’s regular for your maker to have a hiccup every now and again. There may be times whereby multiple concerns prevent your eye blower native functioning correctly.

Snow Blower problem #1 – snow Blower not Starting

Defective spark plug. check your spark plug for any kind of deposits, crack or other damage. If you have a spark tester, use it to watch if the spark plug is working properly. You should see a strong spark if your spark plug is okay. If the spark plug is damaged or not acquiring a sufficient spark, it’s possible you should replace the spark plug or friend may additionally have a bad ignition coil.

Old fuel. Make sure there is no old fuel relaxing in your eye blower. If there is any kind of old fuel drainpipe it by disconnecting the fuel line between the fuel tank and carburetor. The gas indigenous the fuel tank deserve to then be drained right into a drain pan and properly disposed. Any residual fuel in the carburetor should be drained by removed the carburetor bowl. Clean the bowl and also replace the key gasket.

Clogged carburetor. A clogged carburetor is normally the an outcome of leaving fuel in your snow blower for an extended duration of time. Old fuel resting in your snow blower have the right to also an outcome in fuel evaporation, which may leave behind a thick, sticky substance. That difficult fuel have the right to clog the carburetor and prevent the engine native starting. If your carburetor is clogged, clean it through carburetor cleaner. However if that is ineffective, you’ll should rebuild or, in part cases, change the whole carburetor.

Snow Blower trouble #2 – not Blowing Snow

Build-up of snow. A accumulation of snow in the discharge chute is a typical snow blower problem. Snow build-up can avoid snow indigenous blowing, so shut turn off your snow blower and also clear any kind of snow buildup in the chute. If the chute is clear, check the augers and also auger drive device for problems.

Defective impeller. Your snow blower’s impeller propels snow with the chute. If the impeller is damaged or jammed the eye blower won’t blow the snow. If her impeller is broken, replace it.

Worn scraper bar or paddles. This problem is usual among single stage eye blowers. A worn coffee bar no longer clears snow and it go before. If this is the situation with your eye blower that time to change your scraper bar. If snow is going in and also coming ago out of your machine, it’s time to change the paddles. Your snow blower paddles have actually wear indicator holes on them, making it simple to keep track of your wear. Look in ~ the wear indicator holes, and when the rubber paddles space worn come the holes it is time to replace the paddles. Inspect the coffee bar for wear at this time. Paddles and scraper bars usually wear at the same price so acquire in the habit of replacing both in ~ the same time.

Snow Blower problem #3 – Auger not Turning

Broken shear pen or bolt. The shear pin and also bolt fasten the augers to your drive shaft. They’re designed to rest if your eye blower’s auger access time a huge rock or chunk of ice to defend the engine indigenous damage. If the shear pen or bolt breaks, the auger is unable to turn. Check to watch if the pin or bolt is broken. If so, change it.

Defective cogged or V-belt. The cogged belt or V-belt do the connection between the engine and also gearbox. If either belt is damaged or broken your snow blower’s auger won’t turn. Check each belt for wear and also tear, and also if that is damaged or worn the end it must be replaced.

Damaged auger cable. If the auger cable top top your eye blower is broken, the auger won’t turn. Check the auger cable; if it’s broken replace it.

Broken auger blades. check the auger blades on your eye blower. If the knives are bending or damaged, change them. If the auger assembly is worn, change the whole thing.

Snow Blower trouble #4 – Leaking Gas

Dried the end or missing carburetor gasket. If fuel is leaking native the bottom of the carburetor, the carburetor gasket may be dried out or missing. Try replacing the carburetor gasket. Another result of fuel leaking indigenous the bottom of the carburetor is a dried out or absent carburetor bowl gasket. If that’s the case, change the carburetor key gasket.

Damaged fuel filter. To resolve this eye blower problem, check the relationships to the fuel filter and also the filter housing. If that is cracked don’t shot to deal with it. Instead, replace it completely. If any fuel lines are cracked, change them as well. Additionally, inspect the fuel pump. Make sure the fuel lines and pulse line are tightly ~ above the fuel pump, and check for cracks in the fuel pump.

Snow Blower problem #5 – Wheels not Turning

Replace wheel. inspect the wheels of your snow blower prior to each use. If friend spot a flat tire, fix or change it. If the wheel pickled in salt is damage, you have to replace it together well.

Defective cogged or V-belt. The cogged belt and V-belt make the connection in between the engine and gearbox. If one of two people belt is damaged or damaged your snow blower’s wheels won’t turn. Examine each belt for wear and tear, and if it is broken or worn out it need to be replaced.

Defective journey disk. The journey disk has a rubber external layer the grips and turns the journey plate. If this journey disk is worn or greasy it will slip and also the journey plate i will not ~ turn. Together a result, your snow blower wheels i will not ~ turn. Clean the journey disk if that is wet or greasy, but if the worn out change it.

Broken cable control. Make sure that the control cable top top your eye blower is not broken. Do sure the cable moves freely; if not apply a little amount that oil come the cable. If lubricating is ineffective, change the manage cable.

If you space unable to solve your eye blower difficulties or just aren’t a DIY person, lug your machine to us and also we’ll take treatment of the crucial maintenance and repairs. Our experts know that good service and regular maintenance are key to long-lasting equipment. They administer the best service to keep your eye blower running prefer new.

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