How do I find the serial number on a version 66-1 smith and also Wesson .357, and also how perform I operation a examine on it for stolen gun and ballistic check?

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Guest wrote:

How do I uncover the serial number top top a design 66-1 smith and also Wesson .357

Look ~ above the bottom the the grip frame. The should have actually two or 3 digits followed by the letter K and also then more digits. Girlfriend may have to remove the share to check out it, if they space oversize target stocks.

and how do I run a check on it because that stolen gun

Well, girlfriend can"t really. This "run the serial number" stuff is mostly made-up TV movie malarkey. Law enforcement agencies can get into a nationwide database of crime statistics, yet ordinary citizen can"t. Moreover, finding the "registered owner" (like they carry out on CSI) just exists in a couple of jurisdictions and also cannot be done on a national basis, say thanks to God! you can inspect with your local Sheriff"s office to view if they have actually a document of the gun being stolen or positively identified as one provided in a crime, but the chances are slim the will revolve anything up.

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There are, apparently, a pair sites ~ above line that purport come clear guns of being stolen. The is anyone"s guess whether these checks room accurate.