At this website, you may find a manual for most Kenmore sewing machines. Why must you pay $8 or an ext for something you have the right to download for free!

Here is just how to acquire one:

Once friend click it, you will certainly see: “Find owner Manuals”.Enter the Kenmore sewing devices model number in the find box. The model number is ~ above the metal nomenclature key which might be found under the sewing machine. If her sewing maker is a model 1751, the plate may read 158.17511; go into the entire number in the search box to find for her manual, including the dot. You re welcome NOTE: sometimes you may have to omit the critical digit ~ above the version number to obtain results.

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If a manual is available, you will certainly see connect in the search outcomes that speak “Get Manual”, click it.Give it a few seconds, and a hand-operated should appear, you will also see “Click below to download” or save and also print symbols right over the manual: (see arrows on adhering to image below) click on among those to save a copy of the hands-on to your desktop computer or other file.

Some manuals are really long, 30 pages + and also that is because one manual have the right to be offered for numerous sewing machines with comparable features. The manual is conserved as a PDF therefore you might print only the pages friend need.

Hope you uncover the hand-operated you need! ♥

Thanks for the link!!! ns was walk crazy trying to find a manual for a 158.842. You a life saver!! =)

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Dear reader – PLEASE keep in mind – I perform not provide complimentary sewing an equipment manuals.

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If you require a manual for a vintage sewing machine, please click Vintage Sewing maker Manuals at the optimal of mine blog. If you have actually a sewing an equipment manual that you would choose to re-superstructure with various other Stitch Nerd readers, I will happily distribute it for you offline, because that free. Also, I perform not know exactly how much your sewing maker is worth. All I can advise is that if you space looking come sell, list it because that the minimum amount you space willing come accept.If you leave a comment or question, you might receive a delayed an answer as ns am currently extremely liven with various other projects.Thank you because that understanding.
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