Looking because that restaurants open on Christmas in Pigeon create & Gatlinburg? You"re in happiness! Christmas is claimed to be the many wonderful time of the year. If you room visiting Pigeon build this holiday season, take benefit of the nearby dining opportunities, so you have more time because that Christmas cheer. Many local restaurants have delicious menus planned because that you and all your loved ones to reap on Christmas. Even if it is you space a local or a visitor, Pigeon Forge and also surrounding locations are providing perfect vacation meals to help you celebrate.

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Restaurants open up For The Holidays

Enjoy dinner & a present on Christmas Eve, Christmas work & brand-new Year"s job at this Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg & Sevierville restaurants.


Smokies Cuban Cafe

Smokies Cuban Cafe will be open up on Christmas night and new Year"s work from 11am to 2pm this holiday season. Enjoy authentic Cuban home-style food preparation in the restaurant, or take some home and continue your holiday prep while you reap your meal. Top top Christmas Eve, Smokies Cuban café will have a restricted menu available.

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Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe

Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe will be open up on Christmas Eve, Christmas job and brand-new Year"s job from 7am to 1pm. Enjoy delicious breakfasts while the chickens serenade you v your favourite songs. Frizzle chicken is situated right next to the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge and also is a good option because that families.

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MonsterMash Burger

MonsterMash Burgers will certainly be open up on Christmas Eve till 7pm. MonsterMash is a themed burger and also hot dog restaurants known for their monsterous creations. Enjoy burgers motivated by monster movies, books and also legends. They additionally have delicious sides, desserts & more.

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Gaucho Urbano

Enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine with a contemporary flare at Gaucho Urbano this vacation season. Gaucho Urbano will certainly be open on Christmas eve from 3pm-10pm, Christmas work from 1pm-9pm and brand-new Year"s work from 3pm to 10:30pm. Gaucho Urbano provides a red and green card mechanism to allow the waiters understand when you"d like an ext food. Gain an endless feast this vacation season in ~ this Pigeon forge restaurant.

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Johnson family Restaurants

The Johnson family Of Restaurants areas will be closed ~ above Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for 2020. On new Year"s Eve, the places will be open for the following hours:Alamo Steakhouse: 11am-10pm, Bennett"s Pit BBQ: 8am-10pm, Mama"s Farmhouse: 8am-10pm, huge Daddy"s Pizzeria: 11am-10pm, Maddog"s Pigeon Forge: 12pm-10pm, Maddog"s Gatlinburg: 7am-10pm, J.O.E. & Pop"s below Shoppe: 11am-10pm, and also Mama"s Chicken Kitchen: 11am-10pm. The restaurants will certainly all be open constant hours on new Year"s Day.

Rita"s Italian Ice

Rita"s Italian Ice will certainly be open on Christmas eve from 12pm-10pm, Christmas work from 5pm come 11pm, new Year"s eve from 1pm-8pm and new Year"s job from 3pm to 11pm. Rita"s will certainly be offer up their well known Italian Ice, frozen custard, gelati and also other signature treats. Sop by because that the perfect vacation treat.

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Christmas Eve:

Applewood Grill RestaurantAubrey"sBaskin RobbinsBoss Hogg’s BBQBubba Gump Shrimp Co.Calhoun"s (Pigeon forge & Gatlinburg)Casual Pint- Pigeon ForgeChesapeake"sCherokee GrillCorky"s Ribs and also BBQFannie Farkle"sFrizzle Chicken FarmhouseGaucho UrbanoGolden CorralHard rock CafeHuck Finn’s CatfishIHOPJoe’s Crab ShackJT Hannah’sKrispy KremeMarco’s PizzaMonstermash BurgersNo means Jose’s CantinaPuckett"sQuaker Steak & LubeRita"s Italian IceRuby SunshineShoney"sSmokies Cuban CafeSmoky mountain BrewerySmoky hill PopcornSunliner DinerTaste of ItalyThe melt PotTGI Friday"s

Christmas Day:

