Thinking ago to the early days of the pandemic, businesses that sold important items such as toilet file and hand sanitizer had actually to placed a quantity limit on how much every customer can purchase at once. This strategy assisted to for sure that need was distributed relatively among all customers. 

That’s just one example of why product allocation planning is important. Marketing a high-demand product, launching in brand-new markets, or expanding into brand-new sales channels can impact the decisions you do on wherein to distribute your product(s) throughout different sales channels and also warehouse areas to accomplish demand. 

Whether you market in one country or internationally, run both a physical store and also an online store, market B2B ecommerce services, or her inventory levels are low however demand is high, it’s constantly a an excellent idea to have a product allocation arrangement in ar to optimize her supply chain and also improve client satisfaction. 

In this article, you’ll discover the services of having a product allocation strategy, just how to implement it, and also how’s fulfillment field of expertise can help you fulfill customer demand. 

What is product allocation?

Product allocation requires the procedure of distributing, tracking, and also managing ecommerce inventory across a circulation network and sales networks to accomplish customer demand. Product allocation can also assist maximize your logistics to work by strategically distributing product come optimize inventory and also reduce shipping costs. 

How go product assignment planning benefit ecommerce?

Product allocation plan can help you bulletproof your sleeve supply chain. Here’s how: without reasoning through how you will certainly allocate products and also forecast inventory based upon past purchase trends, you danger stockouts, backorders, and also other inventory worries that an outcome in benefit loss and also low customer satisfaction. 

Product allocation plan is additionally beneficial as soon as there is a sudden influx in demand but supply is limited. This can happen due to several factors, such as seasonality, manufacturing and also work-in-process delays, and other components that could limit the lot of product available. 

Here are simply a few of the benefits of having a product allocation plan for your ecommerce business.

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1. Managing inventory allocation

With product allocation processes in place, you can decide exactly how to ideal allocate inventory throughout your ecommerce supply chain by optimizing inventory levels based upon where over there is the many demand. 

Proper inventory allocation can assist you save considerably on perform storage costs by optimizing inventory levels without overstocking (or not stocking enough to accomplish demand) in various locations. Because that instance, if you sell swimsuits and beach towels, you might think about storing more inventory in locations closer come beaches or popular summer vacation areas rather 보다 colder areas that are far from the water. 

2. Staying clear of inventory wastage

Effective product allocations ensures that you have the right levels of share in the ideal place and at the appropriate time. In some cases, inventory is wasted due to low demand however high inventory level allocated in the wrong place or season. A product allocation plan can assist reduce inventory wastage by optimizing inventory levels across your whole network. 

If a service distributes too lot inventory through a specific distribution channel that lacks demand, when neglecting those that suffer high demand, that service will finish up v a surplus of unsold dead share (i.e., unsellable inventory). 

3. Much better understanding of customer behaviors

By make product assignment a priority, you eventually learn more about your customers. By maintaining tracking of historical order data, you deserve to collect insights on your customers’ to buy behaviors. It’s essential to keep in mind that no two businesses room the exact same (compare seasonal vs. Year-round demand here).

Understanding crucial info and also customer data (e.g., i m sorry seasons and also months buyers are most likely to do purchase, which items are an ext popular 보다 others, where they are located, and how much customers are most likely to purchase at once) can aid you not only make better decisions on her inventory but also help understand her customers ~ above a deeper level. 

4. Promoting optimal store allocation

Say you run both a brick-and-mortar store and an online store. You can use historical order data to determine how much list to display screen in her physical store and also how much to reserve for online orders. 

If your company has 500 purses in your available inventory that you plan to sell in both a physical store and also through an online shop, and also based on previous order data you recognize that 70% of purse sales take place online, you deserve to forecast demand and also optimize product allocation through displaying 150 purses in your store and holding 350 purses for online sales.

Of course, you need to take various other considerations into effect, such together if COVID affected your online vs. In-person sales, even if it is you will be reopening and relying much more on in-person business, increasing your online invest budget, etc., and you might need to adjust accordingly.

