Did you understand that all 3 of Sylvester Stallone’s wives have showed up on display in the Rocky franchise?

Yep, it’s true. Stallone gave his wives and also other family members bit parts in numerous of the Rocky movies through the years. Let’s run through the perform of Adrian’s on-screen rivals.

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Sasha Czack

Sasha Czack became the first Mrs. Sylvester Stallone top top December 28, 1974, two years prior to her husband struggle it big with Rocky. Sasha was a trouper throughout those early lean years together Sly struggled up the ladder of success; throughout the production of the initial Rocky, Sasha manned the camera, snapping several of the most renowned still picture of the now-classic movie. In Rocky III, Sasha ultimately gets her display screen time in the collection when she theatre a starstruck Rocky fan who gets to step in because that a kiss together the champ trains top top a stationary bicycle.

The mommy of Sage and also Seargeoh Stallone (who also appear in the series), Sasha divorce Sly on February 14, 1985.


Brigitte Nielsen

Just ten months following his divorce native his very first wife, Stallone wed 21-year-old model Brigitte Nielsen, his co-star in Rocky IV.

The beautiful blonde landing the function of Ivan Drago’s challenging wife, a Russian Olympic swimmer. Nielsen became Mrs. Stallone simply one month ~ the premiere the Rocky IV, and also the couple went on to star with each other in the 80’s action classic Cobra. They divorce on July 13, 1987, and also neither one ever looked back.


Jennifer Flavin

Mrs. Stallone III has actually proved to it is in Sly’s strongest and also longest lasting marriage, producing three beautiful daughters, now likewise on their method to fame.

Sly met the leggy version at a restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1988; she got her Rocky minute when she appeared amongst a team of quite groupies during Tommy Gunn’s cultivate montage in Rocky V. 16 years after ~ flanking Rocky’s Robot, Jennifer showed up on screen again throughout the finish credits that Rocky Balboa, dancing on the Rocky Steps.

Jennifer and also Sly married on may 17, 1997 and have just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, a real accomplishment in Hollywood.

And now for the guys. Rocky important is a family affair. Besides consisting of the current and also former Mrs. Stallones in the movies, some male members the the Stallone clan have additionally shared display screen time v the Italian Stallion.

Frank Stallone, Sr.

Sly and also Frank’s dad, open minded Sr., has actually his moment of fame as the bell ringer in the original Rocky. You have the right to spot the elder Stallone spring handsome through gray hair and a red blazer throughout Rocky’s climactic very first match with Apollo Creed.

Frank Stallone, Jr.

Sly’s son brother, “Far native Over” singer open minded Stallone Jr. Shows up in the an initial three films of the series, each time together a singer. In the original, frank is the streetcorner bum from the dark who sings “Take girlfriend Back” v his Kensington buddies. In Rocky II, Frank return to song “Two kinds of Love” v a blazing barrel the fire ~ above Rocky and Adrian’s wedding night. Then, open minded musically inspires Rocky to obtain ready for the fight v the track “Pushin"”, performed during the Rocky III rich boy maintain montage.

He later have the right to be glimpsed dining in Adrian’s Restaurant in 2006’s Rocky Balboa.

Seargeoh Stallone

Sly and also Sasha’s newborn infant Seargeoh was standing in as the new addition to the Balboa family members in Rocky II. Look at them forearms!

Sage Stallone

Sly’s climate 14-year-old boy Sage Stallone memorably starred together Robert Balboa Jr. In the doomed Rocky V. Because that us, Sage still ranks as the best version the Rocky Junior. Together a tribute adhering to his tragic death in 2012, a beautiful portrait that Sage and his dad was contained in a touching scene in Creed.

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Butkus Stallone

And we can’t leaving this member that the family members out. Great ol’ Butkus the dog is among the many beloved members that the franchise, and he’s together a great boy the he it s okay his name credited in the collection twice.