Cheat modeSuccessfully finish the indicated task come unlock the matching cheat option. Note: Cheats have the right to only be allowed when replaying memories.Buns that Steel: get 100% full Synch in succession 2.Desmond Everywhere: get 100% total Synch in succession 8.Killing Spree: obtain 100% full Synch in sequence 3. Ride The Unicorn: obtain 100% total Synch in sequence 1. Sisterhood: gain 100% complete Synch in sequence 4. Ultimate Guild: acquire 100% total Synch in sequence 5. Endless Assassin Signals: get 100% total Synch in sequence 6.

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The TruthFind all 10 Rifts, and solve all swarm puzzles. You deserve to then discover The reality in the mystery area that the Animus.Dagger and Armor the BrutusCollect every six secrets of Romulus indigenous Followers" Lairs in ~ Prospero da Siena"a Borgia Tower in a vault to gain the Dagger and Armor that Brutus.ParachuteSuccessfully finish all War device missions to acquire the parachute innovation from Leonardo.War equine spawns in ~ stablesRenovate all stables in Rome to have actually your war equine spawn in ~ the stables.Cristina memory locationsSuccessfully finish the suggested task to unlock the matching memory:A 2nd Chance: gain 15% total Synch.Best Man: get 45% complete Synch.Last Rites: acquire 30% total Synch.Love"s Labour"s Lost: acquire 75% full Synch.Persona no Grata: get 60% total Synch.

Bonus costumesSuccessfully finish the suggested task to unlock the matching costume:Altair"s Robes: acquisition for 20 Ubisoft Uplay rewards.Armor that Altair: purchase for 20 Ubisoft Uplay rewards.Florentine Noble Attire: purchase for 20 Ubisoft Uplay rewards.Raiden Skin: obtain a bronze or far better medal in all virtual Training challenges.

Bonus capesSuccessfully complete the indicated task come unlock the corresponding cape:Auditore: Successfully finish the Rebuilding Rome metagame. Borgia: collect all 100 Borgia Flags. Medici: reach level 30 on the Assassin"s Creed: Project tradition Facebook game. Venetian: reach level 30 ~ above the Assassin"s Creed: Project legacy Facebook game.

Guild bonusesSuccessfully finish the shown task come unlock the equivalent bonus at Ezio"s Hideout:Assassin"s Guild Crest: Successfully finish all Assassin"s Guild Challenges. Bartolomeo"s Axe: with level 3 in the Mercenaries Guild.Courtesans Guild Crest: reach level 2 in the Courtesans Guild.Courtesans toxicity guards: with level 5 in the Courtesans Guild Challenges.Faction discount: with level 10 in the corresponding Guild Challenges.La Volpe"s Bite: with level 3 in the thef Guild.Maria"s Dagger: reach level 3 in the Courtesans Guild. Mercenaries Guild Crest: with level 2 in the Mercenaries Guild.Sword that Altair: Successfully complete all Assassin"s Guild Challenges.Thieves Guild Crest: reach level 2 in the theif Guild.Thieves pickpocket guards: reach level 5 in the thef Guild Challenges.

Rebuilding Rome metagame bonusesSuccessfully finish the shown task in the Rebuilding Rome metagame to unlock the matching bonus:Cavalieri Mace and also Butcher Knife: Open five Blacksmiths.Knife Belt Upgrade: Open four Tailor Shops; upgrades again in ~ eight tailor Shops.Large medication Pouch: Open 4 Tailor Shops. Huge Poison Vial: open eight keep going Shops.Spadone: open ten Blacksmiths.

Shop search bonusesSuccessfully complete the suggested shop search to unlock the matching bonus:Captain"s Sword: Successfully complete the confidence Shop quest (Blacksmith).Fast Poison: Successfully complete the poisonous Shop quest (Doctor).Large Quiver: Successfully finish the Pulling threads Shop quest (Tailor). Seusenhofer Pauldrons and Chest Guards: Successfully finish the Exotica Shop pursuit (Blacksmith). Spada Lunga: Successfully finish the Blood Money Shop pursuit (Blacksmith). Vaticano prizes Map: Successfully finish the Trendsetting Shop quest (Art Merchant).

War machine modelsSuccessfully finish the suggested task come unlock the matching model:Bomber: Successfully finish the "Flying machine 2.0" War device mission.Machine Gun: Successfully finish the "Outgunned" War an equipment mission.Naval Cannon: Successfully complete the "Loose Cannon" War device mission.Tank: Successfully finish the "Hell on Wheels" War maker mission.

