beat, bushed, drained, empty, enervated, exhaust, exhausted, fatigue, fatigued, flagging, pooped, spent, tire, tired, wasted, wearied, weary

Idiom Scenario 1

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Sam started running in a marathon this morning. He has been running for just over four hours. Sam has run twenty kilometers but his energy level is starting to decrease rapidly. His speed is slowing and he is not smiling anymore.

Sam is running out of steam.

Idiom Scenario 2

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A local elementary school decided to institute a "Healthy Food Only" policy on the school. At first, the administration of the school and the various parent groups were very enthusiastic about the idea. They made plans to change the school cafeteria menu to include healthier foods. They had the vending machines restocked with healthy foods. Some of the plans were implemented but over time, the administration and the parents slowed down and finally stopped with the plan.

The "Healthy Food Only" idea ran out of steam.

to run out of steam - In the News

to run out of steam - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 871

to run out of steam - Gerund Form:

Running out of steam half way through an important meeting is not a good way to impress your boss.

to run out of steam - Examples:

1) I run out of steam when I don't get enough sleep.

2) You run out of steam when you work too hard.

3) He runs out of steam when he starts strong and doesn't save any energy for the finish.

4) She runs out of steam when she doesn't eat properly.

5) An idea runs out of steam when everyone loses interest.

6) We run out of steam about half way through difficult games.

7) You (all) run out of steam when the initial emotions dissipate.

8) They run out of steam every day at about 9pm.

9) In the face of modernity however, it began to run out of steam, and so it opted for grand public demonstrations to revive believers' faith.

10) The massive effort comes to an anticlimactic halt when they run out of steam.

11) It's not entirely consistent, though - it begins to run out of steam towards its end, and gets a bit messy.

12) I know exactly what you mean, I have run out of steam on the blogging front and am not baking as much now as 6 months ago.

13) Don't start off too quickly, as you will run out of steam.

14) Eventually, they run out of steam and wander away.

15) Even the best conversations will eventually run out of steam or be ended by an interruption.

16) In time, these organizations always run out of steam as their constituents find a political voice.

17) These things have a natural inertia -- they run out of steam as soon as the agitators see they aren't getting anywhere.

18) Clearly you've run out of steam as your arguments are getting more and more ridiculous.

19) The move towards Romney seems to have run out of steam.

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20) Luckily for you, your opponent is likely to run out of steam after you've eliminated the biggest threat or two.