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Once I have my pads, rotors and also brake undertake sensors replaced (both front and also rear), will the indicator on my dash walk off automatically or should I have it reset?J

How long until the error disappears? I"ve had actually the work performed, brand-new sensors installed and the undertake indicator still mirrors "brake wear" on my dash. The sensors room correct and also everything to be triple checked.J
I just adjusted my rears after ~ the stay sensor warning come on. It went off immediately after installing the new pads and also sensors. Quadruple examine your install!Just a note. Over there is only one side that has the wear sensor. And not all aftermarket pad sets have a new wear sensor. Is over there a possibility than the mechanic re-installed the old undertake sensor? it is really simple, simply 2 copper wires the get cut when lock come into contact with the disk. Possibly the old ones where not connected properly or the wire obtained cut.
I have brand-new wear sensors front and also back. The mechanic did not reuse the old ones. Is it feasible that the new sensors space the not correct impedance or otherwise not suitable for the Benz? My new sensors are aftermarket and not OEM.J
You have a couple of high end cars in your stable. Ns am certain you are not a newbie in taking care of your fix shop. I imply you ask her mechanic to problem shoot this in ~ his expense. As I mentioned, the undertake sensor is a simple open/short device. An easy trouble shooting by checking them or shorting them out. If your mechanic can"t number that out perhaps you should readjust mechanic! I contained a picture of a brand-new sensor I had actually in my components bin. Sensor is actually shorted when new. I believe that lengthy pin it s okay worn and the conductors inside get cut thus opening the circuit. I wonder if your mechanic simply forgot to install them or go not affix them properly. Or maybe one is defective. It would certainly be simple to take a look. But as ns said, this need to be his job! This is no rocket science!
Thanks come everyone the responded.The systems turned out to it is in the most basic one: one of the brake stay sensors was defective. It had actually a break somewhere in the housing which make the electric circuit open; just as if it had worn through.So I replaced it and also voila, instantly the annoying article on my display screen disappeared.J
That completely depends on her driving profile and style, as well as brake product I simply replace the behind discs and also pads on mine R320 2008 after end 160K km. The fronts have been great since 70K km and will be great for a few more years. I continued to be with OEM. Yet they come on with around 2 mm the pad left. So no large rush. I inspect my pads twice a year when I adjust winter-summer tires. Or when you revolve them..
I recognize old thread. I have an X164 (2008 - GL450). The over is most likely the trouble with my car; it"s just acquired 15k mile on the pad and also the sensor threw a code. Had actually the mechanic put the car on the rack and also check every 4 corners; brakes & rotors watch fine. Will certainly grab a couple of this from the neighborhood Napa and also have him change both; together we couldn"t tell which one could be malfunctioning.
Just to throw my 2 cents in here.The brake undertake sensors have actually two wires to run to contacts embedded in plastic within them. The sensors space triggered as soon as the pads (and hence the plastic that the wear sensors) wear under to the point where the 2 wires feeding into / out of them produced a close up door circuit (or short) through the brake rotor.When i did my front and also rear pads, prior rotors only, project a couple of main ago, I used one OEM wear sensor for the front and also an AutoZone wear sensor for the rear. I"m not certain if the fronts and also rears are interchangeable. I didn"t stroked nerves trying to number it the end seeing as they"re only six or 7 bucks each. Friend may also find the exact same wear sensors to the right a multitude of different MB models that the very same era. Ns can"t check out MB arising a brake undertake sensor because that each version any more that I can see them developing a brand-new sump plug....On my 2012 R350 4Matic gasoline model, over there is one stay sensor ~ above the front and one on the back, both ~ above the appropriate / us passenger / starboard side of the car. They merely clip into notches in the pads. Copy just how they to be fitted on the old pads and you can"t go wrong.You have to be mindful when installation them no to chafe or bending the wires such the they come into contact with each various other or short circuit. Back the wires space insulated, the insulation is very thin and probably fairly easy to damage. If the wires DO short it has actually the same effect as the sensor contacts making a circuit v the brake rotor, so you"ll gain a false point out of brake wear. If girlfriend snap a wire either you"ll obtain a brief (and a false wear warning) or the sensor will never work in ~ all.Given the sensors are only six or 7 bucks each, and given just how they work, i would replace them every time I replace the pads. You have the right to imagine, say, just how water between the exposed contacts on an old, worn, sensor might create the same circuit together if the contacts were in call with the rotor.Once the pads and sensors are changed the brake undertake warning must disappear virtually immediately. You might need to revolve the ignition on and also off a few times, however that"s it.Oh. 125K mile on what i think to be the original pads and also rotors, although i can"t be sure due to the fact that the auto had 85K mile on it as soon as we purchase it. Former rotors were near worn out, however rears to be perfectly okay to store on using. I offered OEM prior pads and also front rotors from however el cheapo Bendix pads indigenous AutoZone because that the rears. Her fronts do 75% that the braking, so invest your money there and also economize top top the rears if, favor me, you have to.

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