MapsSuccessfully complete the shown task to unlock the corresponding map for purchase from an arts merchant:
Centra Flags: Successfully complete the game or collect 25 Borgia flags. Antigo Flags: Successfully finish the video game or collection 25 Borgia flags. Campagna Flags: Successfully finish the game or collection 25 Borgia flags. Vaticano Flags: Successfully complete the game or collection 25 Borgia flags. Feathers: Successfully finish the game or collection 25 Borgia flags.

Rare paintingsSuccessfully complete the suggested task to unlock the equivalent painting for acquisition from the Centro, Antico, and also Campagna art merchants:Christ Blessing: Successfully finish Sequence 8 or collect 15 Borgia flags.Self Portrait: Successfully finish Sequence 8 or collection 15 Borgia flags. Young guy with an Apple: Successfully complete Sequence 8 or collection 15 Borgia flags.

PortraitsDefeat the complying with targets come unlock their portrait: Cesare Borgia, Baron de Valois, Juan Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Micheletto, and also Rodrigo Borgia.Special artifactsLeave the Animus, and go to existing day Monteriggioni to gain the complying with artifacts. Note: they will show up on the shelves in her Sanctuary.Claudia"s record BookEzio"s BeltMaria"s Feather ChestMario"s sword Medici Cape

Ubisoft Uplay bonusesSuccessfully finish the suggested task come unlock the matching bonus:Pistol upgrade: authorize up because that Ubisoft"s Uplay service and also spend 3 tokens.Hellequin multiplayer character: sign up because that Ubisoft"s Uplay service and also spend 40 reward points.Xbox 360 theme: authorize up because that Ubisoft"s Uplay service and also spend 1 token.

Assassin Guild ChallengesSuccessfully finish the shown tasks in the Assassin Guild Challenges:1. Signal Assassin Recruits throughout a struggle 25 times. Note: This have to be done as soon as guards are proactively fighting you.2. Use arrowhead Storm 15 times. Note: This is only accessible when you have actually three Assassin Signals.3. Signal Assassin Recruits 20 time to kill a target.4. Signal Assassin Recruits five times in ~ a core Memory.5. Raise 5 recruits to the rank of Assassin (level 10).

Courtesans Guild ChallengesSuccessfully finish the shown tasks in the Courtesans Guild Challenges:1. Send ten Courtesan teams to odor guards.2. Evade ten opponents using hide spots.3. Death 20 opponents stationed at guard articles using the Crossbow without gift detected.4. Command ten steeds without killing the guard riding it.5. Hide five dead bodies in wells or haystacks.6. Toxicity 15 guards.7. Kill 20 guards throughout a smoke bomb attack.8. Assassinate ten guards indigenous behind.9. Kill 5 guards from blend spots.

Mercenary Guild ChallengesSuccessfully finish the shown tasks in the Mercenary Guild Challenges:1. Send Mercenary teams to attack guards ten times.2. Kill 5 guards by cram them right into scaffolds.3. Death 25 Brutes.4. Kill 25 Papal Guards.5. Death 25 security while friend ride a horse.6. Kill ten steed riding safety by wait assassinating them.7. Execute ten double Assassinations.8. Disarm and also kill five guards through their own weapons.9. Kill 5 guards within ten seconds 5 times.10. Have ten streaks of at least five kills.

Thieves Guild ChallengesSuccessfully complete the suggested tasks in the thieves Guild Challenges:1. Send ten Thief groups to lure guards.2. Acceleration uninterrupted for 300 meters.3. Jump from a equine to a beam 20 times.4. Execute 40 Leaps the Faith.5. Dive into water native a height of 25 meters.6. Pickpocket 250 florins.7. Glide a cumulative full of 500 meters with the Parachute.8. Death 25 guards through a ranged weapon.9. Waiting assassinate 5 guards indigenous a beam.

Full Synch needs for AssassinationsSuccessfully complete the shown tasks in the provided Assassination missions to gain 100% Synch. Note: The missions are assigned to you by Niccolo and are accessed at assorted pigeon coops."Two"s Company" mission: kill both targets v your covert blade. "Tactical Correction" mission: complete the memory within two minutes. "...And Three"s A Crowd" mission: kill the 3 targets within two minutes. "Serf"s Terf" mission: Assassinate 2 guards through the hidden blade. "The three Amici" mission: death the targets through the concealed blade. "Red Letter Day" mission: death both targets in under 60 seconds. "The seller Of Rome" mission: use the Assassin Recruits to aid in a diversion. "Bearers Of bad News" mission: execute not permit your targets to speak to for reinforcements. "Cardinal Sin" mission: Kill just the Cardinal. "Turning The Tables" mission: death at the very least one Brute, one Seeker, and also one Papal Guard with his very own weapon. "Graduation" mission: do not lose any kind of health squares. "Brutes and Brutality" mission: death all targets in under 15 seconds.

