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vault Generations 3rd Gen source Fossil vs nipper Fossil started by vaporeon7 march 17th, 2013 12:33 afternoon

vaporeon7 PokéCommunity Supporter crystal Tier Also recognized As Vapor, Aaron, Vappy

My life would suck without you

for this reason we have a thread for the Kanto fossils, but none because that the Hoenn ones. In the Hoenn games, friend are given the selection between the root Fossil or claw Fossil, through the one girlfriend don"t select sinking right into the sand, never to be watched again (unless you"re in Emerald). The source Fossil restores right into the rock/grass type Lileep, and that evolves right into Cradily and the nippers Fossil restores right into the rock/bug form Anorith, and also that evolves into Armaldo. So which fossil did you pick (choose first in Emerald)? Did friend regret her decision? perform you like the Lileep heat or the Anorith line? walk you usage them o your team?Discuss
So cuddly~
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ns went through the source Fossil in Emerald due to the fact that I essential something that could take both Drake"s Salamence and also a an excellent portion that Wallace"s team and for me Cradily to the right the bill perfectly.

Sydian PokéCommunity Supporter crystal Tier Also well-known As al, syd, alolandugtrios Moderator

fake your death.

root Fossil, especially due to the fact that this is in gen III. Cradily is a great tank with a unique style and form combination. It"s stormy to train Lileep increase 20 levels before evolving, but it"s so precious it in the end. Great Pokemon. Armaldo on the other hand I have constantly had a rough time with. Last time I used it though, my TMs were limited so maybe that"s why I"m no feeling therefore keen ~ above it. :( yet even tho I like Lileep and also Cradily come Anorith and Armaldo.

Sirfetch’d PokéCommunity Supporter Platinum Tier Also known As Castform Discord Nickname Castform


ns picked the source fossil first, and i have to say ns wasn"t disappointed. Lileep or his evolution never to be a continual entry in mine team, however i think the Pokemon has actually a many potential and i did usage him every now and then. I favor his type combo, bein the only Grass/Rock pokemon for this reason far, i m sorry is actually a pretty great mix! As architecture goes though, i think Armaldo looks method cooler, but ago then bug didn"t really have any great moves, therefore yeah...
Hikamaru PokéCommunity Supporter Platinum Tier Also recognized As Nichole, Nichy, Hika, Hikari Discord Nickname Hikamaru

i picked the root Fossil in Ruby due to the fact that I preferred Lileep"s design better than Anorith"s.Both space pretty an excellent Pokemon anyway, so ns equally like both that them but Lileep"s typing cancels out many of Grass"s typical weaknesses like Fire, bug and Flying.
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source Fossil because that me, maintaining in psychic at the moment I had actually no proviso what you could actually carry out with Fossils or what Pokemon friend get. Lilleep to be a quite Pokemon that ns love, and Cradily is just plain awesome and also weird, virtually like the bloomed out of a Dr Seuss book. Anorith simply feels dull and boring to me. Lilleep is my favourite of all the fossil pokemon.
I always when for the root fossil in any kind of playthrough the pokemon Sapphire. Only since I think Anioth and evo is therefore over-rated.
Went with the root, ha ha ha hahahaha (Sorry)Cradily will always be a favourite of mine, he"s simply so awesome.Plus i was always happy the his rock inputting canceled the end so numerous of grass"s weakness
This renders my decision seem an extremely lonely... I chose the nippers Fossil. In my very first play through, I had actually no idea what Pokemon would certainly come native it and also claws sounded cooler. Ever since, I have actually still favored it. Anorith has actually been the only an insect type I"ve ever used typically if i recall correctly. Oh, also, I had actually too many plant varieties already, I required to balance the out!
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vaporeon7 PokéCommunity Supporter crystal Tier Also well-known As Vapor, Aaron, Vappy

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I chosen Lileep and also Cradily much better so i usually determined the root Fossil. I liked to usage Cradily sometimes, however it annoyed me just how I had actually to use TM for its moves.
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The very first time ns played, I decided the root Fossil. Possibly I just obtained really ominous that time, but my Lileep/Cradily constantly seemed to be an extremely weak, and also was always the weak connect in my party when I was utilizing it. When I"ve preferred the claw Fossil, though, I"ve uncovered that Anorith/Armaldo prove come be advantageous members of my team, for this reason I constantly choose the claw Fossil now (being a fan of an insect type Pokemon helps, too).
when I an initial played Ruby, I determined the nippers Fossil, not learning what come expect. Ns was one to favor Pokemon with high assault then, yet once I obtained Anorith extracted, i was disappointed. It simply looked shabby, and also I didn"t really have actually an interest for Bug-types. For the remainder of my time playing Ruby, ns left Anorith in a crate in my PC and only used it because that cute contests.When I an initial played Emerald, I came upon this decision again. Ns thought earlier to my disappointingly weak Anorith, i beg your pardon I supplied only for contests. I thought around it for a while, climate I decided this time that ns would choose Lileep instead. Together I watched the nipper Fossil sink right into the sand, the thought gone into my head, Should I have actually done that? i mean, Anorith was sort of cute. Will Lileep be equally as cute?, and also Lileep was cuter 보다 Anorith, and also had adequate stats to end up being a component of mine team. So, I retained it and also it"s still in mine team in Emerald come this day.