My husband & I are planning to drive from Florida come Colorado next month. So much we setup to protect against in NOLA, Dallas, Santa Fe and then Denver. We'll continue to be several work in each area.

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Return pilgrimage is quiet a little sketchy. We assumed Denver, Kansas, MO, Memphis, Atlanta area and then FL. On the advice of Peach Belle we want to prevent in Kansas and also MO to view the Eisenhower & Truman Libraries.

Any suggestions?




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Could add St. Louis.

After Memphis head to Tupelo and on come Birmingham and also Atlanta.

Ot execute Memphis, Vicksburg, out i 20 come Atlanta. Vicksburg is an excellent for civil War.

you could do Denver-KC-ST Louis-Nashville-Atlanta as one more option.

In Nashville you have actually Andrew Jackson sites.


Thanks so much for your suggestions on our road expedition from Daytona beach to Denver. We actually did follow her advice. Stop on the means out had NOLA, Dallas, TX and also Santa Fe. On the return course we went to Independence, MO, Memphis, TN and Asheville, NC.

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Great times!

Thanks again,

Mary W.

My husband and I are making a similar trip. We space driving indigenous West Palm beach >NOLA>Dallas>Santa Fe>Denver. We'll remain 3-5 nights in every state. However, we require the quickest and also easiest route back to Florida from Denver and also I'm at a loss. What is our finest option? We'd favor to stop only two nights top top the method home. Any kind of advice?