Full Synch requirements for CourtesansSuccessfully finish the indicated tasks in the detailed Courtesan goals to get 100% Synch:"Property Dispute" mission: protect against Santino before he beats up the Courtesan. "Old habits Die Hard" mission: Assassinate the target native a hiding spot. "The Morning After" mission: Successfully complete the mission in under 400 seconds. "Running Scared" mission: Kill just the ambassador. "Live Bait" mission: kill a target utilizing the ledge grab. "Malpractice" mission: do not kill the doctor. "Closing In" mission: death the target using the surprise blade. "Bad Politics" mission: death all targets in under 60 seconds. "Troublemakers" mission: end up the mission v both mercenaries above half health. "Ghostwriting" mission: Successfully finish the mission in under two minutes and twenty seconds.

Full Synch demands for Romulus LairsSuccessfully finish the indicated tasks at the Romulus Lair in the provided missions to get 100% Synch:"The Halls that Nero" mission in ~ the Terme di Traiano: Successfully finish the storage within eight minutes. "Wolves among The Dead" mission in ~ the Catacombe di Roma: Successfully complete the memory within eight minutes. "Thrown to The Wolves" mission in ~ Il Colosseo: carry out not lose more than three blocks the health. "Leader the the Pack" mission in ~ the Cloaca Maxima: execute not lose much more than ten health and wellness squares. "The 6th Day" mission at the Palazzo Laterano: do not lose much more than a block of health. "A wolf In Sheep"s Clothing" mission in ~ the Basilica di mountain Pietro: Successfully complete the memory within eight minutes.

Full Sync needs for Templar AgentsSuccessfully finish the shown tasks in the noted Templar Agent missions to acquire 100% Synch:"Down to Earth" mission: kill your target v the covert blade. "Counter-Propaganda" mission: death your target through the hidden blade. "Excommunication" mission: kill Brother Ristoro by waiting assassination. "Firing Line" mission: death the target using the concealed blade within 45 seconds. "Red-Handed" mission: death your target through the surprise blade. "The Ringer" mission: Kill only Donato Mancini.

Full Synch requirements for war MachinesThe War an equipment missions require that four War Machines, significant by an "L" on the map, it is in destroyed. There room two goals for each War an equipment (one for killing the Overseer because that the map to the machine, and also another for destroying the machine). Successfully complete the shown tasks in the detailed missions to gain 100% Synch:"War Plans because that Outgunned" mission: Send the Mercenaries into a fight. "Outgunned" mission: perform not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints. The price is the maker Gun model. "War plan For loosened Cannon" mission: usage the absent attack against the Overseer. "Loose Cannon" mission: Open among the first three gates. The price is the navy Cannon model. "War Plans for Flying maker 2.0" mission: usage a acting bomb to stun the Overseer. "Flying device 2.0" mission: perform not acquire shot while using the Bomber. The price is the Bomber model. "War Plans for Hell on Wheels" mission: usage the pistol to kill the Overseer. "Hell on Wheels" mission: perform not take damage while utilizing the tank. The prize is the Tank model.

Full Synch needs for storyline memoriesSuccessfully complete the suggested tasks in the listed storyline memories to obtain 100% Synch:Sequence 2"As great As New": carry out not drop listed below one health square. "Well Executed": death your target v the surprise blade. "New man In Town": throw the Borgia Captain into the scaffold to kill him. "Easy Come, simple Go": perform not lose any kind of health. "Who"s obtained Mail?": catch the Borgia courier in under one minute. "Crepil il Lupo": perform not lose any health. "The Halls that Nero": Successfully finish the storage within eight minutes. Succession 3"Double Agent": perform not acquire detected while reducing Notoriety. Stay undetected until rejoining La Volpe in ~ the Thieve"s Guild. "Between A Rock and also A hard Place": Kill just the Borgia Captain. "High-Stakes Negotiation": do not swim. Sequence 4"Castello Crasher": execute not acquire detected. "Femme Fatale": perform not lose an ext than ten wellness squares. "The Burdens we Carry": execute not acquire detected. "Guardian of Forli": attain a kill streak of at least five guards. "Man that The People": carry out not lose an ext than 5 health squares. "Serial Offender": kill your target making use of the Assassin Recruits."Human Cargo": kill your target using the Assassin Recruits.Sequence 5"Escape indigenous Debt": do not get detected when escorting the senator. "Follow The Money": execute not acquire detected and also do not touch the ground if tailing the Senator. "When In Rome...": come at your location in under three minutes. "In and also Out": kill the Banker indigenous a bench without being detected. Sequence 6"Gatekeeper": execute not take any type of damage. "French Kiss": carry out not acquire detected. "Trojan Horse": perform not lose any health squares. Sequence 7"Patching the Leak": do not drop below five wellness squares. "Calling every Stand-Ins": usage Assassin Recruits come assassinate her targets. "Exit stage Right": perform not death anyone various other than the gunmen. "Intervention": carry out not swim.Sequence 8"Requiem": execute not gain detected. "An apple a Day": carry out not death anyone. "The apple of Eden": execute not lose any kind of health. Succession 9"Pax Romana": carry out not drop below five health squares.

