Honda civic is a auto manufactured by Honda motor Co. The very first generation was introduced in July 1972 as a 2-door coupe, followed by a 3-door hatchback version in September of that year. So space you here due to the fact that you want to reset the oil life or wrench irradiate that shows up on your Honda Civic?

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Whether you have the dealer’s maintenance and also oil changes and they forget to reset her light. This occurred to a girlfriend of mine, or if you have actually them done by someone else and don’t recognize or forget to reset the irradiate or carry out it yourself. Here’s just how you reset the oil life or the maintain light on the Honda Civic.


After you space on the screen, press and also hold the TRIP knob until the oil life begins to blinkRelease the button when the starts flashingFinally, hold under the knob again to make the oil life portion resets come 100%With Steering ButtonSo as soon as you’ve had an oil adjust and you’ve acquired fresh oil in there, and also it’s at 100%, you desire your maintenance info to reflect that. It’s very straightforward to reset it. Every you need to do is come end to the steering wheel ~ above the left side, and also you’re walking to usage the food selection button and also the arrows buttons. So let’s do it.Turn top top your auto with the engine offPress the MENU button to lug you to the main menu

Afterward, go up to VEHICLE INFORMATION utilizing the navigation buttonThen she gonna click that SOURCE button like I said the middle switch to get in the menuNext, select MAINTENANCE INFORMATIONWhen you are on the Oil Life screen, press the SOURCE switch to go into the reset modeFinally, you have actually to pick YES and also it need to be resetRepeat the procedure because that reset the various other items if needed
So over there you go. It pretty simple to do this on her own, and likewise I believe the manual also tells you exactly how to do that come reset. Anyway, this is the finish of the content; please leave a comment if girlfriend have any kind of questions around that. So thanks for reading!

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