Saltwater is composed of salt and also water. Saltwater or saline water is extensively found in the seas, oceans, and some lagoons. The salinity the seawater is about 35,000 ppm.

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Many students doubt if saltwater is a compound. In this blog, let me clean all her doubts and explain come you what precisely is saltwater.

So, is saltwater a compound? No, salt water is not a compound, quite it is a homogeneous mixture of salt Chloride ions and also water. Come be much more precise, us can speak to it to be a solution. As soon as salt is included to water and also mixed, no new compound is formed. Salt chloride splits up right into its constituent ions ie, Na+ and Cl-.

They room then surrounded by water molecules. As soon as this wake up salt is said to be liquified in water and a homogeneous salt equipment results.

Now, permit me define to friend the principle of dissolution and also mixtures. Prior to that, us will comment on atoms, molecules, and compounds which room the most fundamental aspects of chemistry.

Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds

An atom is the structure block of all the matter that exists in the universe. That is the the smallest unit right into which matter can be separation without releasing charged particles.

It’s additionally the smallest unit of matter which has the same features as a chemistry element. As a result, the atom is the fundamental unit of chemistry.


Atoms combine to kind molecules. A molecule is a team of two or more atoms that are chemically bonded.

Classification the Matter

All matter uncovered in the Universe deserve to be classified right into three categories. Lock are:


Let me define each of these in information with their properties.



An aspect consists of atoms of the exact same atomic number. It way that every the atom in an aspect have the same variety of protons in your nucleus.

An aspect cannot be further break-up into simpler molecules by chemical means.

For example; Oxygen, Nitrogen


Compounds can be defined as the product obtained by the chemical combination of 2 or more elements in a definite proportion by mass.

There are two kinds of compounds:

Molecular compoundsSalts.

Covalent binding are provided to hold the atoms with each other in molecule molecules. In the situation of salts, castle are held by ionic bonding.

All chemical compounds can be denoted utilizing a chemical formula. Few of the usual chemical compounds along with their chemistry formula are listed below:

Table Salt – NaClWater – H2OAlcohol – C2H5OHGlucose – C6H12O6Copper Sulphate – CuSO4Potassium Chloride – KCl

Can you determine which that the above-mentioned compounds space salts and molecular compound respectively? Just provide it a try.

All compounds follow the law of definite Proportions. Let’s check out what the law says.

Law of definite Proportions

The legislation of definite proportion likewise called Proust’s law, or the regulation of continuous composition states that “a given chemical compound constantly contains its component aspects in a fixed proportion by mass and also does not count on its method of preparation and source.”

Let me define this law with the help of water. Water is a compound formed from 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom.

The molecular mass of water is 18g out of i beg your pardon oxygen accounts for the 16g and hydrogen because that the staying 2g. It can be checked out that hydrogen and also oxygen linked in a fixed proportion of 2:1.


Water deserve to be developed only if 2 hydrogen atoms combine with 1 oxygen atom. Instead of 1 atom, if the combines v two oxygen atoms, we get a different compound dubbed hydrogen peroxide or H2O2.

Even if us take water from different sources, that would have the very same molecular mass v 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.

When aspects combine to kind compounds, they shed their separation, personal, instance properties and the newly created compound has actually properties entirely different from its ingredient elements.

Let me fancy this declare with an example for your better understanding.

Oxygen is an facet that is essential for combustion. Hydrogen is an aspect that is extremely flammable. It has the highest possible value on the flammability scale. That is additionally used together fuel.

Surprisingly, the compound developed from oxygen and also hydrogen, that is water, extinguishes fire. The doesn’t support combustion at all.

I expect it is clear from this instance that compounds are entirely various in behavior from the facets it is formed.


When two or much more chemicals integrate without experience a chemistry change, the product derived is a mixture.

The facets or substances the mix to form a mixture retain their individual properties since there is no chemistry combination.

Chemical ingredients such as elements and compounds are mechanically blended or combined to produce mixtures.

Examples of mixtures encompass seawater, saltwater, ink, air, etc.

Properties the a Mixture

The complying with is a perform of properties of a mixture:

Each of the materials of a mixture retains its original qualities.The proportions that the contents of a mixture space not fixed.Even though over there is no chemistry bonding in between the two or much more combined materials in a mixture, they can still exist together.The quantities of the substances in a mixture can adjust at any kind of time.The mixture’s properties are established by that is constituents.Physical procedures can be used to separate the mixture’s ingredients.The boiling point and melting point of a mixture are identified by the constituents’ properties.There is no energy adjust during the manufacturing of a mixture.Mixtures have the right to be made up of any type of state of matter (solid, liquid, or gas).

Types of Mixtures

A mixture deserve to be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Homogeneous Mixtures – The mixture which have actually uniform properties along their entire mass are called homogeneous mixtures.

Heterogeneous Mixtures – The mixture which have actually varying properties follow me their whole mass are called heterogeneous mixtures.

What is a Solution?

A systems is a special form of homogeneous mixture in i m sorry a substance referred to as solute is liquified in another substance referred to as a solvent.

Based on even if it is the solvent is water or some various other substance solution deserve to be classified into:

Aqueous Solutions

If a solute is dissolved in water to kind a solution, it is described as an aqueous solution.

Eg: street solution, salt in water

Non-aqueous solutions

In a non-aqueous solution, the solute is liquified in any other kind of solvent except water. The solvent have the right to be ether, hexane, oil, etc.

Properties of Solutions

A solution continues to be as a stable phase.The solute corpuscle in a solution space invisible come the naked person eye.The solute particles have the right to be separated making use of physical processes favor evaporation yet they can not be be separate by filtration.

Why salt water is a mixture, no a compound?

Saltwater is a homogeneous solution making up of two various compounds namely salt chloride and also water. Uneven a compound that has solid chemical bonds, there is no chemistry bonding between water and also salt molecules in saltwater.

Salt deserve to be separated native saltwater by evaporating the water. Only mixtures can be be separate by physical means. The salt particles in salt water can not be seen with naked eyes.

In a compound, the properties of constituent atoms space lost. In the instance of saltwater, that is not so. The salt still has actually its braided taste and water stays in a liquid state itself.

Also, saltwater take away from various sources can have different concentrations the salt. There is no formation of a brand-new pure problem on dissolution.

All this are possible only since salt water is a mixture and also not a compound.

Dissolution of Salt

All the salts are ionic compounds. They have an ionic bond created via the deliver of electrons. Chloride and sodium ions have actually an electrical charge—the chloride ion has a an adverse charge, vice versa, the salt ion has a optimistic charge.


Similarly, a water molecule has actually an ionic nature, as result of the partial dues on the atoms. You re welcome remember the the shortcut in a water molecule is covalent.

You can inspect our write-up on covalent bonding in water.

The negatively charged chloride ions entice the positively charged component of water molecules, and the positively charged salt ions entice the negatively charged part of water molecules.

Since the water’s covalent bonds room stronger than the salt molecules’ ionic bonds, water can pull apart the Na+ and also Cl- ions. The ionic link that hold the sodium and also chloride ions together is broken.

The sodium and chloride atoms gain surrounded by the water molecules. ~ this, salt is dissolved, which results in a salt solution or salt water.

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Saltwater is not a compound but a mixture. In this article, we have actually seen the category of matter and also its properties in detail. We also saw what properties make salt water a mixture. In case of any type of queries you re welcome ask in the comments section. We will shot to answer at the earliest.