Rebuilding Rome goalsEach district has the indicated number of structures to be renovated:Antico District17 physicians (five the which need to be renovated) 8 Landmarks 6 Tunnel entrances 4 Blacksmiths 4 damaged Aqueducts 3 Tailors 3 art Shops 3 equine Stables 3 Faction structures 2 banks Campagna District14 doctors (five the which need to be renovated) 6 Tunnel gateways 4 Blacksmiths 4 damaged Aqueducts 3 Tailors 3 art Shops 3 steed Stables 3 Faction buildings 2 banks 2 Landmarks Centro District23 doctors (six that which need to be renovated) 9 Blacksmiths 6 Tunnel entrances 6 banks 6 Tailors 4 art Shops 3 equine Stables 3 Landmarks 3 Faction buildings Total structures56 medical professionals (sixteen of must be renovated) 18 Tunnel entrances 17 Blacksmiths 13 Landmarks 12 Tailors 10 art Shops 10 financial institutions 9 horse Stables 9 Faction structures 8 damaged Aqueducts

Borgia Tower Captain locationsYou must liberate each area that Rome by killing the indicated Borgia Captain and also igniting the Borgia Tower of every area that is significant on her map. After liberating an area, you deserve to recruit Assassins because that the Brotherhood and renovate shops and also other things in the area. The captains are situated in the indicated districts:Antonio da Fiorentio: Campagna DistrictBattista Borgia: Campagna ar Belardino da Verona: Centro ar Domencio da Padova: Centro district Ferdinando di Napoli: Campagna district Franceso da Velletri: Campagna DistrictIacopo de Grassi: Centro district Ippolito di Foligno: Antico DistrictPietro da Siena: Centro ar Prospero da Siena: Antico ar Tommaso di Viterbo: Antico DistrictValentino da Siena: Centro District

Lair that Romulus treasure locationsSearch the shown locations to find all 6 Romulus treasures (Keys of Romulus):The Halls the Nero (1/6)Wolves among The Dead (2/6)Thrown to The wolf (3/6)Leader that The pack (4/6)The sixth Day (5/6)A wolf In Sheep"s garments (6/6)Getting the Scimitar and other non-purchasable weaponsNote: The hefty Sheath is forced for this trick. Equip a heavy weapon and throw it, climate take the wanted weapon and also sheath it. Next, replay sequence 2 whereby Niccolo has actually you to buy equipment. You will now find the weapon in the cabinet of the hideout"s weapon room.Leveling recruits quickerTo level brand-new recruits faster, send them on challenging missions in addition to your most skilled assassins.Getting Codex developments quicklyWhen you accomplish Leonardo, he will certainly offer among the Codex creations for purchase. Select one of them to purchase. As soon as the sequence ends, accessibility the DNA, and also replay sequence 4: storage 8 - "An unforeseen Visitor" again. As soon as the sequence begins, skip it, and also you will certainly return to when you were readily available the inventions. The first one selected will be grayed out, and you will have actually two options. When the sequence is over, repeat this one much more time to acquire the last item.Assassin"s Creed referenceThere is an achievement for solving every one of Subject 16"s puzzles. The surname of the success is ".. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- .", i m sorry is Morse code that equates to "IAMALIV." as soon as spaced out, this is "I am alive." Lucy constantly maintains that topic 16 passed away after composing on the walls inside Abstergo in the original Assassin"s Creed. Additionally, this could likewise be a subtle referral to Ubisoft"s game titled ns Am Alive.Assassin"s Creed: Project tradition referenceSuccessfully complete Sequence 6, then leave the Animus, and also walk over to Lucy"s desk. You will check out two computer system monitors. The monitor on the right reflects the "Memories" ar that you usage to choose your objectives in the Assassin"s Creed: Project tradition Facebook game.Metal equipment Solid collection referenceIn the "An unforeseen Visitor" mission in sequence 3, during the task of detect the secret voice, the target will certainly lead you come an upside down cardboard box similar to those supplied by line to hide under in the Metal gear Solid series.Super Mario Bros. ReferenceAfter you save Sforza from the Castillo, girlfriend will gain the "Principessa in one more Castello" achievement, i m sorry in Italian method "Your Princess is in an additional Castle." This is a reference to at sight Mario Bros. And is similar to the Mario recommendation in Assassin"s Creed 2.

