I"m interested in opinions, learned or otherwise, top top the real-life worth of a Savage 24V in .222 Remington over 20 gauge. I view what they"re asking on the web, but actual sale prices space what I"m spring for. It"s a used gun, some scratches on the stock but both bores room perfect. 3X9 Bushnell scope placed on it. I have actually a friend who wants to purchase it, yet I"ve own it so lengthy I don"t also remember what ns paid because that it.

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The 222 cal. Was introduced in 1967 pretty cal. The action was changed to under lever opening in prior of trigger guard in 1980. The 24v to be mfg. 1967 come 1989. Simply some lift on this Savage. From mine 2012 Blue book the Sav. Alone at 100% is $500 hope this helps.


.222 is a weird vibe with people. Part see it as a dying caliber, but some love it. 

Does the say series ? after the 24V on the gun?

On Gunbroker looks choose $460 come $550 Is the selection of recent sales ( actually offered units). Some with and some without scopes. Condition varried, however most were pretty great looking.

I have a pair 30-30 over 20ga units and also a Stevens. 22/.410. I want a .357 over 12ga. Fat possibility I can afford that. 24"s are good guns. If you space interested in reading an ext about the history, this is a good site. 


My brother had actually one years ago that was a .22 over 20 gauge. Ns would prefer a .357 or 12 gauge too. Sounds favor an awesome setup.

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Rifle is SPF offered for $500. The is a C series, and also my research study says the it was made in the late "70"s, I"ve owned it about 35 years.

Thanks for all the help!

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 I"m not a Savage 24 expert, however have been researching them for a couple of years and do own a few. I have a Savage 24V in .222/20 gauge, and a couple of other caliber/gauge combinations, consisting of one that the elusive 24C Camper"s Companion models. The price are all over the web page on the Savage 24s. Part think castle scarcer than hen"s teeth and therefore must be worth a king"s ransom. I have actually them in the complying with rifle calibers: .22LR, .22Mag., .22 Hornet, .222, .30-30, .357Mag. In few of these I have actually multiples that the very same caliber. Top top the bottom (shotgun) barrels, i only have actually .410 & 20 gauge. Prefer I said, I"m no expert, but in these guns, one needs to physically research each gun to recognize it"s fair industry value. The condition of the gun deserve to swing the value quite a bit. To show you the wide variety of prices on these guns, I"ve payment in a range of $75.00 come $550.00 over the critical 10 to 15 years. The price is also affected considerably by the caliber of the rifle barrel. The .357 Mag and also .22 Hornet are really near the top. There appears to be more .222s ~ above the total Broker website than any other caliber. Sometimes, the total Broker prices room a bit higher than the "local" market. Few of the .222s have been "re-chambered" come .223 caliber, and also some the the .22 hornets have actually been re-chambered come .22 K-Hornet. Unmodified Savage 24s bring much more than modified ones. The typical faults that apply to any type of other gun additionally apply come the Savage 24...rust, pitting, worn bluing, original furniture and finish, and cracks or splits in the furniture. Uneven your total is in among the extremes of great or bad, I"d say it would more than likely fit right into the variety of $350 - $450. That"s just my "opinion"...and us all understand what castle say about opinions! This has actually been lengthy, but I hope it helps. No one desires to pay also much, and no one desires to offer a gun as well cheap. If both parties are happy...it"s a an excellent deal. IMHO