Applewood Farmhouse RestaurantBubba Gump Shrimp Co.Calhoun"s (Pigeon build & Gatlinburg)Casual Pint- Pigeon ForgeChesapeake"sCherokee GrillFannie Farkle"sFrizzle Chicken Farmhouse CafeGaucho UrbanoHard absent CafeIHOPJoe’s Crab ShackJT Hannah’sNo method Jose’s CantinaRita"s Italian IceSmoky mountain BrewerySunliner Diner

New year Day:

Alamo SteakhouseApplewood Farmhouse RestaurantApplewood Grill RestaurantAubrey"sBaskin RobbinsBennett"s Pit BBQBoss Hogg’s BBQBubba Gump Shrimp Co.Calhoun"s (Pigeon forge & Gatlinburg)Casual Pint- Pigeon ForgeChesapeake"sCherokee GrillCinnaholicCorky"s Ribs and also BBQFannie Farkle"sFrizzle Chicken Farmhouse CafeGaucho UrbanoGigi"s CupcakesGolden CorralHard absent CafeHarpoon Harry"sHuck Finn’s CatfishIHOPJoe’s Crab ShackJ.O.E. & Pop"s below ShoppeJT Hannah’sKrispy KremeLocal GoatMaddog"s Creamery & DonutsMama"s Chicken KitchenMama"s FarmhouseMel"s DinerMarco’s PizzaNo way Jose’s CantinaPuckett"sQuaker Steak & LubeRita"s Italian IceRuby SunshineShoney"sSmoky mountain BrewerySmoky hill PopcornSplit Rail EatsSunliner DinerTGI Friday"sThe melt PotThe Old Mill Pottery home CafeThe Old Mill Restaurant

Bonus: Pigeon forge Dinner Shows open up On The Holidays

In addition to this restaurants open on Christmas, enjoy dinner & a present on Christmas Eve, Christmas job & brand-new Year"s job at this Pigeon build shows and also theaters.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud

Add part feudin" and also family feastin" fun to her Christmas day in ~ this popular dinner show. Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud will certainly be open on Christmas eve at 2pm & 5pm, Christmas Day in ~ 5pm & 8pm and also on new Year"s Day at 2pm, 5pm & 8pm. Come out and also enjoy among your favorite vacation shows and also watch the feud go under betweem these two families.

Hatfield & McCoy

Dolly Parton"s Stampede

Celebrate the holidays and also enjoy a very delicious feast in ~ Dolly Parton"s Stampede. Stampede will be reinvented to their Christmas show throughout the vacation season, through performances top top Christmas night at 1pm & 3pm, Christmas Day in ~ 6pm & 8:30pm and new Year"s Day in ~ 6pm. Enjoy the vacation entertainment as you feast on her favorite creamy vegetables soup, homemade biscuits, rotisserie chicken, exhilaration pork loin and more.

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Great Smoky hills Murder mystery Dinner Show

Great Smoky hill Murder secret Dinner show will be open up on New Year"s work with reflects at 5pm & 8pm. They will be performing their present "Marriage deserve to Be Murder" and also serving up a delicious enjoy the meal to watch as you assist to settle the crime. They also have child meals, vegetarian and also vegan options and choices for gluten free, dairy free and diabetic visitors.

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Pirates Voyage

Pirates voyage will be having actually their normal show throughout the vacation season this year. Castle will have performances ~ above Christmas night at 12:30pm, Christmas Day at 6pm & 8:30pm and brand-new Year"s Day at 6pm. Come gain a enjoy the meal this vacation season and enjoy one of your favorite shows in Pigeon Forge, where pirates take the stage and also battle on land, deck and also sea.

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With this perform restaurants open up on Christmas, the totality family can have the perfect holiday meal they have been fancying every year long. Come eat, gain the city’s decorations, look at the Winterfest lights, and then hibernate in one of the nearby hotels, cabins, or condos. Girlfriend won’t remorse planning her Christmas in the Smokies.

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