“It is essential to evaluate students’ discovering not only through your outputs or products but also the procedures which the student underwent in order to come at these products or outputs.”


Information about outcomes is important. To improve outcomes, we need to know about student endure along the way.Assessment can aid us recognize which students learn finest under what conditions which such expertise comes the volume to boost the entirety of their learning.

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PROCESS-ORIENTED learning COMPETENCIESProcess-oriented performance-based assessment is came to with the actual job performance fairly than the output or product of the activity.



Task: Recite a sonnet by william Shakespeare, “Shall i Compare Thee come a Summer’s Day”


Objectives: To enable the students to recite a sonnet licensed has been granted Shall i Compare Thee to a Summer’s day by william Shakespeare.Specifically: Recite the sonnet from memory without referring to notes;Use ideal hand and body gestures in delivering the piece;Maintain eye contact with the audience when reciting the sonnet;Create ambiance the the city through suitable rising and also falling intonation;Pronounce the words plainly and with proper diction.

In this topic us learned the there space two varieties of competencies. The basic and complicated competencies.

Simple Competencies examplesSpeak with a well-modulated voiceDraw a straight line indigenous one allude to one more point.Color a leaf v a green crayon


Complex Competencies ExamplesRecite a poem with feeling using proper voice quality, facial expression and hand gesturesConstruct an it is intended triangle offered three non-collinear pointsDraw and color a sheet with environment-friendly crayon


As educators the is essential to take into consideration the task that us are offering to our learners. This tasks highly contributes come the overall understanding that the subject.


Identifying an activity that would certainly highlight the competencies to it is in evaluated.Identifying an task that would entail much more or much less the very same sets of competencies.Finding a job that would certainly be interesting and also enjoyable because that the students.


Clear expectations


2. An ext consistent and objective assessment


3. Much better feedback


In the Process-Oriented power Based evaluate is one actual task performance quite than the product. This requires performance the is following in the minute with the teacher presence. Through this, an review tool is needed. The most typical evaluation tool is a rubric.

There space two species of rubric:

Analytic RubricBreaks out criteria for distinguishing in between levels of performance on every criterion.Useful for comprehensive assessment and feedback.Descriptions are arranged in a matrix.

Example of analysis Rubric


So why usage analytic rubric?

It gives diagnostic info to the teacherGives developmental feedback come studentseasier to attach to instruction 보다 holistic rubricsGood for formative assessment; adaptable because that summative assessment; if you need an all at once score for grading, girlfriend can integrate the scores.

But, the disadvantage of analysis rubric is the it takes much more time to to make and score. It requires time and effort in do the malfunction criteria.

2. Holistic Rubrics

Provides comprehensive descriptions of each level of performance.Useful because that quick and general assessment and feedbackDescriptions might be organized in columns or rows

Example the Holistic Rubric


So why use Holistic rubric?

Scoring is fasterRequires less timeGood for summative assessment

The disadvantage the holistic rubric is that having solitary score go not connect information about what locations to improve. This rubric is not also great for formative assessment.

So, the inquiry is….


There is no specific variety of levels a rubric should or have to not possess. It will vary on the task and your demands as lengthy as you decide the it is appropriate.

Generally, it is much better to start with a smaller variety of levels of performance for a criterion and then expand when necessary.

We likewise need come be aware of the important parts that a rubric therefore that when we make one, we understand where to placed its matching parts.



Product-Oriented assessment is a kind of assessment where in the assessor views and also scores the final product made and also not top top the actual performance of making the product.

It is problem on the product alone and not on the process. That is much more concern come the outcome or the power of the learner. It likewise focuses on accomplishment of the learner.


The discovering competencies linked with assets or outputs are connected with an assessment with three levels that performance manifested by the product, namely:

novice or beginner’s levelskilled levelexpert level

But, over there are also ways to state product-oriented finding out competencies. Because that instance, we can specify these discovering competencies for assets or outputs in the complying with way:

LEVEL 1: go the perfect product or project illustrates the minimum expected parts or functions? (NOVICE)LEVEL 2: walk the perfect product or task contains extr parts and also functions on top of the minimum demands which often tend to boost the last output? (SKILLED)LEVEL 3: go the finished product consists of the basic minimum parts and functions, have the extr features on height of the minimum, and also is aesthetically pleasing? (EXPERT)

For example of the levels the was discussed in the classroom:

The wanted product is a depiction of a cubic prism made out of cardboard in an elementary geometry class.


Learning competencies: The final product submitted by the college student must:

Possess the exactly dimensions (5″x5″x5″)

This is the simple requirement the a teacher wants from the students. This is in the beginner level.

Be sturdy, do or durable cardboard and also properly fastened together

With simple requirement added by the the trust which enhances the last product makes the output on the expert level.

Be satisfaction to the observer, preferably properly colored for aesthetic purposes.

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The product was intensified with durability and also is added by draft that renders it aesthetically pleasing.


To exercise the rubric making with levels we’re job to do one through the discovering competencies:

Making a scrapbook showing historical event in EDSA I people Power Revolution