Juliet, when we do love you used to cryYou claimed I love you like the stars above, okay love girlfriend till i die

If you were a teenager in the early eighties over there is a an excellent chance the Romeo and also Juliet by Dire Straits was your song.

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You would have called it ‘our song’.

This dated tune by the naff band belonged to you and your first far-reaching other. The epitomised and encapsulated the intensity, the distinct intensity, the the feelings shared by the two of you inside her bubble of love.

Yours. Special. Indescribable and incomprehensible come anyone ~ above the outside.

Except the your friend were all in love favor that too, and your track was your song. It to be everyone’s song.

A most crucial social ability from the era to be the capacity to dance to Romeo and Juliet there is no looking prefer a premature accountant. This was not without that is challenges.

Romeo and Juliet start slowly and also softly. Only couples are left top top the dance floor at the institution disco. Over there are fairly a couple of couples, due to the commodity status of the song’s specialness. These were oxymoronic times. You host each various other tight and shuffle in slow circles, oblivious come those approximately you.

A lovestruck Romeo sings the roads a serenadeLaying everybody low with a love tune that the madeFinds a streetlight, actions out of the shadeSays something choose ‘you and also me babe how about it?’

But what to do when the pace and also amplitude pick up? What to do as soon as the oblivion is shattered?

Juliet the dice were loaded from the startAnd i bet, then you exploded in my heartAnd ns forget i forget the movie songWhen you gonna realize it was just that the moment was wrong, Juliet?

Do you wait it out in your clinch and also endure the incongruity in the expertise that this crescendos are relatively short-lived?

Or different from your partner and bust some self-conscious move to a mid-tempo win on a half-empty run floor ringed by sniggering peers?

Or perhaps overcompensate for her embarrassment by placing on what friend hope will certainly be viewed as an ironic show. Several over the optimal flourishes, exaggerated eight movements and also some unconvincing wait drumming. Top top the external you’re all, “I’m love this. I want you come look at me,” yet on the inside you’re all, “Dear God, you re welcome let this end.”

This is what first world problems looked like to adolescents in the eighties.

At least the naive infatuation that you associate v the tune was a mutual arrangement. You and he, or you and also she, feeling the same method about each other.

And therein lies the irony.

What the song way to you and the an interpretation conveyed through the lyrics space two an extremely different things.

Mark Knopfler is best known for his signature etc sound and his constipated voice. However he is additionally a clever writer.

Romeo and also Juliet is about the lack of reciprocity.

He is nuts around her. She is indifferent to the suggest of disdain.

He has written her a love song. She’s like, “Yeah, whatever.”

Juliet states hey the Romeo you practically gimme me a love attackHe’s under the home window she’s to sing hey la my boyfriend’s backYou shouldn’t come approximately here singing up at civilization like that


At the time I think us all brushed over this second, ethereal layer. We concentrated instead ~ above the tearful love make (a theoretical ide for most of united state at the time) and the loving favor the stars above. We decided to overlook her apathy, his frustration and also the unrequited narrative.

You promised me everything, friend promised me thick and also thin, yeahNow you just say five Romeo yeah you understand I provided to have actually a scene through him

When i say us brushed over, I median we boys. You girls practically certainly acquired it, all of it. You had the lot vaunted early-onset maturity of teenage girls loved one to teenage boys, and the perspicacity to recognise the track for what the was.

You were so happy to bypass the gauche, gawky awkwardness that afflicted that period of masculine transition. The most acute growing pains to be emotional. Cultivation out that silly boy stuff. Cultivation sillily right into serious adolescent stuff, prefer you.

Romeo’s ham-fisted attempts at romance, and Juliet’s apathy, were an allegory because that the basic dynamics of numerous of those first loves.

Mark Knopfler was saying sooth. Yet we missed it and soon after ~ dismissed it together a time-stamped love song, one more thing to prosper out of.

On more mature reflection the song is smart, subtle and savvy.

The Killers reputed it credible sufficient to execute a cover variation which, sadly, is more of a rendition than an interpretation. A fine intentioned to let go opportunity.

How have the right to you look at me together if i was just another one of her deals?

Liking Dire Straits this days is the musical indistinguishable of being a shy Tory. They space a guilty pleasure that you publicly disown.

It wasn’t constantly so. Castle were really cool as soon as Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister. They had an unmistakeable sound and also songs with high principle ideas and also smart lyrics. Mr Knopfler could spin a take it yarn:

Telegraph RoadPrivate InvestigationsOnce top top A Time In The WestYour recent Trick

If over there were together a thing as coffee table albums, Dire Straits had actually a cable of them native 1980 to 1985 — do Movies, Love end Gold, brothers In Arms. It was the indistinguishable of one band releasing Graceland by Paul Simon, The Joshua Tree by U2, and picture Book by simply Red in fairly quick succession.

Indeed, brother In arms was reportedly the UK’s greatest selling album that the 1980's.

So what go wrong? What do us, that loved and also who love to them, make prefer Peter and also deny and disown them?

Were Dire Straits the music baby the went out v the 80's bath water? Did we consciously street ourselves native everything connected with that decade, overlooking the reality that not every little thing was in poor taste?

(Although it has to be said that the plughole would be too great for the main Romeo and also Juliet video clip — view below. What a shocker that a 1980 time capsule. The is for this reason achingly of its time the it feels favor a beautifully observed, tongue in cheek pastiche.)

Too much of a great thing maybe? Contemptuous familiarity and also all that?

Did it every just gain a small monotonous? The fence of having an unmistakeable sound gift the same as the upside?

Or to be it bother Enfield?

More exactly was that Harry Enfield’s sketch display character Tim Nice-But-Dim?

Tim N-B-D is the archetypal Tory buffoon; ignorant, oblivious and a little bit stupid, albeit with a sort heart. You wouldn’t want to be prefer him.

And, five dear, the is a Dire Straits fan, finish with a note Knopfler bandana made the end of a rugby sock.

Is this a sketch or one assassination?

Did grandfather Enfield’s sketch, transfer on prime time BBC television, do for Dire Straits what “wife beater” user imagery did to Stella Artois?

The prize is probably all of the over to differing degrees, an especially the double-edged unmistakability.

Like all those an initial loves, the was good while that lasted. But, uneven those an initial loves, you can go back to Dire Straits. I’ve been listening come them a lot recently, whilst creating this post.

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They room not ‘that naff band’. They were a course act and also they space well precious revisiting (in private of course). And also Romeo and also Juliet is no ‘this dated song’. Uneven its video clip it resoundingly stand the test of time.