When it involves treating head lice, plenty of folks want to stop treatments the contain harsh chemicals and also pesticides, especially parents dealing with their children. Sometimes pertained to parents look to home remedies choose rubbing alcohol to clear head lice together a means to avoid harsh chemicals. However, does rubbing alcohol death lice?

Doesn’t death Lice or Eggs

There have been a couple of studies to check out how properly isopropyl alcohol death head lice. Entrants saturated their hair through rubbing alcohol for eight hours (eight hours!). Afterward, castle reexamined the participants and found that the adult lice and eggs to be still alive and well. Thus, researchers proved without a doubt the rubbing alcohol does no kill lice.

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Aside from the reality that rubbing alcohol is no effective versus lice or eggs, it’s fully dangerous to try to use it for this purpose. Consider these risks:

Dehydration the the Scalp

Isopropyl alcohol is very harmful to your scalp, skin, and also hair. The strips her hair the its natural oils and also dehydrates her scalp. If girlfriend tried to use alcohol to death lice, your scalp could react. It may build bumps the could end up being infected. Friend could likewise have an allergy reaction and also experience stinging, itching, inflammation, and also even hives.

Chemical Burns

Another reason not to try to use alcohol to death lice is that it puts you at hazard of obtaining chemical burns on her skin. And, if girlfriend have any open cuts, scratches, or perceptible spots on her scalp, the alcohol will burn your skin. In addition, it can damages your hair follicles. It will also burn if the gets right into your eyes. If you are treating a child, there’s a danger of acquiring alcohol into their eyes. After all, youngsters have a more tough time sit still 보다 adults.

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Alcohol Is Flammable

Any kind of alcohol is flammable. Why operation the threat of putting a flammable agent in her hair? That only invites an ext opportunity for injury. Again, youngsters are frequently in require of head lice treatments, and parents should be reluctant to use any type of flammable product on your child’s body.

Chemical-Free Lice Treatment

Since rubbing alcohol does not kill lice, make the efforts to use it ~ above your kid will just be exposing them to unnecessary discomfort (and danger), and in the end you’ll still have to find another treatment. That’s why as soon as it comes to treating head lice effectively, it’s ideal to trust the professionals. At fresh Heads Head Lice Removal, we have the recent tools and technologies to kill both head lice and also the eggs living in the nits. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or pesticides that could be harmful to you or her child’s skin. Even better, our gentle however effective treatment lasts just over an hour. Call us today!


Schools without Lice

At fresh Heads Lice Removal, our goal is to remove lice in schools throughout the country. We’ve partnered v the Lice Clinics of America, producing a program dubbed Schools there is no Lice, to offer teachers and also nurses totally free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have institutions without lice!