The exact same goes if you specifically sell online and also store perform in lot of fulfillment facility locations. You have the right to determine wherein a bulk of her customers live and store an ext inventory in the warehouse(s) closer to where there is a greater demand. For example, you may uncover that your present fulfillment location is extremely inefficient at reaching the bulk of her customers.

That way, girlfriend can much better optimize inventory storage and ensure the there is constantly inventory accessible at places closest to her customers — which likewise results in reduced shipping costs, average shipping zones, and transit times. 

3 product allocation strategies

There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy to product allocation, and how friend allocate your product(s) will be based on how your supply chain operates. If you oversee a multichannel retail strategy, girlfriend will have to take a much more aggressive strategy in how you clues product throughout your network. 

Here room a couple of examples of manufacturing allocation strategies used in ecommerce. 

1. Equal allocation

Equal allocation describes distributing your whole product heat evenly throughout your circulation network, so every distribution facility has the very same amount that every SKU in stock. 

If your organization sells shirt to customers at a brick-and mortar-store, and you likewise store list in number of fulfillmen centers for virtual sales, both your store and every fulfillment center would get the same amount the every product (e.g., 20 red shirts, 20 blue shirts, and also 20 yellow shirts).

2. Trend allocation

Trend allocation concentrates on the circulation of your stock based on where certain species of assets are trending and also where they space being sold.

Let’s to speak you sell discs because that frisbee golf, and also the sports is becoming much more popular ~ above the East shore of the united States. Even though the video game is played throughout the US, girlfriend might consider splitting inventory throughout the US but storing the mass of your stock in a fulfillment facility located in new York or Pennsylvania. 

If you have the right to learn to master and also predict product trends much more accurately, climate you can use product allocation to divert much more product to the areas where over there is the most demand. 

3. Global allocation

Similar to equal allocation, global allocation is another straightforward strategy that entails distributing every one of your inventory throughout sales channels equally. This is an ext commonly provided by businesses that don’t have a big product line or catalog.

Depending top top what friend sell, this product assignment strategy might be every you need, but most businesses choose to optimize your inventory based upon several factors to ensure demand is met and enough perform is stored closest to their customers. 

Note: through some inventory monitoring systems and also logistics companies, you deserve to centralize your inventory throughout sales channels and fulfill orders using all inventory, nevertheless of the channel.

Product allocation best practices

Depending on your supply chain, there are a variety of ways to effectively allocate product. Below is an overview of product allocation ideal practices: 

Use product allocation software

As you broaden into new sales channels, circulation locations, and also markets, implementing modern technology to assist you track inventory will assist you save time, get rid of human error, and also create a more efficient supply chain. 

Though it’s feasible to manually track inventory, virtual brands frequently use an innovation and inventory automation tools, such together inventory management software, to track inventory in genuine time — particularly if you keep inventory in multiple locations or sell across different channels.

“We role out brand-new products and also designs on ours website 1-3 time a month and send new inventory come every week. It’s really easy to create brand-new SKUs and restock present ones making use of’s technology, i beg your pardon is particularly important with high list turnover.”

Carl Protsch, Co-Founder that FLEO

There are several inventory apps ~ above the sector to choose from that combine with the most common sales networks in ecommerce, native Shopify to Amazon to Facebook, to connect to your technology stack, so you have the right to track inventory every from one dashboard.

Use demand forecasting

There are always going to be move in demand, but that doesn’t median you can’t use data to make educated decisions. Demand forecasting is among the most powerful ways to better allocate product to accomplish demand across your distribution centers and channels.

Forecasting need can also aid you make better decisions on various other parts of her business, such as once to operation a promotion or flash sale, when to hire much more staff, exactly how much warehouse space you will need, and also more. 

