The town Cartagena belongs come Bolivar department and also has 19 various ZIP Codes. That is recommended that you check out the map below to discover if your address is within the postal region area.

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Postal Zone of Cartagena, Bolivar

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ZIP codes of Cartagena, Bolivar

In the table below you can discover all the ZIP codes of Cartagena and also its geographical limits. By clicking the postal password you will have the ability to see the particular map that it.

ZIP CodePostal division
norte limit
south limit
east limit
west limit
130010UrbanoTr 53Kr 105 y M. TurbacoLimite UrbanoCl 31
130027RuralMar CaribeMar CaribeMar CaribeMar Caribe
130019RuralMar CaribeMar CaribeMar CaribeMar Caribe
130018RuralMar CaribeMar CaribeMar CaribeMar Caribe
130017RuralMar CaribeM. San OnofreMunicipio TurbanaMar Caribe
130015UrbanoCl 30 y 31Tv 54Dg 30 y Tv 50Dg 22
130014UrbanoCl 31 y Ac 31Tv 0 y Tv 54Dg 31Tv 50 y Dg 30
130013UrbanoTv 54Limite UrbanoCl 0 y Kr 0Mar Caribe
130012UrbanoCl 15Limite UrbanoM. TurbacoCl 0 y Kr 0
130011UrbanoTv 53Cl 15Cl 31Dg 30
130001UrbanoCl 32 y 30Mar CaribeDg 22Mar Caribe
130009RuralLimite UrbanoMunicipio TurbanaM. Turbaco y TurbanaMar Caribe
130008RuralRioLimite UrbanoM. Santa RosaLimite Urbano y Mar Caribe
130007RuralMar CaribeRioM. Santa CatalinaMar Caribe
130006UrbanoMar CaribeLimite UrbanoLimite UrbanoCl 33
130005UrbanoMar CaribeDg 31 y Tv 53Cl 33Kr 0 y 60B
130004UrbanoMar CaribeCl 30 y 31Kr 60BKr 30
130003UrbanoKr 17Cl 33 y 32Mar CaribeKr 17
130002UrbanoMar CaribeCl 60 y Kr 17Mar CaribeMar Caribe

Since 2009, Colombian territory is separated into postal zones, each of which has actually a postal code. The Colombian ZIP password code has 6 digits, the an initial two digits refer to the departments, the adhering to to regional zones and the last two digits to every municipal zone. In the instance of Cartagena the password of the Bolivar department is 13 and the regional postal region is 1300. Come send letter or packages to Cartagena, Bolivar you should always use the 6 digit ZIP Code.

What is the ZIP code for Cartagena?

There room 19 in Cartagena. Examine the list of ZIP codes below and the neighborhoods to i beg your pardon this zip code applies.

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The ZIP code 130027 is a postal code rural.The ZIP code 130019 is a postal password rural.The ZIP password 130018 is a postal password rural.The ZIP code 130017 is a postal password rural.The ZIP password 130009 is a postal code rural.The ZIP password 130007 is a postal code rural.

Cartagena phone code

Colombia phone code is +57 and the room area password for Bolivar is 5. To do a speak to from outside, you must dial +57 5 phone number