these space the starters because that Pokemon Explorers the Darknessi will recommend to you what pokemon work best with other pokemon, and also so on.PiplupWeaknesses: Grass, ElectricStrengths: Rock, Ground, Fire.Pros: Piplup learns pretty good moves, favor waterspout, and also others, and additionally learns a few flying type moves, which might prove handy, against grass types, which begin appearing more and an ext later in the game.The second move piplup will certainly learn, besides pound and also growl, will be water sport, which deserve to make fire type moves do also less damage, to piplup.Cons:Piplup will have actually some trouble through the bosses later in the game.A most newbies think the piplup will certainly rock versus groudon.WRONG! i forgot the capability that groudon has, however it provides water species not at sight effective. Also, it will not much better when fighting dialga and also palkia. Because palkia is a water form too, water moves wont do much damage.Dialga is steel and dragon, and also is no hurt lot by water or grass move.Also, as soon as you struggle Grovyle, i m sorry btw you dont need to win, water varieties will perform poorly versus grovyle. Instead, use flying moves.Recommendation: 7/10Recommended partner: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Chimchar. They will quickly destroy any grass types. For electrical types, there space no ground kind starters, so recruit one if you feeling you need to.MudkipWeaknesses: Grass.Strengths: Electric, rock, ground, poison, fire.Pros: Mudkip is going come work an extremely well in this game. It is good against the an ext common rock and ground types, to the much less common, electric and poison types. Mudkip learns great ground type moves, like mudshot, and also earthquake, and good water moves favor waterspout, and water gun.Cons: Mudkip will certainly not be an excellent against flying pokemon.Will be a item of cake in the grovyle battle for grovyle.Grass form is great against ground and water type, so its 2x at sight effective, which way a couple of absorbs will certainly make mudkip fall.Recommendation: 7/10Recommended partner: Pikachu (easily takes out the paris pokemon) Torchic/Piplup (torchic works better, since it learn fire and flying moves, and it easily takes down grass and pest types, piplup due to the fact that it learn peck.)TotodileWeaknesses: Grass, Electric.Strengths: Rock, Ground, Fire.Pros: Totodile will be somewhat fine against the significant bosses.It learns ice cream fang to take under grass and flying species down, and bite to take under psychic and also ghost types.Cons: Totodile is weak against grovyle and palkia, and dialga.Recommendation: 6/10Recommended starters: Torchic/Cyndaquil/Chimchar/Charmander (They will certainly take grass varieties down quickly. Recruitment ground types, come erase the hazard of electric pokemon.)SquirtleWeaknesses: Grass, Electric.Strengths: Rock, Ground, Fire.Pros: Is good against the three varieties i discussed earlier, and learns bite, therefore it will certainly be great against psychic and also ghost types.It likewise learns protect, which all squirtles should keep in their moveset.Cons: Is really weak versus electric attacks. Will likewise be very easy come beat, in the grovyle battle.Recommendation: 7/10Recommended Partner: any fire starter, to fend off the grass types.Charmander- My favourite pokemon.Weaknesses: Water, absent ground.Strengths: Bug, Grass, Ice, and steel.Pros: Learns metal claw, which is useful, because it can quickly knock a rock kind out. It will be exceptionally easy against grovyle, and useful versus dialga.Cons: will be easily knocked out by palkia, and also even groudon.Recommendation: 6/10Recommended Partner: any kind of grass type, to take down the absent water and ground types.CyndaquilWeaknesses: Water, rock ground.Strengths: bug, grass, ice, and also steel.Pros: Learns fire wheel which is fairly handy. It"s evolution will be an extremely useful. It will certainly be very great in the fight against grovyle, and dialga.Cons: It will suck versus palkia.REcommendation: 6/10Recommended Starter: Treecko, or Chikortia. Lock will quickly crush any water, ground, or rock pokemon the end there.TorchicWeaknesses: Water, Rock and also ground.Strengths: Rock, bug, dark, grass, fighting, steel, and also normal.Pros: it learns fighting moves, which will quickly destroy dark, normal, and rock types. It learns paris moves that will quickly crush grass, bug, fighting pokemon.Cons: Rock types will do bad damage versus them, and so will certainly ground and water, so be careful.Recommendation: 9/10Recommended partners: