About put Your Hand in Mine

"Put your Hand in Mine" is a track written through Skip Ewing and Jimmy Wayne (under his birth name, Jimmy Wayne Barber), and also recorded through American nation music singer Tracy Byrd. It to be released in September 1999 together the very first single from his album It"s about Time. That peaked in ~ number 11 top top the Hot nation Singles & monitor (now Hot nation Songs) chart.

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(Skip Ewing/Jimmy Wayne Barber) He sat up on the bed and he watched me packingHe already knew why i was leavin¡¯I took what ns needed but I certain left a lot still hangingBut i figured I¡¯d gain it come the weekendHe stated Daddy when you acquire thereAre friend gonna have actually a refrigeratorI kinda laughed and said ns guess ns willThen he handed me a tracing that his handOn the ago of a piece of paperAnd a magnet and also my love stood still (when the said) placed your hand in mineAnd I¡¯ll be over there anytimeWhen it feels favor you could use a friendI¡¯ll be there to elevator you up againYou deserve to reach the end to me anytimeAnd placed your hand in mine i drove past the Hardin Baptist ChurchThough the wasn¡¯t really on the method to mine hotelBeside me on the seat i was looking at five tiny fingersWhen i heard the chapel bell (and it take it me) earlier another life earlier when our hearts to be openOh, earlier when we could still agreeBack as soon as the future that we had actually was full of expect andYou and I we acquired down top top our knees (and said) placed your hand in mineAnd I¡¯ll be there anytimeWhen the feels favor you might use a friendI¡¯ll be there to lift you up againYou have the right to reach the end to me anytimeAnd placed your hand in mine ns couldn¡¯t even stay far one nightI noticed you left on the lightAnd I¡¯ve only got one thing to sayIf you¡¯re not also tired and also it¡¯s not also late put your hand in mineAnd I¡¯ll be here all the timeWhen it feels favor you might use a friendI¡¯ll be below to elevator you up againWould friend reach the end to me one more timeAnd put your hand in mine would you reach out to me simply one much more timeAnd placed your hand in mine

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Tracy Byrd Tracy Lynn Byrd (born December 17, 1966) is one American country music artist. Signed come MCA Nashville documents in 1993, Byrd broke through ~ above the country music scene the year through his solitary "Holdin" Heaven", which got to Number One top top the Billboard Hot nation Singles & tracks charts. Although the did not land a 2nd Number One until 2002"s "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo", Byrd has charted an ext than thirty fight singles in his career, consisting of eleven extr Top Ten hits.

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The has also released ripe studio albums and two greatest-hits albums, with four gold certifications and also one double-platinum certification indigenous the RIAA. An ext »