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AchievementsAccomplish the indicated achievement to gain the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:Technical challenges (10 points): attempt to access DNA succession 9 for the first time. Fight Wounds (20 points): complete DNA succession 1. Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (20 points): find a secure place to hide and also re-enter the Animus. Rome in damages (20 points): complete DNA sequence 2. Fixer-Upper (20 points): finish DNA sequence 3. Principessa in one more Castello (20 points): finish DNA sequence 4. Fundraiser (20 points): complete DNA sequence 5. Forget Paris (20 points): finish DNA succession 6. Bloody Sunday (20 points): finish DNA sequence 7. Vittoria Agli Assassini (20 points): finish DNA succession 8. Requiescat In speed (20 points): complete DNA sequence 9. A Knife to the heart (50 points): for sure the apple of Eden. Perfect remind (30 points): achieve 100% Synchronization through a Sequence. Déjà vu (20 points): Replay a Memory. Undertaker 2.0 (20 points): find the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma. Golden Boy (20 points): uncover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano. Gladiator (20 points): uncover the Shrine in Il Colosseo. Plumber (20 points): uncover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima. One-Man Wrecking Crew (20 points): uncover the Shrine in Palazzo Laterano. Amen (20 points): discover the Shrine in the Basilica di mountain Pietro. Bang! (20 points): ruin the device Gun. Splash! (20 points): destroy the naval Cannon. Boom! (20 points): destroy the Bomber. Kaboom! (20 points): damage the Tank. Home improvement (20 points): upgrade 5 structures in the Antico district. Tower offense (20 points): Burn every Borgia Towers. Display Off (20 points): finish 10 Guild Challenges. .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- . (20 points): Solve every one of Subject 16"s Puzzles. Perfectionist (20 points): knife 3 gold medals indigenous the Animus digital Training program Brotherhood (20 points): recruit 3 Assassins. Welcome come the Brotherhood (20 points): Train a recruit approximately the location of Assassin. Catch the Flag (30 points): eliminate all Borgia Flags in Rome. In Memoriam (20 points): collection all Feathers. Dust to Dust (20 points): uncover one Artifact in the Present. Serial Killer (20 points): execute a rate Kill Streak of 10. Spring Cleaning (10 points): kill a guard with a broom. Your Wish is Granted (10 points): litter money in a well.Fly favor an Eagle (10 points): Jump v the parachute turn off the top of Castel Sant" Angelo. The Gloves Come off (10 points): win the greatest bet at the Fights. Mailer Daemon (20 points): accessibility your email in 2012.Synchronization developed (10 points): Complete whole Session with at least one kill (Multiplayer Only). Needle in a Haystack (5 points): death your target while covert in a hay bale (Multiplayer Only). Solid Closer (20 points): take the command 10 seconds before the finish of the session and go top top to victory (Multiplayer Only). Quick Learner (25 points): kill your target and escape her pursuer in less than 10 secs (Multiplayer Only). Job an abilities (20 points): throughout Open Conflict, kill your target and also escape (Multiplayer Only). Download finish (40 points): reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only). Role Model (20 points): gain all the Co-op bonuses in one conference (Multiplayer Only). Overachiever (20 points): Score 750 points or an ext on a single kill (Multiplayer Only). Abstergo Employee that the Month (20 points): obtain every bonus at the very least once (Multiplayer Only).Ahead of the Curve (20 points): carry out a twin or a triple to escape (Multiplayer Only).The following accomplishments require "The Da Vinci Disappearance" bonus downloadable content:Strong-Arm (10 points): throw a lengthy Weapon, hefty Weapon, and Smoke bomb more than 10m at a guard. High Roller (20 points): success 10,000 florins playing Hazard. Il Principe (100 points): get 100% synch in ACB and also full synch in all goals of the Da Vinci Disappearance. Airstrike (20 points): kill 10 guards v a solitary arrow storm. Gps (20 points): finish the Da Vinci Disappearance. Clowning roughly (30 points): Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins. Special delivery (20 points): twin Assassinate from a parachute. Grand Theft Dressage (20 points): stealing 5 horses from your riders, while remaining on horseback. Going increase (5 points): death a guard v the bag that drops native a lift. Straightforward Come, basic Go (5 points): pay 500 florins come an orator, then pickpocket that afterward.