I have actually a door that swings open, i have watched a few videos around removing the pin and bending that to protect against the swing.

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Unfortunately none of the videos i have watched have actually a hinge prefer mine, in the picture the left hand side of the hinge creates the top and also bottom caps. They it seems ~ welded together so i’ve no idea exactly how to get the pen out.

Can anyone help? i thought probably it wa other to perform with the 2 holes close to the caps however I’ve proded it and nothing happens

All the videos i’ve watched either have actually one cap or they fight the bottom cap v a nail but that’s no going to work for mine hinge


It looks favor a solved pin hinge with security caps top top both ends. If so unscrewing that from the jamb or hinge is the only means to take it the door down.

Circled in red room two pins or screws look in ~ both sides view if over there is a way to unscrew them. If the set pin/screw walk not expand through the whole hinge or have actually a place for utilizing a device to unscrew the is a protection hinge that has actually a no removable pin.Your hinge is uncovered here ~ above the manufacturer’s website. The is a very great ball bearing hinge that have to not need any kind of tweaking. Bending it would certainly surely compromise the smooth operation. The wall the door is placed in might be a bit out of plumb causing the door come swing open. I would certainly investigate installation a door closer top top it together
RedGrittyBrick suggests.

Edit: ns asked about this hinge ~ above Amazon UK that is s addressed pin hinge not designed to be separated.


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