I am married man, age 32 yrs, v two childrens. Ns love to my 16 yrs old sisters in law and she is additionally love me an extremely much. We room planning come go marital relationship after she geting 18 yrs. Have the right to i marry to she while ns m a Govt. Employee? I want live v my existing wife & sister in law. Mine wife have no objection from this. She gave me permission for marry with her sister. Is this possible? suggest me any type of law or rule?


technically the marital relationship will be illegal.

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but if someone is to thing to this marital relationship or bigamy, it will certainly be your wife....and as per the situation at your end there is no such objection....so enjoy.

your second marriage might not it is in registered or registrable however still girlfriend can continue with the knot

there are a lot many examples, in India, of bigamous marriages....

Sir, allow me do correction please. You cannot marry for a second time wherein the very first marriage subsists, if you are a Govt servant.

great,you room 32 and planning to marry your sister in legislation of 16 years and your wife agreeing to it.

i pity her wife. I am sorry to state so as it is a legit forum and nobody ask the morality of the same.

why i can't second marriage, if i & mine wife, mine sister in law, all room agree. Actually I want live with my sisters in law and also as well together my wife, yet my father in law can't agree that she is living through us. So i am walk to plan for a marital relationship with her. She is agreed at all level but she can't live there is no me? bydwae The God any type of God or king in indian hindu history, there is one or an ext wife is lived through them. Climate why am I? The GOD balaji, Vishnu, Shiv etc all lived through two wife. They room all hindu. So, please suggest me any method of marital relationship with her. If she plan sucide than how have the right to I manage my life or my wife? please imply me any type of option.

Kiran Kumar(Lawyer) 04 April 2010

arey kar lo marriage, that stops u?

unless and until ur very first wife objects come it there should not be any trouble.

who will have the ability to prove the you have actually married twice?

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leekuanm Beniwal(Business Analyst) 04 April 2010

sorry sir, u r angry,

but please recognize my feelings. If is there space 01% possibility too in indian law/acts. Climate pl' tell me, Iwill marry according through that acts/law.

sir please.

Suryanarayana Tangirala(Advocate) 04 April 2010

Suchitra u median to say can a exclusive Emplyoee/Businessman get married again throughout subsistence of very first marriage?

Dear Lee kuan mainwal,

Dont shot to end up being lord Shiva!!!! that is avoiding u come marry through the way only ur father-in-law?u can regulate life native Jail or u can as well become mr Lee after ~ marrying two favor Lord Shiva or u can as well plan for even after life if u r sis-in-law commits suicide and also leaves a self-destruction note.

Suchitra. S(Advocate) 04 April 2010

Suryanarayana Sir, i was introduce to The main Civil solutions (conduct) rules , 1964. I know bigamy is one offence. And the only human who can sue the husband is his an initial wife.

Parthasarathi Loganathan(Advocate) 04 April 2010

Get married for the second time and prepared to loose your job as every conduct rule prescribed by central Govt for the plot of bigamy. Selection is yours.


u gain married come her yet take few precautions

call ur mam to attend that marriage

take full video clip n picture coverage that your wife was current in marriage

if possible get a writtent consent from her for her s4econd marraige stating the she cannot fulfil matrimonial obligations an additional to spirituality / physics issues.

only her wife has actually a right to document case aginst u.

dont go into her (SIL ) surname in any kind of register together your wife

TRY not to give an6y evidence of marital relationship to anyone consisting of ur wives

if poosible marry in presence of your wife only so no angry is there

morale of the story u i do not know marry her legally, but you have the right to marry her uneven someone has proof to prove her as your wife.

this simply an opinion legally, for moral and emotional opinion u will certainly seee some replies come this article in at some time :)

mahendrakumar(marketing) 05 April 2010

lee carry out you contact it love?what is the surname of feeling you are having actually towards your wife?common man,identify the genuine feeling. You have a s*xual infatuation to the young sisters in law.thats all.

If her wife want to have one more one together husband,as you desire,will you agree to it?

CS Pooja (Company Secretary) 05 April 2010

Mr. Mainwal,

Let me not be a judge, however only a guide to your query.

If you desire to it is in legally correct, I indicate you come divorce your wife, and also then marry your Sister in law. In this way, you deserve to stay through both of these ladies. Legislation doesnt protect against your divorced mam from staying with you.

Members, pl correct, if i am wrong.

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manish singh(HR Executive) 05 April 2010

Bigamy is an offence under IPC therefore don't carry out it, make it justification in the eye of law and Divorce must be your 1st step after the you can marry when again.

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