Chikorita or Treecko (easily crushes any kind of rock ground or water type.) Squirtle or mudkip. (they will certainly take the ground and rock varieties down.)ChimcharWeaknesses: Rock, Ground, Water.Strengths: Rock, dark, normal, grass, bug, and ice, and also steel.Pros: learns a few fighting moves, which will certainly slaughter the rock, dark, and also ice types, and great against steel, bug, and grass, through fire moves.Cons: Watch out for water pokemon. They are his one true weakness.Palkia will easily defeat him.Recommendation: 8/10Recommended starters: any grass type to manage the rock and ground and also water pokemon.TurtwigWeaknesses: flying, psychic.Strengths: Fire, water, rock, ground, and electric types.Pros: If friend look at the types of moves it learns, you will easily uncover out, why turtwig is THE finest starter, from sinnoh.It has actually grass type moves come slaughter rock, ground, and also water types, but likewise the ground kind moves, come slaughter rock, electric, poison, and fire pokemon. It basicly covers up ALMOST all of its weaknesses.Cons: the one weakness, is flying. Turtwig"s floor moves will not be able to even inflict damage on a flying or levitating pokemon, and, any kind of grass moves will certainly barely pains the flying pokemon.Recommendation: 9/10Recommended Partner: certainly pikachu. That will easily ground the paris types, and that will certainly make the team good against almost any type.TreeckoWeaknesses: Bug, poison, flying, fire.Strengths: Water, rock, ground.Pros: Treecko"s speed is an excellent for the game. It likewise learns leaf blade, one of my favorite grass type moves.Cons: Bug, poison, flying, and also fire move will quickly slaughter treecko. Also, the grass moves will certainly not hurt stole types, very much in ~ all.Recommendation: 4/10Recommended Partner: Pikachu, due to the fact that it can take the flying hazard away. Any fire type, to conveniently take the challenge of bug, and also ice varieties away.ChikoritaWeaknesses: Flying, ice, fire, bug, poison.Strengths: Rock, ground, water.Pros: favor treecko, it will easily destroy water rock and also ground types. It likewise learns poison powder, which have the right to be quite useful.Cons: favor treecko again, every one of its weaknesses, will certainly easily damage it.Recommendation: 4/10Recommended starter: Pikachu, or a fire type.BulbasaurWeaknesses: Fire, flying, ice, and also psychic.Strengths: Water, rock ground, grass.Pros: I constantly did like bulbasaur a bit. That was good against grass types, due to the fact that of any type of offensive poison move it learned.Cons: the is yes, really weak versus flying and fire pokemon.REcommendation: 5/10Recommended starter: Water, or pikachu. To take it take out the fire, and flying types.MeowthWeaknesses: Fighting, rock, ground.Strengths: (Almost) Every type.Pros: If you desire to do quick and easy money in this game, make her starter meowth. When it offers pay day, which that learns really early, the character will get some money. Also, normal form pokemon can learn a relocate from (almost) any kind of type. For this reason that"s why its great against a most pokemon.Cons: Meowth will quickly be take away down, through a fighting form move, or a couple of rock/ground moves.Recommendation: 8/10Recommended partner: Torchic or piplup, since they both find out flying moves which are an excellent against fighting pokemon. They likewise are good agaisnt absent pokemon.SkittyWeaknesses: Fighting, rock, ground.Strengths: Pretty much all types, other than dragon.Pros: Learns good moves, favor sing, which renders the opponent pokemon asleep. Deserve to learn plenty of other form moves, to resolve other types.Cons: Fighting rock and ground pokemon will easily crush skitty. REcommendation: 9/10Recommended partner: Torchic or piplup. They find out flying moves, and also fighting/water.MunchlaxWeaknesses: Rock, Fighting.Strengths: practically all.Pros: Learns an excellent moves.Cons: Fighting and rock type moves will ruin munchlax.Recommendation: 4/10Recommended partner: Torchic/Piplup.PikachuWeaknesses: absent ground.Strength: Water, flying.Pros: It will certainly do great against the flying and water bosses, and also it learns great moves, prefer discharge. It need to lern dig, come fight versus dialga, with.Cons: Rock and also ground varieties will slaughter it, and will failure miserably in plenty of underground dungeons.Recommendation: 8/10Recommended Partner: any water type.

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The water type, can easily take care of the rock and ground types, that afflict pikachu.hope the helps.