50 rounded to the nearest ten is 50. Try again. Due to the fact that the digit in the ones location is 5,65 rounds up to 70.

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What is the nearest ten that 80?

77 80, since the persons digit, 7, is 5 or greater.
Answer77 rounded to the nearest ten is 80.

What is 246 rounded to the nearest 10?

In our instance of rounding 246 come the tens digit, the “6” is big enough to make the next digit increase by one (from “4” come “5”), and also the number is rounded come 250.

What is the nearest hundred of 342?


What is 999 come the nearest 100?


What is 1.228193 rounded to the nearest hundred thousands place?

since 9 is in the hundred thousandths place, inspect the number come the right which is 3. Since 3 is listed below 5 we carry out not ring up, leaving the prize to it is in 9. So the prize is 1.22819.

What is 26 rounded come the nearest tenth?


What is 74 rounded to the nearest tenth?

For example 74 rounded to the nearest ten would certainly be 70. Number that finish in a number of 5 or more should it is in rounded as much as the next also ten.

What is 12 rounded to the nearest tenth?

What is 12 come the nearest tenth?

NumberRounded come Nearest 10th

Whats 15 rounded come the nearest 10?

Look in ~ the number line, then click the closest ten. 15 is appropriate in the middle between 10 and 20. 15 has a 5 so us say that is closer to 20.

How execute you round turn off 15?

If us plot this number top top number heat we find that 15 lies half-way in between 10 and also 20. By convention, we round turn off 15 come 20.

What is 45 rounded come the nearest tenth?

To the nearest 10, 45 ring to 50. If a number is over 100, it deserve to still it is in rounded come a nearest ten. The critical digit of 3467 is a 7, so it rounds up to the nearest 10s worth which is 3470.

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What is 56 rounded come the nearest tenth?

To ring 56 to the nearest tens place… The number in the tens place in your number is the 5. To start the rounding, look in ~ the digit one location to the ideal of the 5, or the 6, i m sorry is in the people place. Adding 1 come the 5 in the 10s place, making that a 6.

What is 89 to the nearest 10?


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