A biochemical reaction is the transformation of one molecule to a various molecule within a cell. Biochemical reactions space mediated through enzymes, which are organic catalysts that can alter the rate and specificity of chemistry reactions within cells.

research 31 respectable 2021 | Open accessibility


News & see | 24 might 2021

A dynamic metabolic map for diabetes

In this issue, a huge and multiscale whole-body version of organ-specific regulation and also metabolism for type 1 diabetes is developed, providing vital details on glucose and insulin dynamics.

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News & see | 19 February 2021

Computer-aided enzymatic retrosynthesis

RetroBioCat gives automated solutions for biocatalytic cascade design. The maintain open-access tool, occurred by researchers in biocatalysis, has the potential to considerably facilitate enzymatic retrosynthesis to target molecules.

comments & Opinion 05 might 2020 | Open accessibility

COVID-19 an illness Map, building a computational repository the SARS-CoV-2 virus-host interaction mechanisms

Researchers roughly the civilization join pressures to rebuild the molecular processes of the virus-host interaction aiming come combat the reason of the recurring pandemic.

News & see | 23 may 2019

Clocking growth and also collapse

In organic systems, order typically emerges from out-of-equilibrium molecular procedures that manage both static patterns and dynamic changes. Now, the self-regulating assembly and also disassembly that a artificial system has been accomplished on the micrometre scale, by coupling the development of a DNA nanotube to a biochemical oscillator.

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research study Highlights | 20 might 2019

Illuminating the dark next of an equipment learning

A study in cabinet incorporates metabolic networks into a machine-learning method to carry out mechanistic insights right into bacterial antibiotic lethality.