“I to be a bit of an analytics nerd, so i love the dashboard due to the fact that I didn’t have access to this level that visibility before. I also love the capacity to see continuing to be inventory — it is so huge. Before, us were counting one through one in my house, yet that’s gift taken care of by now.” 

Andrea Hamilton, founder that The Finer things 1920

Maintain healthy inventory levels

Maintaining an optimal quantity of inventory (also recognized as stock control) is one of the most important facets of inventory management, from optimizing stock levels in a warehouse(s) to stability inventory storage costs, to maintaining enough stock to fulfill customer demand.

By keeping track of your inventory levels throughout a distribution network, you’re likewise able come optimize your inventory replenishment process. As soon as you have actually an understanding of exactly how much product you desire stored throughout your supply chain, you have the right to use list tracking tools to set up automatically notifications of once an SKU has hit the reorder allude and also put the reordering procedure on autopilot. 

“Another integration i love is list Planner. It saves me hours every week in Excel spreadsheets, and also I have the right to raise a PO in minutes as soon as it supplied to take me hours.

For every stimulate I placed for years, i was notified too much or not enough. Between inventory forecasting tools and the ability to auto-create WROs, us don’t have actually stockouts lot anymore. Ns sleep far better at night.”

Wes Brown, Head of to work at black Claw LLC

Partner through a 3PL

Product allocation effects the rate of how conveniently you supply orders to your customers. That’s why location is an essential here. You can have sufficient inventory to fulfill orders, yet where girlfriend distribute her inventory is simply as important. To fulfill customer demand, you need to be ready to accomplish customer expectations. 

For instance, it deserve to be inefficient to store all her inventory in California if many of your sales are coming in from the East shore of the united States. But if friend don’t have access to a fulfillment center closer come the east Coast, then you danger paying much more in shipping costs and also slowing down transit times for her customers.

To develop a product allocation setup that reduces logistics costs and improves last-mile delivery, you will need accessibility to different fulfillment facility locations, inventory monitoring tools, and also the ability to monitor inventory in genuine time throughout your network indigenous one dashboard.

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Many ecommerce enterprise don’t have actually the time, money, or accessibility to the robust framework needed come strategically clues inventory. That’s why plenty of fast-growing brands partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) agency like that takes care of the whole retail fulfillment process, which can aid you enhance your product assignment strategy.

How help ecommerce save owners meet customer demand

At, we recognize that product allocation deserve to be tricky to manage. That’s why we focus on sustaining ecommerce keep owners by help them point out products throughout different locations and also sales networks to ensure over there is optimal amount of product in appropriate place(s) at the right time. uses expertise in helping businesses enduring various development patterns, including the capacity to make much better decisions on exactly how much inventory to store at every times and where. 

Because’s fulfillment network is it is provided by a central tech stack, she given accessibility to progressed data and analytics devices that can assist you make far better decisions on perform allocation by knowledge where her customers are located and what perfect distribution plan would watch like. 


With, you get answers to questions like:

How should I distribution my inventory throughout’s fulfillment network?How plenty of days the inventory carry out I have left before I run out?What is my SKU power over time?Where room my customers shipping to most often? likewise offers list forecasting use to determine how much inventory you should order and also when.


Get answer to concerns like: 

How much stock carry out I currently have on hand?What were my historical stock level at any point in time in any location?How numerous days execute I have left till a SKU will be the end of stock?By once do I must reorder inventory for each product?If I operation a flash revenue on my site, how will this impact my accessible stock levels?How does product demand compare come previous periods?How space my sales affected by different seasons and also months?What space my best-selling items?Which items are not generating sales?

Our dashboard also permits you come see specifically how much stock you have actually in every location, which provides inventory tracking quick and easy. 

Partner v partners with fast-growing ecommerce brand by offering a worldwide fulfillment network, integrated inventory management tools, and also the expertise and also support essential to prosper their company successfully online. 

With, you save time and money when optimizing your logistics strategy. For an ext information on exactly how can assist you prosper your ecommerce business, click the button below.