Rush Hour(1998)
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Label:PolygramLabel number:558663
Running time:73m46sShipping date:September 15th, 1998
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Album Tracklist
1.Never Touch A black color Man"s Radio<0:16>
info: skit
2.How Deep Is your Love - Dru Hill / Redman<4:11>
3.Faded photos - instance / Joe<3:52>
4.Can I gain A - Jay-Z / Amil / Ja Rule<5:11>
5.Jackie Chan Kicks Ass<0:09>
info: skit
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Music native the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Fantasy - Mariah Carey
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What"s the track playing at the end of the movie?(from Yooyaain kuwait)
A:"Surfin" USA" by The Beach boys (thanks to Fa dos Anos 80,Brazil)add much more info
Q:What"s melody playing as soon as Tucker (Black Cop) comes to Consul"s house and then throws tricks from the automobile to the protection guard and speaks, the he parked by his automobile???...from James Lee Fortin Belarus, Borisov(answer James Lee Fort"s question)
Q:What"s the track or melody playing as soon as Carter (black cop) comes into the aircraft at the end of film??...from James Lee Fortin Belarus, Borisov(answer James Lee Fort"s question)
Q:What"s the girl singing as soon as she is kidnapped? that is indigenous Mariah Carey, yet I need the surname of the song.(from paoin mexico)
A:"Fantasy" (thanks come Anthony,Chicago, IL)add more info
Q:What tune is playing as soon as Chris asks the girl when driving after leaving Jackie Chan in flight?(from baywatcherin india)
A:"Get under Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine band (thanks come PolloFuentes86,Guatemala City)add an ext info
Q:What track is Jackie Chan singing around war in Tucker"s car?(from b.kin SAUDI ARABIA , JEDDAH)
A:The song is "War" by Edwin Starr (thanks come PolloFuentes86,Guatemala City)add more info
Q:What track is play in the vehicle when chris Tucker is dancing and says "Can you perform that to the beach Boys?"?(from tinfeeshin Brisbane, Australia)
A:It"s "Can I acquire A" by Jay-z (thanks to Kwalk,Cincinnati)add more info
Q:What tune is playing when Tucker comes into the old man"s room to view the wedding presents? A classic song is playing as quickly as the old guy opens the doors....from Seekerin USA(answer Seeker"s question)
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