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1A strong garment with long sleeves which deserve to be tied with each other to confine the eight of a violent sinner or mental patient.

‘A quick strong jerk and the straitjacket burst up high right into the air.’‘It"s one of the more panic-inducing display screen sequences in memory: In a hospital morgue, a mental patient is trussed in a straitjacket and also locked away in the airless dark of a human body storage drawer.’‘After the treatment, we view her standing dazed in a straitjacket, muttering unintelligibly, she hair standing on end, sparks paris from she head.’‘The treatments consisted of straightjackets, seclusion, insulin shock and electric shock treatment, that was it.’‘The writer regularly seems much less like a reporter interviewing a subject than a therapist who has foolishly removed her patient"s straitjacket therefore they have the right to head off for a jaunt in the jungle.’‘I told Paul C. The there were no straitjackets or handcuffs connected in that performance, at all.’‘He as soon as swam a mile v his hands and also feet handcuffed together and also did 12 lengths in a straitjacket.’‘She was well-known for picking the most complicated assignments, caring because that the terminally ill and even the deranged patient that regularly were brought in straitjackets.’‘Sometimes they put me in over there without a straitjacket if I"m not also violent.’‘The north sleeves space wrapped approximately the figure and also stapled choose a straitjacket.’‘He was on a gurney, every wrapped up in a straitjacket and also his feet were chained together.’‘For an excellent behaviour, i was enabled to go around without a straightjacket and even visit with some of the more sane patients.’‘Shirui, himself, to be the one who strapped Lhee right into a straightjacket and threw him right into the mental hospital.’‘I assumed of this as the men in white suits put the white straitjacket ~ above me and shepherded me into a white vehicle leading me to a white structure with shiny white linoleum floors, white walls and indeed white everywhere.’‘The pupils are difficult at work and also Blaine will certainly be treated to a display screen including a lampshade which induces insanity, a multi-coloured straitjacket and also a speech by every pupil explaining their work.’‘You probably want to recognize what it is like in a psychological ward; you"ve never ever been there, and the only picture you can conjure is what the movies show you: antiseptic white v straitjackets and also rubber rooms.’‘Then he used them to do mini straitjackets because that the twins.’‘The poisoned employees were taken from the tree in straitjackets, hallucinating, convulsing and also screaming.’‘My dad asked whether this guy should simply be gotten rid of from office, or even if it is he should be inserted into a straitjacket automatically after.’
1.1Used in recommendation to something that restricts liberty of action, development, or expression.
‘the federal government is operating in an financial straitjacket’
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‘We need to break through the mental straitjacket and also realize that one more world is possible.’‘We"ve acquired the federal government ordering united state to zip increase our mental straitjackets in public.’‘We have to be careful, together you would understand, placing straitjackets on either judges or counsel.’‘Men have long considered traditional marital roles ‘anemic and also constricting,’ according to Real, and no much longer being the single breadwinner is a loosening of the straitjacket.’‘Slipping on a straitjacket the simplistic logic, we come to think that the disorder must, or at the an extremely least should, be conquer by an applications of willpower.’‘Defining publicly use directly would put a straitjacket on governments in devising solutions to daunting social problems.’‘Of food I perform not look for to put the trial referee in a straightjacket.’‘Of food this walk not average that the courts have to put your reasoning into the straitjacket of first construing the state in the abstract and then looking in ~ the facts.’‘Mr McNamara, for the defendant, submits that the frame does no impose a straitjacket yet that in any kind of event the issue was approached correctly in terms of the flowchart in number 5.’‘What girlfriend had constantly done was to entomb your inner personal centre in ~ the constricting straitjacket of specific words and formulae.’‘They quarantined the city workers" struggle, confining it in ~ the politics straitjacket of cumulative bargaining and also appeals come the big business politicians.’‘The political straitjacket the the two-party device that has confined the American working class is objectively finished.’‘She refuses come let herself be limit in any type of of the old world"s countless straightjackets.’‘The Commission, for its part, has normally not sought come impose any kind of procedural straitjackets.’‘Yet they"re all developed from the wiggle-room discovered inside the tightest of genre straitjackets.’‘It"s together if defensive coordinators have actually wiggled out of straitjackets and also finally can turn the pages of their playbooks again.’‘They deserve to step exterior of the conformist straitjackets of their own society and end up being hip, become cool.’‘By placing ladies in ideology system straitjackets, both the feminist and traditionalist women"s groups have made themselves mostly irrelevant to today"s women.’‘The writer is for this reason keen to break out of the straitjacket of standard narrative the he forgets to incorporate a plot.’‘Any form of independent resistance by workers, any attempt to an episode of the straitjacket and control that the profession unions, is to be prevented under every circumstances.’