S7 · E2 · What space You ready to Lose

21 Sep 2009

While recording her brand-new album, Haley must work to conserve Red... More

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S7 · E3 · hold My Hand as I'm Lowered

28 Sep 2009

While Clay and also Nathan room at odds over how to handle the... More

S7 · E4 · think Me, I'm Lying

5 Oct 2009

Nathan’s (James Lafferty) scandal i do not care public. Brooke’s... More

S7 · E5 · your Cheatin' Heart

12 Oct 2009

Haley (Bethany happiness Galeotti) is thrust into the spotlight... More

S7 · E6 · Deep Ocean vast Sea

19 Oct 2009

Haley (Bethany happiness Galeotti) considers acquisition matters into... More

S7 · E7 · I and Love and You

26 Oct 2009

Dan bring Renee ~ above his tv show, leaving Nathan... More

S7 · E8 · (I Just) died In her Arms

2 Nov 2009

Julian agrees come a weekend camping trip yet struggles come fit... More

S7 · E9 · currently You Lift your Eyes to the Sun

9 Nov 2009

Haley return to the stage and also Brooke receives life-changing... More

S7 · E10 · You space A Runner and also I to be My Father's Son

16 Nov 2009

Nathan get the breaking suggest with Clay, leading to a rift... More

S7 · E11 · You understand I Love You, Don't You

30 Nov 2009

Nathan and also Haley’s careers bring about a tough decision for... More

S7 · E12 · Some roadways Lead Nowhere

7 Dec 2009

As Nathan and also Haley prepare because that the family’s relocate to... More

S7 · E13 · Weeks walk By like Days

18 jan 2010

The Scott family joins Haley on the critical leg of her tour,... More

S7 · E15 · Don't friend Forget about Me

1 Feb 2010

In the chaos neighboring an 80's alumni dance at the high... More

S7 · E16 · my Attendance Is poor But my Intentions space Good

8 Feb 2010

Brooke and also Julian try to uncover a balance between their... More

S7 · E17 · at The Bottom the Everything

15 Feb 2010

Nathan tries to help Haley and Jamie face Lydia's... More

S7 · E18 · The last Day of our Acquaintance

22 Feb 2010

As Brooke angrily deals with Alexs tryst v Julian, Lydias... More

S7 · E19 · Every picture Tells a Story

26 Apr 2010

On the night of Quinn’s large gallery opening, an uninvited... More

S7 · E20 · finding out To Fall

3 may 2010

Nathan and Haley struggle with the consequences of her mother's... More

S7 · E21 · What's In The soil Belongs to You

10 might 2010

Nathanstruggles to reach an significantly despondent Haley,... More

S7 · E22 · almost Everything i Wish I'd claimed the critical Time I experienced You

17 may 2010

Haley tries to overcome her depression by authorized Nathan,... More

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S7 · E20 · discovering To FallDoes anyone recognize the surname of the track that plays as soon as Mouth go to speak to Skillz in ~ his... More


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