They could share an island, yet the Dominican Republic and Haiti couldn"t be much more different. When the previous is a popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.

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Palm trees, sandy beaches stretching for miles, a brilliant blue sea – at first glance, the Dominican Republic seems favor a actual paradise. Several million tourist visit the country each year. Yet the stunning landscape and the luxurious many hotels mask the truth that the Dominican Republic actually belongs to the much less wealthy countries in Latin America, and also that it shares a border v Haiti, the poorest country in the western world.


Around 4 million tourists travel to the Dominican Republic each year

despite Haiti and also the Dominican Republic share an island, lock remain human beings apart. That"s seen, because that instance, in the infrastructure. "The Dominican Republic has proper streets so that you can get from one location to another without significant problems," Heinz Oelers, an experienced on Latin America at the Christian charity Misereor says. In Haiti, on the other hand, "you regularly need one hour just to travel a few kilometers," that adds. It"s a comparable picture in other locations too. According to the joined Nations, only about 50 percent the Haitians deserve to read and also write (as opposed to virtually 90 percent in bordering Dominican Republic) and child mortality prices in Haiti space three times greater than in the Dominican Republic. Climate change hits Haiti hard The large differences between the two nations play a direct duty in how far they are affected by climate readjust and how they"re managing the consequences. Haiti"s huge coastline renders it specifically vulnerable to hurricanes. Because all the country"s large cities are situated on the coast, floods often have dramatic repercussions. The weak facilities hampers quick delivery of aid and emergency aid during natural catastrophes. Together a result, part 220,000 human being were killed throughout an earthquake in at an early stage 2010.


Most world in Haiti live in shanty towns that are dotted about the country

Since no Haitian city has a constant electricity supply, for plenty of residents wood remains the most important resource of energy. That"s one reason why the island"s forest cover has largely disappeared. The bare hills lead to strong rains washing far the floor cover. That in turn makes life worse for the regional residents due to the fact that Haiti is densely populated and also heavily rural. thick vegetation is essential to keep the floor intact, Heinz Oelers says. To execute that "you can for instance incorporate forestry and food crop cultivation," he says. "Instead of growing grain on big areas, you can turn to cultivating fruits such together cassava, bananas and avocados that grow well in the Tropics." Different early american pasts therefore just how did two bordering island nations turn out so differently? The main reasons lie in the region"s history. The whole island of Hispaniola was long under Spanish dominance until 1697, when the Spanish rulers handed end the western third of the island to France. The area called “Saint-Domingue” ended up being the wealthiest French colony. Thousands of thousands that African servants were lugged there to help in the production of sugar, coffee, coco and also cotton. In 1791, the an ar witnessed a slave rebellion. Quickly after, enslavement was denomination and, adhering to a brutal battle of liberation, the an ar finally acquired independence in 1804. Saint-Domingue was renamed Haiti.


About 2 thirds of Haiti"s populace make a living from farming

however the former colony faced a hill of challenges. The large estates to be divided among the population and soon, practically every Haitian owned part land. However hardly anyone might live native it since the assignment were too little and the brand-new owners struggled to agree on a shared monitoring of the land. The difficulty was compounded by Haiti"s ethnically varied population. "The servants came from end a hundred different ethnic groups and originally had actually nothing to carry out with every other," Oliver Gliech, an skilled on Haiti in ~ the Latin America academy at the totally free University in Berlin, says. "For centuries, they"ve experienced how power to be brutally practiced and also legitimized," the says. It"s tiny wonder the the bloody wars in the 19th century were adhered to by rebellions, politics upheaval and also coups and frequently an altering self-proclaimed monarchs and also dictators, the adds. The pattern has ongoing in the nation till today. Preserving atmosphere the key when the Spaniards had actually exploited numerous raw materials from their component of the island, most of the settlers moved on to Mexico. The Spanish colony “Santo Domingo,” i m sorry later came to be the Dominican Republic, soon happened dominated by breed boy farming. "There, a homogenous society of Spanish descent with a very slim course of African slaves developed," Oliver Gliech says. Gliech states the under ethnic distinctions are one factor why the Dominican Republic, that acquired independence later on than Haiti, soon ended up being much an ext stable 보다 its neighbor, both economically and also politically. though it did suffer its same share that dictators and civil wars, the Dominicans have regulated in the last 50 years to create a halfway democratic political system. Tourism now forms the backbone the the country"s economy, bringing much needed revenue.


Poverty and also political chaos room hampering Haiti"s development

That"s other Haiti is still much removed from. Reforestation projects can be one concrete action to aid the crisis-plagued country get back on its feet again. Forested locations also help prevent landslides v floods and also storms, which have been on the climb in the region due to climate change. together opposed to that, the Dominican Republic has paid an ext attention to keeping its environment. Due to the considerably improved living problems there, countless Haitians shot to discover work and asylum in the neighboring country. Despite the Dominican Republic isn"t among Latin America"s wealthier countries, for countless Haitians it"s just paradise.

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Every disaster uses an opportunity, many politicians hope. For Haiti, the tragic earthquake i beg your pardon struck in January is claimed to bring about a new social and also economic begin for the nation. However the reality is different. (14.04.2010)

Haitian women take rebuilding into their very own hands

After the earthquake that ravaged Haiti, women, especially, joined pressures to rebuild without waiting for the weak state to action in. 3 years on, their work-related is far from over. (10.01.2013)

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The UN has actually warned that the human being is "way off track" in the bid to cut emissions causing an international warming. The news of record levels that greenhouse gases in the environment comes simply days front of the COP26 summit.

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Amid dire warnings that time is quickly running out, delegates in Glasgow are collection to make further binding pledges to radically minimize emissions. However without the funds to aid countries adapt, castle won"t be much use.

The international ar comes with each other for the COP26 UN Climate readjust Conference in Glasgow this loss to discover solutions to our heating world.