Following the win against their old adversary, Hyotei Gakuen, Seigaku have made it come the semi-finals that the Junior-High national Tournament. However, more powerful rivals now face them in the type of Osaka’s representative, Shitenhouji. Through a strength player to competitor Kawamura’s strength and a comedy duo using their talents to throw off your opponents, Shitenhouji will not be simple team to beat. Will Seigaku have the ability to pull with to victory, and will Shitenhouji’s rookie ace, Kintarou, have the ability to fulfill his desire, and play a match against Echizen - or also get his name right?

The Seigaku tennis society regulars have actually taken a day turn off from their normal regime for special condition training in ~ a tennis will at the optimal of a mountain. However this schedule of one-of-a-kind training is rumored to it is in so terrifying that those that participated in the vault year didn’t speak for an entire week; and also it’s not difficult to watch why. Together if playing on a sloped court v a half on water bottles isn’t hard enough, things become more facility when a college tennis society arrive a day early on for their booking and commandeer the courts. Now, v the various other team refusing to give up the courts and also the consistent threat the Inui’s one-of-a-kind juice looming over your heads, this guarantees to it is in one lengthy day because that the Seigaku regulars.

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Hyotei Gakuen"s ridiculously rich and outrageous captain, Atobe Keigo, has actually organized a special occasion for the day - the very first tennis carnival; every one of the local Junior High tennis teams, indigenous St. Rudolph to Rikkaidai, have been invited. Held in a grand arena complete with haunted houses, variety acts, and sporting contests, from soccer to ping pong and food stands, this lavish carnival assures to be complete of fun. But the main event of the job is an obstacle competition between the schools; and with their pride, and also a set of high-class tennis devices on the line, no one wants to lose. Once it"s neck and also neck come the finish line, who will win, and just what is Atobe’s true engine for arranging this day of events?

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Seigaku and also a familiar choice of Japan"s other top small tennis groups gather in Wimbledon, London, for a tennis tournament. During tennis practice, the Japanese players space suddenly struck by a violent "street tennis" team that calls themselves "Clack". An encounter through a former Clack member called Siu leads Ryoma and also his friends into a fight with Clack to confront its leader, Keith, and discover his factors for having such a violent strategy to tennis.

The new anime will depict formerly untold story in the three months in between the story of the an initial Prince the Tennis and also sequel, The new Prince of Tennis.It will cover story product that was no in one of two people manga series.

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After Keigo Atobe and Hyotei Academy’s civilization Cup-winning performance, the players have actually returned home. But when Atobe and also corps build a brand-new tennis court because that Hyotei, Yukimura and the remainder of the Rikkai team room nominated to face them because that the very an initial time!

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The Seigaku Tennis team has been invited to take a cruise board a high-end liner in exchange for playing a couple of exhibition matches. Onboard, the players begin to an alert that the ship isn’t all that it’s cracked approximately be. When the team finds out that they space expected to shed their matches intentionally so the the owner that the ship can make money off of the gambling that"s walk on behind the scenes, lock realize the there"s no such point as a totally free lunch. Will the players send to the inquiry of the owner or will he have to use force to ensure that they shed as planned?

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