Naruto: 10 Questions around Sakura, answered Sakura Haruno made up one 3rd of Team 7 in the Naruto franchise for years, however fans still have actually questions around her.

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when Naruto got popularity as a manga and also anime series, the focus was mostly on the location character and his cohorts top top Team 7. That expected Sasuke Uchiha and also Sakura Haruno shared many of the spotlight v him. While the 2 young men were lover by fans, Sakura’s road was a little bit bumpier.

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Some fans disliked the she showed up to to fill the slot the “love interest” because that both Sasuke and also Naruto, developing the leading love triangle for the franchise while also leaving some things about her unanswered. End time, Sakura showed herself a qualified shinobi, and learned the skills needed to become a medical ninja. Now, right here are 10 questions around her, lastly answered.

Sakura, like many of Naruto’s Academy classmates, appeared in the very an initial episode that the series. A lot of the personalities that showed up in that illustration (Sakura included) in reality didn’t show up in the first chapter of the manga.

Instead, Sakura’s an initial appearance ~ above the page, remained in Naruto’s an initial volume however in chapter three, titled Sasuke Uchiha! The chapter, lot like the early on episodes the the anime, connected the Academy students gift assigned their three-man squads. Sakura wound up v Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, setting the trio increase for your interactions because that the remainder of the series.

Sakura Haruno
Sakura came to be the heroine the the franchise by default. She is the one female character the audience (and readers) safety a big amount the time with, largely because of her ar on Team 7 through Naruto. According to Uzumaki: The art Of Naruto, series creator Masashi Kishimoto didn’t constantly intend for she to it is in the heroine.

Instead, his goal was to take an annoying character and also prove lock to it is in well-intentioned. While numerous of Sakura’s quirks may have annoyed the audience, she always meant well, wanting to help her team, be the ideal shinobi she could, and aid those in trouble.

Sakura at Naruto and also Hinatas Wedding
plenty of of the name in Naruto have actually special meanings. Because that example, Jiraiya is a nod come an old folktale, while Naruto is named after a ramen (his favorite food) ingredient. Similarly, Sakura’s name likewise holds meaning.

“Sakura” converts to cherry blossom, i m sorry is the nationwide flower of Japan. When it’s well-known for beauty, as soon as it blooms, it doesn’t live for very long. “Haruno” converts to feather field. Her surname literally means "fields that cherry blossoms," calling come mind a delicate and also beautiful sight.

7 Why Is her Hair Pink?

Ino and Sakura In A Naruto Shippuden Flashback to Chunin Exams
In anime and manga, a lot of of characters get technicolor hairstyles. Surprisingly, the Naruto people doesn’t use quite as plenty of outrageous colors together something choose Sailor Moon would. Sakura is among the couple of characters to have a hair color we would deem “unnatural” in the actual world.

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Sakura’s hair color, follow to a rumor roughly the internet, is an extension of her name. Masashi Kishimoto wanted her hair to contact to mental actual cherry blossoms. Whether or no that’s true hasn’t been evidenced by the Naruto creator.

not every Naruto character features in the movies motivated by the series. Sakura is one of the couple of to appear in every single movie in the franchise.

In nine of the ten Naruto movies, Sakura is actually a member of the team the movies center around. When the manga frequently featured the assigned three-man teams without lot variation, the movie rotated through numerous of the personalities to create new teams. Naruto and also Sakura were the only personalities to show up on every team. Meanwhile, Blood prison featured Naruto top top a solo mission, for this reason Sakura wasn’t on the team in that single movie - but neither to be anyone else.

5 Why Did her Childhood Friendship v Ino End?

when Sakura very first began classes at the Ninja Academy, few of the various other students made funny of she for she appearance. Ino Yamanaka taught she to adopt her appearance and not let their classmates obtain to her. The 2 were the ideal of friends.

As time walk on, however, Sakura began to feel prefer she to be little an ext than Ino’s sidekick. The two slowly started to thrive apart. A wedge additional drove in between the two when Sakura discovered she and Ino both had a to like on Sasuke Uchiha. When Ino announced her crush, despite Sakura’s feelings, Sakura considered their friendship over. That was the last straw because that her, and she determined she required to break away from Ino.

once Naruto began, Sakura had actually a personality that existed just in she mind. It to be the part of her that permitted her to say or think everything she wanted around people - just not the end loud. Called “Inner Sakura,” this separate personality even enabled her to evade Ino’s mind-body switch. Within Sakura, however, only made a solitary appearance after ~ the 3 year time jump in between parts one and also two.

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As Sakura trained through Lady Tsunade during the time jump, she became more comfortable v herself, her own abilities, and also expressing she opinions. Instead of maintaining her thoughts to it s her and allowing her anger come build, she maturity after the moment jump witnessed her speaking her mind. It meant she didn’t need Inner Sakura anymore.

3 go She happen Her Chunin Exams?

as soon as Naruto and also his Academy classmates competed in the Chunin Exams, just one member that their course graduated to the next level. The was Shikamaru. Throughout the year Naruto spent away from the village training, however, all of his classmates to be tested again.

With Shikamaru currently a chunin, and also Sakura’s teammates unable to do from the village, Ino and Choji invite her come test through them. Sakura didn’t have the same skills as Shikamaru, however Choji and Ino were able to work-related with her well sufficient to get pretty far in the exams. Though the exams were interrupted and also placed on hold, Lady Tsunade opted to pass all of the teenagers, permitting them to become chunin.

many of the main personalities in Naruto’s generation belonged to prestigious clans in the shinobi world. Ino, Shikamaru, and also Choji, because that example, all belonged to clans through ninja specialities. Likewise, Sasuke and also Hinata had inherited family jutsu from their clans.

Sakura, top top the various other hand, belonged to no clan. In fact, the Harunos were civilians, no shinobi. As soon as asked at conventions if there to be backstory around Sakura the wished he revealed, Masashi Kishimoto revealed there wasn’t due to the fact that she and her household were just “normal."

1 How numerous Missions go Sakura Complete?

The databooks released throughout the manga run of Naruto offered trivia and facts about characters because that fans to enjoy. Contained in Sakura’s info was the official variety of missions she completed. All in all, she had actually 34.

That number contains 12 D-rank, ripe C-rank, 6 B-rank, and seven A-rank. D-rank goals were supposed to it is in the simplest missions, and were commonly given to newly graduated Ninja Academy students. A-rank were the most complicated of the people here, assigned to jonin level ninjas.

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Officially, Sakura never ever participated in one S-rank mission, which were the hardest that all. Of course, her numbers likely don’t take into account anime filler arcs or her decision to monitor Naruto when he struck the end on his very own time and also again.